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  1. Hi , Today, I was searching for an Electric Guitar String Height guide with measurements. I ran across Gibson, Stewmac, and sweetwaters site, etc. *Does anyone know of a Heritage site that has recommended string height and neck adjustment?* Cheers!
  2. Stzygy,y Welcome, and congratulations on your retirement. Rewarding yourself with this gorgeous guitar I hope that brings you years of joy, my friend!
  3. yeah goSteelers , I thought of GraphTech, and they appear to be a fine choice, but the price would add up with my 4 Heritage guitars. I even tried going American made, with no luck. Your logic and points are highly appreciated, and if what I ordered last night fails, GraphTech will be in the running. Thanks for sharing the helpful knowledge, friend. Oh, and goBuccaneers! 😜lol 😁
  4. #SOLVED# Pulled the trigger after all you excellent help, what a great community !!!
  5. PunkKitty, thank you I’ve read good reviews of them!
  6. Appreciate it, searching for them now.
  7. Brentrocks , thank you which model of Grovers, they make sooo many?
  8. Brentrocks did you have to drill to install them ?
  9. Ugggg, the topic of my own thread, WHY can I not edit it!?!
  10. Sorry ElChoad , I should correct my title to say Direct Fit No Drilliing. Sorry to waste your time, as the Grovers need drilling to install, (unless u am mistaken) and for me sadly that’s not an option anymore.
  11. Thank you for the details and insight. I keep forgetting that these are hand cut and trimmed , so what you said makes sense to me.
  12. Ok , I tried earlier to find a good locking tuner set to upgrade my used 575, any Recommendations sisters and brothers?
  13. I found almost every spec and dimension except for what I needed! Bumerooski
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