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  1. The Helix is much much easier to get a good tone out of right out of the box. The HD500x has really good tone, but your going to dig to get there. Although, I find it much easier to go to line6 custom tone and download someone else's hard work and tweek to my amps liking. If your going direct to board or your computer, goto Custom tone and find the tone your looking for and just import it.
  2. Although that burst is beatiful. Nice pick up
  3. Im thinking a 137 may be my next Heritage, however I think im looking for an older one, as I like the tv yellow and the new Tv color is more LImed than I like> Does anyone know why the new Tv yellow is more cream or is it just in the pics Im seeing?
  4. Didnt Gilmour use a Muff on his solo's? His sounded very violin like
  5. See the pics now, That sure is a beast.
  6. I can't see either set of photo's. Would love to, though>
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