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  1. Yes it definitely looks like a 2nd Generation H140. Anybody knows what pickups are on this model?
  2. Thank you so much everybody! I think the DetroitBlues has the right answer, at least it seems like it is a 2nd generation H140. As i remember by seeing the sticker inside the control cavity I didn't see any builder information or signature, about an exact model I don't recall seeing anything
  3. Hey Guys, I had to send you a question about a beautiful Heritage guitar I am about to purchase. The guy says he bought it from 2007 and that it is a H-140 model but by the pictures it looks a bit different than a standard H-140, the bridge and the stop tail is different but those can be change, what interesting is the horn, it seems like the less pointy H-150 horn and not like the H-140, wondering what model could it be. Please shed some light on this guitar, I absolutely love it! I attached some photos of it. Thank you!
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