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  1. Sadly, my first was my 2021 H-150 Standard that I got last July. I just heard of Heritage about 10-15 years ago, but nice guitars had been out of my reach. I found out a local shop is a dealer. One day, I walked in and they had an H-150 in stock that the owner said I needed to check out. (He knows my taste for single-cut style guitars.) I fell in love with it, but could not afford it, and it sold. Fast forward a couple years, and here I am with two H-150s.
  2. That is a beautiful guitar. Congrats! As a side note, I know the feeling about moving guitars along. I have a '14 Trad Pro II Goldtop that I have had since August of '14. It was my #1 until I got my H-150s. Now I am looking to let it go.
  3. Congrats! Sorry you have to wait to enjoy it. But it will be worth it!
  4. If we all used the same equipment, might as well start using auto-tune. Make your guitar YOUR guitar. There is no right and wrong. Only your ears. Make yourself happy. That is step one.
  5. I had a LP that had a '57 Classic and a Super '57 in it from the factory. I waited a little over a year before I decided for sure that they weren't for me. I swapped them for some BKP Black Dogs. Those have been in there for 6 1/2 years, with no reason to swap them.
  6. I have TonePros on 3 of my guitars already. I will look into the Faber posts for my CC. I'm always up for trying something new. I always top-wrap, so string clearance is never an issue for me.
  7. Great kid and great parents. Would you be up for adopting a 49 year old male? Asking for a friend....
  8. I just recently found out that TonePros makes a locking aluminum tailpiece. I may have to investigate a little and add a locking tailpiece to my Custom Core.
  9. And this is my Standard.
  10. Here is a good picture in the natural daylight. It looks awesome in this picture.
  11. I did. I added Dunlop strap lock buttons. 🤣
  12. I'm hoping we can get some sun around here sometime soon. I have 2 guitars that I need to get pictures of in the sunlight.
  13. The more I play with the amps I have, the more I love my Supro Black Magick Reverb. So many great tones in one amp. It just sounds right.
  14. I got backups, just in case. I put NOS tubes in and pulled the new ones out.
  15. Happy NGD! That is a beautiful top!
  16. I have had two sets of these and loved them both. I had a pair of Rebel Yells in a Studio and they were great. Very responsive to tone adjustments. I currently have a pair of Black Dogs in my Goldtop. They have been in there since '15. They just sound great in that guitar. I am lucky enough to have a dealer fairly close that was also a Gibson dealer. He had every set on his wall in an LP. Made it really easy to try them out.
  17. There is nothing wrong with either of my '21s. They are both great guitars. But there is a certain romance to having one from when the original owners were running things.
  18. If you need a set, let me know. I have a full set I removed from a LP Studio about 12 years ago that have been sitting in my parts box since.
  19. That said, I need a real Heritage. Not the '21s I have now. They are great guitars, bit I want old school.
  20. I am not a fan of gold hardware. Freaking gaudy. I am a huge fan of Wolfe's pickups. (I have a set of P-90s on the way right now for my BFG.) His Legends are actually legendary.
  21. I would say they are acrylic as advertised. Not a whole lot of color variation and it doesn't dance as the light changes, not cold to the touch, and they feel pretty smooth.
  22. I have a '21 CC and Standard both. How do I tell if it's real or not?
  23. I tried to go to the Gibson showroom in Hollywood back in 2013. Guess what I found out. It's not a showroom, it's a show-room. 🤣
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