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  1. THAT is called a Heritage guitar porn movie! They had Heritage erections, no doubt about it! LOL
  2. That may be, but I distinctly recall Congress voting in Jan 1971 to start withdrawing troops out of Vietnam and everyone was to be out by December 1971. But I'm old and I might be mistaken on the year.... but I am pretty sure it was '71. Obnoxious idiot or not, he has a huge heart, and done more over the decades for children's charities (remember Ronald McDonald House? Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, his own Kamp for Kids, etc) supplying/serving in many soup kitchens to feed the less fortunate, helping our veterans & helping wounded warriors, worked countless hours with MI's DNR with Con
  3. Beautiful guitars for sure! I was hoping for a hollowbody, maple back & sides with spruce top for alot of bite and make those humbuckers ring and sing. Not to be. *sigh*
  4. ouhhhh....maybe there is a little hope...
  5. I was afraid one of you experts would say that. The H575s are a tad too thick for me. Gibbons stopped doing one-offs, but maybe Heritage would do one. Thank you!!!
  6. Un Contrare, my friend. LOL - if you watch his YouTube Spirit Campfire series he's doing with interviews of the greats in Rock (Billy Gibbons, Jimmy McCarty, Mitch Ryder, Michale Lutz, Dave Amato, Jack Blades, Tommy Shaw, Jimmy Vaughn, etc, etc, etc,he talks about this very topic. Also he goes in great detail with his CNN interview with Piers Morgan on YouTube. He said it's not true and it came from a Rolling Stone interview where he was screwing with the interviewer who was high and actually believed him - and the hysterical thing was Rolling Stone actually printed it. LOL Ted Nugent
  7. Hello! I cannot find the answer on Search so I hope someone can help. Did Heritage make something along the lines of an H530 hollowbody (Casino) with humbuckers and a spruce top? Epiphone has the Swingster (hollowbody, humbuckers, but only maple top) and Gibbons made the Byrdland (but way too expensive). Thanks so much for your expertise!!! DY
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