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  1. With some effects less is more, but that one I can never seem to get enough of. It’s like I’ve got a fever, and that’s the only cure.
  2. I’m late to the party here I know, but if anyone needs a guide to how to better use their fuzz pedals, Rhett Shull just posted a great guide not too long ago.
  3. What makes the 140 even better is that the serial number is E28406, which, because 1988 was a leap year, dates its construction to March 22, 1988. That guitar was built on my 11th birthday.
  4. Hello Everyone! My name is Andrew and I go by the user name Dogrel (writer of bad poetry, singer of bad songs, lover of the eccentric and weird, certified smartass). I live in Savannah, I have been playing for 24 years now, and am finally able to afford the guitars I’ve always wanted. I now have two Heritages, a 1987 HFT-445 acoustic and a 1988 H140-CM that was my birthday present this year. I love them both, and they are easily the best guitars I’ve ever owned. My HFT-445 is my “incredible score” story. I found it in a pawn shop of all places, just a mile from my house when
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