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  1. Who did you hear this from? What kind of bling?
  2. Is anyone familiar or have experience with the bespoke program? (https://heritageguitars.com/pages/custom-shop ). You can find information about it halfway down on the link. Copied from the website: BESPOKE PROGRAM Craft your own Heritage. The honor and legacy associated with a Heritage Custom Shop guitar is truly incomparable. Speak with our team of experienced artisans and create a guitar that's built to your exact specifications and playing needs.
  3. I'm in New Jersey. If I can buy direct from Heritage, why go through a distributor?
  4. Don't be rude. I'm interested in buying a Heritage. Of course this thread is real.
  5. Where are you guys buying your new heritage guitars from? Who has the best prices and service? I see on heritageguitars.com that you can buy direct. Is that the best option?
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