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  1. Quite easy - I didn't own it by the time I asked... I thought it couldn't harm to know before buying 🙂 Since Duncan's aren't that bad at all in this guitar I won't change PUs Maybe the ebony fretboard and a somewhat higher density mahogany change the "character" of this guitar? Anyway, the Heritage Staff knows how to provide quality every single day: I like it 🙂 Regards Heinz
  2. Of course - reflectors provide a nice '60ies appeal, too :-)
  3. Besides pickups.... beautiful guitar even plastic tuner buttons look good on it
  4. Heinz


  5. Done Thank You Mars_hall kind regards Heinz
  6. Hello to the Experienced, I added some random (medium quality) images to "My Gallery" which I would like to replace by better and correctly titled shots....but how? Searched a while but cannot find an "owner's manual" about this. Maybe it's an easy one and I just missed to push the right button? Thank you for some advice kind regards Heinz
  7. Thank You Black Forest the home of the "mad mechanics" 🙂 Another Heritage here world famous turntables, Kuckucksuhren (cuckoo clock) or wind-up music boxes - long gone and collector's items as well... Thanks to the "vinyl boom" some well known names survived and provide excellent gear for the vinyl addicted. Similar to "The Heritage" - quality instead of quantity made for the true "connaiseure" kind regards heinz
  8. Hello HOC ... please allow me to introduce myself... I'm Heinz from Germany. Member for a few days, Heritage addicted for decades. Dissapointed of the quality of the "original" in the 80ies I have played some Heritage back then. Went on playing vintage stuff for quite a while just to find out that the "golden days" are pure fantasy. Surely they made fine guitars back then but many aren't as half as fine as the vintage gurus promised. In 2000 I found a new Murphy Gold Top which was "better" than all my vintage gear. It seems they can build guitars as they used to! I stumbled across a 1994 H150 some months ago which reminds me of the quality provided by 225 Parsons Street which I was unable to find at Big G's Custom Shop and their tons of "limited" guitars output! Some other nice Heritage dropped in - no famous artist's name on the headstock, no fancy COA, no fairy tales about "this year is more VOS than last year" Just perfectly good guitars - what more do I expect from an instrument and its builder!? plus a nice HOC home here - what a package this is !!! Thank you and kind regards Heinz
  9. H157 VWB looks like this this
  10. Have a good time in Germany!! In the meantime the PU question is answered since Seth Lovers are factory installed and mentioned on the control cavity cover therefore. Have a nice weekend kind regards Heinz
  11. Hurry up, The Fest will start next week 🙂
  12. It's raining, it's dark outside - autumn is coming ....and while I'm waiting for my 157 my 150 CC has landed! Now I know what sunburst means ...
  13. This is true - but I had to order my H157 in Vintage Wine Burst - since Pilsner Burst was not available ...
  14. maybe You will have some extra time to visit Vintage Guitar there ?
  15. Thank you for your thoughts about pickups - and now I'm waiting for this beauty... maybe I'll like Seth Lover pickups this time? If not - happiness is only a soldering iron away regards rob
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