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  1. The purple princess made for local artist Hannah Zale purple heart core flame maple top and neck, Active Bartolini pickups and pre-amp.
  2. Not to neglect the lower registers ..my only fretted bass , I built as I have 2 fretless basses. Koa top , Claro Walnut core, 24 fret walnut neck through . Bartolini neck, TV Jones bridge pickups
  3. It depends on the instrument and style of music I'm playing. For Hollowbody guitars, fiddle and jazz I love my Mesa Rosette (300w 2x8 w horn) . For Electric my trusty Mesa/Boogie Studio .22+ I've had for 30+ years , for bass my Mesa Subway WD800 with it's 2x15 and horn.
  4. flame maple 7/8 S style I built for local artist Adi Kezh as a graduation present , gorgeous mahogany back . Red/Silver/Blue lace sensors.
  5. My first one a 2012 H575 C with '59 Duncans, I picked this up in 2017 ,still the crown jewel of my collection
  6. Flame Sapele top and Flame Maple back on this Supertron loaded LP style I built for my grandson
  7. While my amps (Mesa / Peavey) have great high gain sections, I usually set them clean and let the pre-amp boxes do the dirt. For me it works better. If I have that rare ultra distortion desire , I can always add their boost . I use the gain on my tube OD's to just at the edge of dirt when pushed for channel one and a bit higher for the boosted mode. . ( Tone bone Tri axis, Fender MTG tube distortion) . I learned over the years, you have to keep the notes clarity even when on high boost or you just have mush.
  8. thanks , here are the headstocks with signature inlay (greywolf lutherie)
  9. the pair I'm working on for my grandson's birthdays , these will be there first guitars at 6 and 11 . They are stoked
  10. H535's are delightful , love mine! . Pickguards are easy to make , maple is fairly cheap.. easy solution . I've made them for several instruments. The latest are for a pair for my grandsons 1st guitars ..ages 6 and 11
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