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  1. Haha. Didn't even notice the auto correct! Lol geez! No water. Lol. ?
  2. I recently sold my Heritage H-150 in dirty lemon burst, to fund a new guitar. I was originally trying to purchase a Friedman Vintage T. However, after thinking it over, I was sonimpressed with my first Heritage guitar, I pretty much got the same guitar in return, but opted for the artesian aged version. I absolutely love the way this guitar looks. Finish checking, small dings and dents, and worn hardware. This is by far the best "relic" guitar I've played. Feels very natural and not overdone at all. It's just like pricking up an old vintage guitar thats been loved and well cared for. It also sounds fantastic, and it is one of the most resonate guitars I've had the pleasure to play. If you have a chance to play one, definitely check it out! Worth every penny!
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