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  1. I've enjoyed my DG30 custom so much I was looking for another of Doug Sewell's masterpieces . The Blue Sierra was one of the initial models from PRS Custom Amp Dept . This is the model Derek Trucks plays . 50w hand wired EL 34 ( can run 6L6's) with a 2x12 that has seperate jacks (custom) so you can run it as a single 12 /share the cab with another amp or run both .. Just love the Paisley ...
  2. Celestion Vintage 30 Power-Handling: 120 Watts 8 ohms The back is ported and has grill screens . The cat on the chair is Doug Sewel the amp designer
  3. After 30 years with Mesa/Boogie when it came time for a new amp I looked seriously at the Mark V :35 with a wooden cab. I decided to keep an open mind and just received my new PRS DG 30 Custom amp and 2x 12 cab . It is a hand wired 3 x 12AX7 / 1 12AT7 (reverb) 4 EL84M/7189 single channel designed with David Grissom and Doug Sewel . By far the sweetest amp I've ever played , imagine the love child of a Fender Twin and Vox AC30
  4. I've used my Budda Bud-Wah for years without a glitch .
  5. I have an H575-C and a H535 , for Jazz I believe the 575 to the better choice , as an all around instrument the 535 is one of the most versatile guitars I own.
  6. I have the CS-356 which is the upscale version of the 336 . They are a carved top as well . The closest I've found to the 336 other than that is my Jaros Gatlinburg , built by Tony Nagy ( Gruhn's / Gibson) . They are unfortunately rare but worth the look. They don't have the warmth of the ES 339/335 H535 but cut well in the mix.
  7. My grandsons love my H535 so much I built them clones in their favorite colors , for their birthdays (6 and 11)
  8. A semi- hollow I built for Joe Marcinek , one of my fave's. 20 varying shades of blue and green back sanded for the front and just blue for the back
  9. a work in progress.. adding a Koa top to my sons old SG , it's getting Lollar P90's as well .
  10. my CS 356 , unlike most semi's this one is a billet of mahogany cnc routed and a carved flame top. This was pre raid so it has the ebony fretboard. Very much a semi hollow LP Custom .
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