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  1. By the way, does anybody recommend Titanium saddles? Are they worth the extra $?
  2. Hey guys, I have an H-140 Second Edition, love it so much. Iv’e noticed the the saddle on the tunomatic is way out of radius and it really bothers me. I wanted to Purchase some new saddles and noticed that there are saddles for Nashville style Bridge and ABR style bridge, anyone knows what king is the tunomatic kind on this guitar? Thank you!
  3. Yes it definitely looks like a 2nd Generation H140. Anybody knows what pickups are on this model?
  4. Thank you so much everybody! I think the DetroitBlues has the right answer, at least it seems like it is a 2nd generation H140. As i remember by seeing the sticker inside the control cavity I didn't see any builder information or signature, about an exact model I don't recall seeing anything
  5. Hey Guys, I had to send you a question about a beautiful Heritage guitar I am about to purchase. The guy says he bought it from 2007 and that it is a H-140 model but by the pictures it looks a bit different than a standard H-140, the bridge and the stop tail is different but those can be change, what interesting is the horn, it seems like the less pointy H-150 horn and not like the H-140, wondering what model could it be. Please shed some light on this guitar, I absolutely love it! I attached some photos of it. Thank you!
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