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  1. That is dirt cheap. I would pay the $50 gladly.
  2. Jeebus! Do you live in Appalachia or something???🤣
  3. Sounds like fun to me! (Well, except the puking part.😜)
  4. Another MF fail. What a bunch of Fuch-heads. But sounds like it may be a keeper, anyway. I have always wanted to try one out.
  5. I can dig it. I keep rolling amps, but I found what I consider to be "the one". My days of amp rolling may be over. Finally. Congrats on everybody else passing up a beauty.
  6. I have never been to Germany, but it is pretty high on my bucket list. I need to go to Oktoberfest.
  7. I just scored six NOS/very strong used 6973 tubes for my Black Magick Reverb. (3 of each, $150.) The dude threw in an extra pair of strong ones for nothing. That is my last guitar amp I have, and I have enough power tubes to last me for about 100 years, probably more since I have been focused on drums much more lately. I still keep my eyes out for NOS 12AX7s, though. I only have two sets left.
  8. Looks like junk. Ship it to me and I will dispose of it properly for you. No charge to you, of course...🤡
  9. Legend has it that this area was the origin of my family. Guess I never realized we were so fancy. We have been beer drinkers for as long as I can trace.
  10. The Fulltone Fulldrive II MOSFET edition is amazing. One of the few pedals I actually hang on to.
  11. What a work of art! Congrats, and thanks for saving me from buying it. (I may end up with it when you sell it in a couple weeks )🤣
  12. I'm not going to lie. That guitar is soooooooo '80s. I love it!
  13. No Wonderwall??? You ought to be ashamed...🤣
  14. I don't know. The one I have that you have had in your hands is pretty light. (Just a pubic hair over 8 pounds.) I didn't know these things were built to play, and not just be case queens. 🤡
  15. That is bad-ass. Congrats!
  16. I haven't even seen it in person, and I still need to go change my boxers. Freaking gorgeous!
  17. I hope it sounds as good as it looks. Nice work!
  18. I am quite partial to my Supro Black Magick Reverb with matching 2x12 cabinet. It's just a great all-around amp and is super touch responsive. I have yet to plug a guitar into it that doesn't sound good. I feel bad that my Orange pretty much collects dust now.
  19. One of these days, I will have a "proper" one with the silver stamp. One of the next things on my list of wants.
  20. My Custom Core starts with HC. If I use the pattern on this chart and my calculations are correct, it will be made in 2194. Sweet! I can't wait! 🤡
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