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  1. Hi All, Thanks for everyone's knowledge and input! I sent pictures of the guitar in to Heritage. Here’s what they had to say: “Thanks for sending that in. I had Ren take a look and he said sometimes they did indeed leave the factory sometimes without the Made in Kalamazoo stamp. He says it could have happened for any number of reasons but it looks correct here.” So... if anyone has a “Made In Kalamazoo” stamp, I’d like to borrow it for a minute, please. 😜
  2. Thanks everyone. I submitted the question via Heritage customer service link. I’ll let you know what they say and close the chat. Thanks again!
  3. Here is the inside of the cover plate. Apparently, it’s an “Ultra”. That seems like a good thing, right?
  4. Thanks, TalismanRich - I saw that too. The guitar in question is missing the “Made In Kalamazoo” reference. It just says “USA”. I wonder if there was a period where they just didn’t stamp the Kalamazoo ID. If there was, why? As a former Michigander with connections to K-Zoo, I like the Kalamazoo part! However, I also like the guitar, the gold hardware and the price!
  5. No, I haven’t. I don’t own it - yet. It’s an online sale. The seller has a good reputation but he’s in Puerto Rico so no way to inspect unless I buy.
  6. There’s some info online about a fire in 2006/2007 that had some effect on serial number formats and stamps. Just wondering if this is an actual Heritage.
  7. Thanks, LK155. Here are body and headstock.
  8. Attached photo of the rear headstock of what appears to be an H150 with gold hardware. The serial number doesn’t look right.
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