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  1. Hi , I have just joined the group . I have retired from Melbourne , Australia to a small regional town but still get to play my H530 occasionally in an amateur band of old school mates. I have gone through a few guitars to find the one and the H530 is THE one for me .. light , great tone and no feedback at our realistic playing levels. The rest of the band love the sound too. My first introduction to Heritage was during a visit to Rudys music store in NYC in 2014. I went there to see the amazing array of new and vintage archtops . Played a few acoustics and then a 1998 American Eagle was thrust into my hand . I could not believe the acoustic tone as well as the nice "Johnny Smith" sound from the pickup . I had to have it , and the wife agreed , so it came home with a lot of care from the Air New Zealand crew. The AE does not get gigged and rarely leaves the house. From that day forward i was looking for my next Heritage but until a few years ago there were no Heritage dealers in all of Australia. Now there is a distributor and quite a few boutique retailers around , though stock is hard to find. Happy New Year from Campbells Creek , Victoria, Australia H
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