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  1. I'll think about it Rich. As for Jescar EVO Gold fret wire - strangely enough, it loses its gold color, when it is polished during installation and set up. It actually looks like staineless steel in a way. As a matter of fact, despite it being an iron and tin alloy, the luthier who does my refrets told me some time ago, that it feels about as tough as stainless steel does. F.Y.I - my H-530 is done being refretted, and bougnt it home today. Woo hoo!
  2. Hi Rich, No I don't have a gold allergy, and surprisingly, I do not have an allergy to chrome, despite it having chromium in it - I discussed my concerns about chrome with the Dermatologist who diagnosed my nickel and chromium allergy (I was concerned about the chrome plated hardware on the faucet fixtures in my apartment), and he told me that he had no concerns about chrome allergy-wise with me. This is probably due to the fact that chrome doesn't contain hexavalent (chemically) chromium, which is the main culprit for cause chromium linked dermatitis. Yep, chrome has never caused me problems. Ellen
  3. Thanks for the info Jay, I'll look into them. Ellen
  4. Hi Jay, With regards to the tuner buttons - hmmmm, that IS an intriguing idea! I just might do that! I'd get buttons for the black chrome version of the Grover 102s. As for the bridge - weeeellll, I'll have to think about that. I have the immune system from hell. When I was diagnosed with my nickel and chromium allergies (chromium is a major component of stainless steel), I looked like a burn victim, with a mega rash/skin breakouts all over my body - everywhere, but my hands (where I touched items that contained nickel and/or chromium). When I brought this up with the dermatologist who diagnosed my nickel allergy (I had to have a patch test, to determine what was causing my skin issues), he told me the reason that I have this happens to me, is because unlike typical nickel allergy sufferers, my immune system goes bonkers over nickel. It makes sense to me, considering that I'm also an asthmatic. In short I have the immune system from hell. I rest my hand on the bridge when I play, and I pick from the wrist, so I have concerns about my hand contacting the nickel plated parts of the bridge (mainly the upper face, and the saddles). I can tolerate nickel and chromium for limited amounts of time, but I would prefer to just leave the studs in, and replace the part of the bridge, that has the saddles on it, with a chrome plated part. Ellen - Still waiting for my guitar to finish being refretted.
  5. I quick reply while I'm getting ready for work this morning - with regards to chrome replacement parts for my H-530. Mike at Heritage told me that the Grover 102C tuners are direct replacements for the nickel plated ones that are currently on the guitar. I'm not sure if I want to go the route of complete tuner replacement, or do like I did with the H-535 I had a couple of years ago, and just replace the buttons on the tuners, with chrome plated Grover buttons. As for the bridge - Mike mentioned using a chrome plated Nashville tune-o-matic bridge (which Stew Mac sells). He also said that the posts would have to be replaced, due to the posts the H-530 comes with being locking posts (???????). Hmmm, that's news to me, I didn't know bridge posts came in a locking variety, I don't feel like having to pull studs/posts out of a guitar top.
