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  1. I got the Black Magick "Jimmy Page" with the Jensen P12Q .... Fantastic Amp.
  2. To Any / All I ended up passing on the Black one ... It has Seth Lover Pups ... not my Fave .. I thought it had 59's ... But between us girls .. I had Jimmy Wallaces at $2375 Delivered to Florida. No Tax. Winky thing. Just FYI in case that price catches anyone elses interest.
  3. Yea - I bought the Black one.... the pricing was very confusing ... but they were nice enough people down there in Texass ....... It'll gp nicely with my Black H-555 NAMM Limited...
  4. Whats with that Please ?? I've Seen "Heritage" and "The Heritage" ... When / What / Why was the Circle H ?? https://reverb.com/item/44559923-heritage-155m
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