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  1. You can't be fooled! I HAVE been crusing Reverb..... but for the first time in a long time I feel like I'm good as far as guitars go. At least for a while.
  2. Thanks bolero. I love this thing. What an instrument! How you hold it, how you stand, how loud, how quiet all work into your tone. If I had only the chance to find a Heritage guitar as I go guitar shopping I would’ve probably owned one years ago but I’ve never come across one in the wild.
  3. Thank you Gitterman. I'm loving it! I'm really impressed with the construction quality, and with how well it's set-up. Great clean and dirty tones. I'm sure I would have owned a Heritage sooner if I had ever come across one in a music store but I never had the pleasure.
  4. Sweet!!! I LOVE the fretboard inlay and the additional switcheroos!
  5. Yup funkapus, she rings. I find the hollow-body feedback to be totally controllable, maybe because the body is significantly thinner then its Gibby cousin. I am playing in my music room at a reasonable volume though, and I have to step on a bunch of gain to get her to sustain/feedback. Its got kinda a wide-thin neck. It's narrowish and thin at the nut but gradually gets wider and thicker as you work your way up the neck but never gets big or chunky. The neck has a bit of relief while maintaining a really low action. I raised it slightly but it probably was down to around .0025/64" /.003/64" on the high E with no buzz or rattle. My usual setup is .004/.005. I'll sit down with it maybe tomorrow and take some official measurements. (but probably I'll just play!) I will leave the shim under the bridge Lollar as lowering the screws (they were well above the pickup cover) has given me plenty of clearance to the strings. I was afraid she'd be neck heavy but she isn't. Very well balanced. Very happy!
  6. 212mavguy, The H-530 is a joy to play and is immediate in its response to your playing. That's its secret - you feel directly connected to the amp and pedals. I attribute this to the hollow body letting things ring.
  7. Hey yoslate, I bought mine at a pawn shop about 15 years ago so that sounds right. She's still going strong with the original Tech 21 speaker. I've watched many videos over the years featuring the amp of the day thinking of what I'd replace her with but never have because there's no need. If she ever breaks down I'd probably send her off to Tech 21 to be repaired. It Just Works.
  8. Hey! Here's a sloppily played and poorly recorded demo of the 530 straight out of the case! You're welcome! https://youtu.be/c2QmtFb4Pbk
  9. HI Gitfiddler, I plugged it in as it was and it rocked my face off. Literally I no longer have a face. Just skin and holes where my eyes, mouth, and nose used to be... I plugged it into my rig as it was with no adjustments to anything and started stepping on pedals. It can totally do the hard rock thing with controllable feedback. The action is too low for me but I'll leave it alone for a day or two and see how she settles. I set up my old Zoom Q2HD camera and recorded some jamming. Sounds awesome. Would cut through any mix. I can tell I'll have fun with this one. Very different from what I'm used to in a big way but it totally wants to rock. I think. Yup
  10. It has arrived and it's magnificent. Arrived in perfect condition. Super low action, nut is cut perfectly. Slim neck, should be a ripper. I might have to remove a spacer under the bridge pickup as it's super close to the strings on the side toward the neck and has obviously been getting in the way. For now I lowered the bridge pickup screws that had also been raised quite a bit above the cover. Very nice weight, no dents or dings, only one or two very small scratches. I'll plug her in momentarily and give her a spin. I have high expectations.
  11. He knows tone. I value his opinion. Imagine how Mustang Sally will sound with this pedal at your local bar? It has the Dumble "chirp" and isn't buzzy like a Marshall. LOL.
  12. Most old tube amps (over 10 years old) will need all of the electrolytic capacitors replaced with new caps. Electrolytic capacitors have some liquid in them which dries out over time. This drying out makes the old electrolytics resistive which throws off the entire design of the circuit as a voltage drop now exists across the bad caps. That means the filter caps, the bypass caps, and the coupling caps will have to be replaced if they are electrolytic. Easy to do if you do just do one at a time. Many of these old amps are wired "point to point" without circuit boards. Literally each component is soldered to the next component in the chain. Capacitors are very similar to batteries in that they can store electrical charge. Caps (bypass and coupling) don't pass direct current so they are used to route signals around inside the amp. Filter caps though are used explicitly to store electrical charge and as such can deliver a large shock in not handled correctly. A lot of old amps also utilize a two wire power plug and "death cap" across the hot and neutral. The "death cap" is there to reduce noise but puts the guitar player in danger. If this cap goes bad by shorting out it can deliver the wall current to your guitar strings and kill you since your strings, bridge, etc will suddenly become "hot" and you might present a low resistance to ground. Ever find a scratchy pot that you can't fix with DeOxit? That is likely the failure of a bypass cap. It has failed in its mission to block DC and DC on a potentiometer will make the pot sound scratchy when adjusted. No amount of cleaning will fix it. The BOX OF ROCK pedal says "crackle ok" on the Drive pot because it's designed to have DC on it. Old amps are cool and sound great. I have a 1960 Gibson GA5 which really sounds amazing - after I replaced all of the electrolytic caps and installed a 3 wire power plug. Without doing this maintenance they sound bad or not as good as they should and can be dangerous.
  13. I have an old half-stack gathering dust. Rarely do I have the reason or ambition to bust it out. I practice, jam, and have gigged with a Tech 21 Trademark 60. It's basically a Tech 21 SansAmp combined with a power amp section and a propriety 12" speaker. Has two channels: Fender style and Marshall style. The Fender side is killer and great alone or used as a pedal platform. BRIGHT switch is available. The Marshall side is good used with the drive all the way down and volume pushed up. GROWL on 10. Not as good IMO as the Fender style side but can add nice tonal changes via the supplied foot switch. Les Paul the man used 'em. The are under 40 lbs and can drown out even the loudest drummer. No modeling. Real Accutronics reverb tank, not digital reverb. I picked up a "Power Engine 60" to accompany it which is the same power section without the pre-amp though it does have tone controls on the rear of the amp. Makes things more loud which is (almost) always good. Useful Line Out via XLR, effects loop (made for rack equipment, not pedals), foot-switchable boost, reverb, or boost and reverb. WEEP button gives the amp a more Class A vibe. Available cheaply. Made in the USA.
  14. IMO the Spirit in the Sky tone is very spitty and falls into the fuzz category of "velco fuzz". It's gated, kinda chops in and out. But does the SITS thing if dialed in right. Also look for fuzz boxes that have a "starve" function. This knob allows you to simulate a dying battery at different voltages and really brings the "spitty"/Velcro quality. This is not a smooth sound and honestly doesn't always sound good in isolation but killer in a mix.
  15. WIll do FredZepp. It's very mild today but I'll still let it get acclimated to its new surroundings and see how she settles. Of course, while bashing out chords and lead lines. I imagine a full hollowbody is more likely to experience temperature influenced variations.
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