  6. Sorry for the delay in responding back to everybody. I had to change my e-mail address for my account (the e-mail address I had listed was no longer good - the ISP that supported it, no longer supports my neck of the woods fir Internet), and wound up with my account locked! You have to unlock it via an e-mail that is sent to your new e-mail address, and for some reason or another, it never went through to my Spectrum e-mail address, despite numerous attempts to have it resent, and messages that were sent to the admins for this forum, stating the confirmation e-mail was NOT showing up in my Spectrum e-mail account. I'm not sure if the problem was forum related, or if Spectrum was just blocking it. Out of frustration, I ended up reviving an old Gmail account of mine (I'm not the biggest fan of Gmail), and had the forum confirmation e-mail sent to it (it showed up in my Gmail account), which finally unlocked my forum account. My H-530 is still in the shop being re-fretted. JayLo - I'm at work (I'm eating lunch). I received an e-mail from Heritage, to my inquiry about chrome parts. I saved it, and when I get home, I'll look at the info, for what chrome plated replacement parts I can use. Ellen
  7. Well, I'm back in the Heritage Tribe. The deal to buy the black H150 Standard I mentioned a few months ago, fell through (I couldn't quite swing the funds to pay for the rest of the balance to take the guitar off of layaway), but I recently decided that I have too many guitars (I live in an apartment, and space is at a premium), so I decided to downsize my inventory, and replace what were 3 nice electrics, with one really nice electric. Combined with having additional funds compared to what I had several months ago, my thoughts went back to getting the black H150 I almost bought several months ago (Cream City Music still had it in their inventory), but I realized I've always been kind of "meh" when it comes to Les Pauls. I really didn't want another H-535, like I had a back in 2019 & 2020, but I noticed that Cream City Music, had a H530 listed on their website. I like P90s, and I will ALWAYS have a soft spot for hollowbody guitars, so, I paid ye olde guitar shop a visit after work on Thursday. he H-530 sounded great both clean and dirty, and playing it confirmed that the neck (which I'd managed to find what dimensions for online before I tried the guitar out), while not a baseball bat in thickness, was still a Medium C, and had enough heft to it, to keep my fretting hand happy. So, I bought the guitar, and on Friday bought the 3 guitars I wanted to get rid of, for trading towards the H-530, traded them in, and paid the difference, becoming the owner of a new, 2021 or 2022, black H-530. 😀 The guitar is in the shop at the present time, getting refretted with Jescar EVO hypoallergenic fretwire (I have a severe allergy to nickel), and Ernie Ball Cobalts (my electric guitar string of choice, due to them being hypoallergenic), will go in the '530. I also e-mailed Heritage, to find out what the model/part numbers are for the hardware. Heritage (like Gibson and Fender) seems to be one of the fans of "nickel for the vintage tonez", so at least the bridge (where I typically rest my hand when playing), and the buttons on the tuners, will have to be replaced, with their chrome plated equivalents (yay screwed up immune system! 😒). Keep On Playing! - Ellen A Photo of My H-530
  8. Yeah, it's been a while. The H-535 went bye-bye about 20 months ago (I've finally realized that '335-style guitars are a big, fat "meh" for me), so I quite hanging out here. My favorite local guitar shop is a Heritage dealer, so when I asked a couple of weeks ago to try out a Les Paul (I've only had a few Les Pauls over the years, so I wanted something different from the Fenders I've been playing lately) with a decently chunky neck, I was pointed at a couple of vintage speced Gibsons, and several H-150s. Liking things a little different, I tried out an ebony H-150 Standard. It sounded good, and had a Medium C neck with just enough heft to make my left hand happy (thin necks give me a sore left hand - after some digging online, I found out the H-150 Standard's neck is around .870" at the 1st fret [a chunkier Medium C]). The Gibbys were a tad bit chunkier neck-wise, but sounded kind of blah, through the Marshall DSL I was using as my test mule, so Heritage it was. Oh yeah, and at a better price to boot! The guitar's on layaway at the present time. Then it will need the obligatory re-fret job with Jescar Evo Gold fret wire, since I have major allergies to nickel (which virtually all standard frets have).
  9. Just slightly off course discussion-wise - weight may be a factor with regards to tone and sustain, but there are other factors involved in the issue, such as construction, hardware, etc. I'm sure that encountered guitars that were pretty light, and still sustained into tomorrow, and heavy guitars that sounded just plain dead. As for the discomfort a heavy guitar can give you - my main gigging guitar for most of the 90s was a 1980 Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion. It was a semi-hollow, and was quite the tone monster. You'd think it would be relatively light - wrong! I took it to work one time, and weighed it on a calibrated scale. It weighed 13.5 lbs (courtesy of its larger than a Les Paul sized body, combined with a maple center block the entire length of the guitar [the early 'Fusions were notorious for being boat anchors]), which explained why by the time I got to the 3rd set, it felt like my left shoulder was ready to fall off. After playing that guitar for years, I felt like I had no reason to complain about guitars that weigh 10 lbs - especially when you consider how heavy a bass can be. Ellen - it's been a while for me, since I've been here
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