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  1. Thanks Jeff! Played p90's for awhile. I think the 59's may be more 'raw,' which is probably good for me. A little more like a single coil bite? If I was straight Wes Montgomery and wanted buttery humbucker tone (as Ted Greene described it) the Seth's might be right. Just put down my buddy's 1970 tele to settle on the 158 tonight. :)
  2. So... the reveal is... they’re SD 59’s! Thx again for the tips PK. Guess I was kinda hoping for Seth’s, but I like ‘em a lot!
  3. Thanks Punk K, great tips. I’ll consider doing that. will be like Geraldo opening Al Capone’s vault in anticipation! Or a little less. Right now I’m happy not knowing. Will keep you all posted! ✌️
  4. Thanks guys. Herington’s 336 is very cool. I kind of like a volume for each pickup, but who knows. I like the goSteelers upper bout fix the best. May be more money and ends the “original” distinction for my 158. But I feel it’s a player’s guitar, not a collector’s piece as much (!) No offense to those collecting them. The pickup mystery is great. Read about the 59 v Seth Lover debate last night. if I find out one way, I’ll start to think they’re too bassy! Or the other, my highs are not smooth enough. if I don’t know I can eq it to taste and be a happy camper!! Hah
  5. And thanks for the tip Gitfiddler... a good solution. I’ll think about that. Are there smaller ‘micro’ toggles that I could replace in the same position and not hit all the time?
  6. Thanks Punk Kitty! I saw your 158 on this site. Nice guitar. But the single screw 59’s or Seth’s is a good tip. As you can see, with the screws still lined up at 180 degrees (!) I haven’t messed with the pickups. I fear removing them would possibly change their setup or distance from the strings, which I don’t want to do. But maybe I could... ? I’d hate to take them off and not know what to look for on the bottom... are they identified clearly on the bottoms? thanks for the input!!!
  7. I bought her new in 2007 or early 08. X 34004 serial. Built in 2007. Very diverse tones. She’s at the front of my pecking order now after sitting behind a PRS with P90s for a decade. Wonder what pickups they used in 2007 on these? like em but I’m no pickup expert. do NOT like the pickup selector location. I’m always leaning forward and smashing it with my leg. Will always have a loose or damaged circuit there. Where do people move this? Probably hard to move it to the upper bout like Les Pauls. Thoughts? love it otherwise!
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