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  1. Thank you for your quick response! Do you know anything about these two loose cables coming out of the transformer and being clamped together above it?
  2. Hello again to the Heritage Colonial Owners Club ? As I mentioned before I am the lucky buyer of Brent's Colonial amp. As Steiner suggested I contacted Paul through his mail and I was very surprised and even more pleased that he did answer in deed. The only thing I did not like was the content of his reply. He told me that I would need a step down transformer to be able to use here in Germany (230V). Actually I still can not really believe this. Here is my reasoning: 1) A Friend of mine bought the Colonial Amp used from someone who bought it used from someone ... He is running his Colonial Amp without a step down transformer for more than a year and does not have any problems with it. His Amp has 230V EU ... something written on the chassis ... please look at the attached picture. 2) Has anybody opened his Colonial Amp to see the beautiful work of art to the circuit? If so, you might have noticed that there are two loose wires clamped above the transformer ... please have a look at the second and third attached picture ... Does anybody know what these are for? Could it be, that depending of what voltage you are using different wires of the transformers have to be connected to the Power supply? If so, does anybody know further details about this? ... PLEASE help if you have any information for me. Is there anybody with the circuit diagram. Or is there somebody who knows more about the magic of these special "Mercury Magnetics HERITAGE 50 0" transformers. I am still hoping that I will just have to solder two other ends to of the transformer to the power supply and then it will work with the German 230 voltage. I am really appreciating any hint on this. Thank you in advance! Greetings from Berlin Matthias
  3. Thank you for your input! Greetings from Berlin Matthias
  4. Hello to the Heritage Owners Club! I bought the Heritage Colonial Amp offered by Brent and it arrived today in Berlin. I am very happy about it., but before plugging it in I will have to figure out whether the Heritage Colonial Amp can handle german voltage. Sometimes amps are constructed in a way that they can handle different voltage strength by default, others are constructed for a specific market and the corresponding voltage. Is there anybody out there in this owner club who might help out with further information concerning this question? Greetings Matthias
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