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  1. That is a beauty. Congrats!
  2. Here is a question I have posed on another forum, and I can't find anybody that can give me an answer, so I will ask it here: I have a Supro Black Magick Reverb amp and the matching 2x12 cabinet. The cabinet can be ran in either series (16 ohms) or parallel (4 ohms). Is there any real benefit to running one way over the other? It seems to me that there is a little more grit coming in earlier when run in parallel. Maybe I am imagining it?
  3. No problem. I should have said "on Gibsons", not "by Gibson."
  4. My 2021 Standard is Imperial. I changed the bridge and tailpiece to TonePros locking ones, the same ones that are used by Gibson.
  5. God, I hate you. 🤣 I went to my local GC last week. It reminded me why I haven't stepped foot in there for about 5 years. The inventory was crap and so were the employees. Nice purchase.
  6. I have had a Sweetwater card for almost 10 years. I have NEVER paid so much as a penny in interest. I also am smart about how I use it. I try to keep my balance under 30% of what I have available. That is better for your credit rating. I have never had to make a balloon payment. I always pay extra because there is no penalty. I bought a Standard H-150 in July with 48 months to pay it off. It will be clear next week. Talk as badly about my choices as you want, even if they are just toys to me, but I work hard to have nice toys, and I will take full advantage of the tools at my disposal, be it good credit or awesome musical equipment.
  7. I usually think about what kind of sound I am looking to add to my collection that isn't covered by something I already have. The 3 guitars I play with the most have 3 different amps that all compliment the tone of the guitar.
  8. It's nice that you got this back. It's too bad about the circumstances.
  9. I like the number of payments just in case. I bought my Standard in July with 36 payments on it, and switched tuners, bridge and tailpiece, and pickups. It is one payment from being paid off. There is no penalty for early payment. I will just keep my eyes peeled for the right one at the right time.
  10. FYI: if you buy a CC on musician's Friend or Guitar center, you cannot take advantage of both the 15% off and the 48 months. You have to pick one or the other. And you don't get to pick the guitar you want. They can get bent.
  11. Why did you have to tell me this? I apparently now have a MF card, (same credit company as Sweetwater,) and they are running 48 month no interest. Damn you!
  12. At Sweetwater, I can pick the one I want. Do the others offer that? I didn't think so. But that is just one perk.
  13. I have a '14 Trad Pro II, heavily modified. It's like a real Gibson now. I am still sad about the fact that it will NEVER turn that beautiful shade of green that classic Goldtop get. 😞
  14. I'm with you. I had a '76 Standard plain 3 piece top in natural finish. Great guitar with a maple neck and ebony fingerboard, but nothing extra special. And it weighed almost 12 pounds. It was a freaking tank.
  15. I'm keeping an eye out for the perfect one, with the perfect flame, at the right time, with the right number of payments. That's what happened with my Standard in July. I really shouldn't even be thinking about a CC right now, but I have horrible GAS...
  16. Sweetwater has plain top CCs in stock now. I saw them on the app. $3499.
  17. By the way, no tuning issues on my H-150. Sorry about the rant.
  18. I have owned several Gibsons throughout the years, ranging in years from 1976-2018. I still have two of them. Nothing fancier than a Standard or Traditional Pro II. I am a basement type player. I don't have the time to actually be in a band. But I can appreciate a well-built guitar. I have only owned one Heritage, a 2021 H-150 Standard. I feel badly, sometimes. I have a 2014 LP that I got new. I did some serious mods on it. It was my #1 for almost 7 years, but now, after doing a couple relatively easy mods to my H-150, I hardly ever even open the case on it. I should just sell it, but with the mods, it's a fairly niché market. That money would be better spent going to a new Custom Core. Maybe I should just eat it and part ways, but I can't seem to do it.
  19. There is a cure. And now my symptoms are getting worse. You guys are hastening my G.A.S. I hate you all. 🤣🤣🤣
  20. Of course it was Brent. Why did I even question it. We should have known. That's okay he will sell it again before too long...🤣
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