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  1. New Port Richey --- I'll be Damned ... I just Retired to Spring Hill.
  2. Quite a right hand technique with that guy .... Teles can play anything.
  3. Hope I'm not breaking any rules ... Apologies in advance if I am .. John Hiatt - Perfectly Good Guitar
  4. Yea - no. I've gotten well over 200 guitars - from every conceivable shipper. I've shipped well over 100 -- Breakage rate of Exactly Zero percent. I do loosen the strings. 2-3% is ridiculous. Most breakage is like most theft - its Fraud performed by the Shipper or Consignee. Sure - you never got that guitar .... it was clearly stolen off your porch. Hehehehe.
  5. Could it - yes. Would it - No. No chance in real life. And Repsectfully - a set of Grovers weigh less than a pound. about 9 ounces.
  6. I'm Sorry - but there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that happened during Shipping. And if it did - it was 90% plus broken before the shipping. Not a chance. Impossible to impart that amount of force through the box AND the Case. No way.
  7. Apparently you figured it out. I have one that looks just like that one. You sir - have a Beautiful Guitar. Right Click on the Pic - see if there is a "Resize" tab. Should give you choices for sizes. At least in Windows. Click on small or medium ... then "Save As" and use a different title. Then you can upload that one.
  8. Just saw this - as I was travelling back from Haiti ... 😈
  9. I must be Satan - I've pulled them off well over a hundred guitars .... Including that H535 with the Lollartrons .. First thing I do
  10. Thats a Beauty ! I got this one from the same sale... Even though I despise Dave and Tylor. 2017 - 59's.
  11. Good luck with your purchase. P90s are cool. Taking a screwdriver to a perfectly good Brand New guitar = Not cool.
  12. Did I mention I am a fully qualified Foster Parent?? ...
  13. Your guitars are ridiculous. Custom Ordered?
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