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    Is the 516 semi or hollow body? Some sources say hollow some say semi. Some say it is the precursor of the kb groove master which is apparently hollow? There is a 516 on reverb at sound pure. They say it is semi hollow but it looks very thin to be a 516. Maybe a custom? Has anyone seen a groove master for sale?
  2. I have a Sweet 16 that I love and play daily. I also have a boutique carved archtop (Comins) I also play every day. I'm considering purchase of a 575. I found a nice one and the seller is "motivated." I'm wondering if I should be considering a 535 rather than another carved guitar? Any thoughts?
  3. FWIW heritage said they don’t sell them and I should contact either mojoaxe or Wd music products which I did. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. Any thoughts on where I can find a pickguard for a 1997 525 and how much it might cost?
  5. Btw there is also a YouTube of seversen playing a 575. He also seems very comfortable playing that .
  6. Thanks git. Assuming all things being equal (strings. Pick, amp, volume etc. ) they sound drastically different to me. The 16 has a much warmer fuller sound, almost woody definitely the classic jazz box persona and the 25 is brighter and shimmering. IMHO he seemed much more comfortable with the 16 maybe because it was for sale. But this answered my questions generally. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks gitfiddler. Thanks to rich and skydog I think I understand the structural differences among the three. As a practical matter how is the 525 different than the sweet 16? Is the 25 lighter than the 16? I find the 16 to be pretty tame acoustically, plugged in a different story. What about the 25? It looks like 525 are pretty scarce as well .
  8. Thanks guys exactly what I was looking for. Has anyone ever A/B’d the Sweet 16 and the 525 and 575?
  9. Can they make the way back machine any more complicated?
  10. Is anyone aware of a comprehensive listing and comparison of the specs (weight,bout dimensions, nut width, scale, build characters it’s such as laminated or solid etc) of the various Heritage archtops?
  11. I'm a lawyer...retired. This is a pretty complicated litigation but in my opinion this is what is happening based upon my review of Judge Jarbou's recent opinion; in 1991 H and G entered into a confidential settlement agreement. Between 2015-2020 G sent H some "cease and desist" letters claiming that H was in violation of the 1991 agreement. H and G apparently could not agree on the disposition of the issues raised in the letters so H filed a complaint in federal court (a declaratory judgment action) seeking the court's judgement on whether or not it violated the 1991 agreement. In 2021 the Court allowed H to file a second amended complaint adding four claims against G basically accusing G of trying to establish a monopoly. In response G filed a partial Motion to Dismiss the four additional claims in H's Second Amended Complaint. The Court's recent opinion is a decision on G's Motion To Dismiss. It is only an opinion on the Motion To Dismiss and not the whole case. The Judge is only deciding if H's complaint includes sufficient factual allegations to proceed. The Judge is not determining the truth of the allegations just if they are sufficient. The Judge agreed with H and denied G's Motion to dismiss H Second Amended Complaint. The Judge decided that H's factual allegations were sufficient. Not that they are true just that they are sufficient. Of note is that portions of the 1991 agreement are recited in the Court's opinion. I'm not sure that the terms of the agreement have every been public before. The Judge rejects G's arguments and interpretation of the 1991 settlement agreement and agrees that H's positions are possible. These are very technical legal analyses that bore most people. Bottom line the case is not over! In fact it is really just starting. H and G will be allowed to proceed with discovery (depositions and document requests etc.) and possibly a trial. Typically the parties will also explore settlement options.
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