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  1. Good luck with your purchase. P90s are cool. Taking a screwdriver to a perfectly good Brand New guitar = Not cool.
  2. Did I mention I am a fully qualified Foster Parent?? ...
  3. Grazi. Better late than never to join the Heritage team I guess.... That 2017 H-150 is EVERY SINGLE BIT as nice as ANY CS Gibbon... And I've had dozens... My friends think I'm losing it .... but You guys believe me ... right? I'd post a pic but they are all deemed "too big"
  4. Couldn't agree more. You seem to know an awful lot about Heritage guitars ... As a newbie - may I ask - Would you know if the 2017 H-150's have long neck tenons? I asked in that thread as well... not sure if anyone will notice.
  5. Speaking of 2017 Models - Does anyone know if the 2017 H-150 models have long tenon necks? Thank you.
  6. I'm thinking that is this 2019 Custom Winter Namm H-150 .... Mahogany Body / Mahogany Cap - Designed by Pete!
  7. My Holy Grail in an UNDERWOUND Pickup. Although Custombuckers are a Damn Fine PAF as well....
  8. If anyone wants a Screaming Deal on "New" old stock from 2017- check out Daves .... they have Dozens in the used section - I may have heard they are all actually new from the Factory ...
  9. A good underwound PAF would MAKE you roll back the Tone a little. Super 74 Custombuckers are hands down the best.
  10. Underwounds are going to change the Tone quite a bit. GLASSY Highs, less Mids and bottom ... But different. Respectfully - Lowering the pickup won't give you that.
  11. It is such a ridiculously nice guitar ... I couldn't help getting this... And now I have to come out of Retirement and get a job Winter NAMM H-550 ... Both of these were Designed by Pete...
  12. Awesome. Welcome me to the Team ... And I joined in with a bang... Got this first.. Winter NAMM Custom Shop H-150 .. 1 of 5 ... a Stunning piece of Art.
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