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  1. I had the .22 cal. Great amp. One of the only el84 amps Ive ever liked, however I couldn't get enough volume out of it. At the time I was playing metal and required quite a bit of volume with the bass player I had at the time. 600w bass amps are just too much!
  2. I think you'll like them. I miss having an amp that I could swap tubes with. Please report back. Ill be curious to see how you like them.
  3. Biz practices. They're guitars are fine. Im from Michigan, so Im partial to my home state.
  4. Yes they do. They'll breakup a bit sooner. 6l6 dissipate between 25-30 watts, whereas 5881's are around 24w. Doesnt make a ton of difference, but it gives me a bit more volume knob to play with. I believe the first jcm 800's came with 5881's, like the first run of them, I believe. They had a hard time sourcing el34's as I recall. Your Vintage sound 20 has 6l6's?
  5. Gated. Like a hard noise gate will give that spitty response
  6. Glad it all worked out.
  7. I work for Chevy on the dealer level. All plants are now idle, for GM, Ford and Fiat. We also have Honda and Kia. Honda USA is shutting down, not sure about Kia, yet.
  8. So, just not enough curve? I got it. Ive done several Les Paul's and never run into this before. Thanks Guys I will try that once the new non-green pup rings get here. Just surprised. I bought curved rings, but there really isn't much of one there.
  9. I also like the 5881, I get a bit more usable range on my volume knob, as well. Fender Prosonic, 60w ss, rectified 50w tube recified, 30w class A. I find the 5881 which dissipates 24 watts per tube ( I think) allow's a little extra turn on the knob. Also breaks up a bit earlier. Also gives my amp a bit of a Brown face feel.
  10. Problem with the neck pup ring. Installed new pup's. The neck pup ring seems to be bunching up? The front edge of the pup ring (facing the neck) lift's up above the fret board, so the strings fret out on the pup ring when I play up in the higher octave's. don't have the same problem with the Schaller rings. I bought Allparts pup rings. They're slightly greenish, as well. I can use them for something else. Just wondering why I'm having this issue? the holes line up properly. Is the another brand I might try? Preferably a bit more cream and less green, but ultimately I could care less if they fit correctly.
  11. Im with you billy, I dont really care what they came with, I care about what it takes to make them the best. I have Graphtech saddles on my Tele and they sound much better than the metal mismash of the 6 individual saddle Tele's.
  12. Plasma Pedal by Gamechanger will do that spitty gated thing well. Pricy, but i think its pretty close to what your looking for.
  13. I've heard a few and they absolutely roar.
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