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  1. Not every guitar was perfect, but most were very very good. I refuse to say any year was better than any year and compare guitars each to their own. I will put my 2007 555 Custom up against any Heritage being produced now for fit, finish, playability, weight, looks, woods, and tone.
  2. Kuz


    I had a '64 335 and the finish checking was exactly like this Core 150. Thin, tiny lacquer checking completely all over the guitar but no dings in the wood. I got a good price for it when I sold it 12-15 years ago.... but it is one of a couple guitars I wish I never sold.
  3. Kuz


    I'll make this quick and to the point.... that is the finest 150 I have ever seen. The color, the contour of the fade, and the finish checking (but not through the wood) aging... It is just perfect. Period.
  4. I agree raising the pickups can adjust the tone…. But when they are compared acoustically (the closest true apples to apples comparison) I hear the same thing; the Core is quieter, less sustain, darker & more compressed, and less open. Again, this is only ONE Core vs only ONE R9. If they picked a different Core or a different R9 the results may have been completely different.
  5. Well, unfortunately (to my ears), this Core 150 didn’t hold up very well to the R9. The R9 rang out more acoustically and was more open & musical through the amp. The Core 150 (to me) sounded compressed and congested…. It had the proverbial blanket over top it. YMMV
  6. I texted with Rob recently a couple days ago and he wants to post a continuing review of his new Core. But he also said he has had an exhausting week with some pressing deadlines so be patient for his full review, knowing Rob….. it will be worth the wait.
  7. Well I guess the mystery on how the guitar arrived is “case closed”. Nice description, Rob!
  8. Also the adjustment screws are toward the tailpiece, like they are on a Nashville.
  9. Thanks to you Daniel, I have Faber locking ABR-1 bridges on all my Stop-tail guitars. On Rob's Core 150 the bridge looks wider than an ABR, more the width of a Nashville bridge. At least that is how it looks to my eyes.
  10. Headstock, some of the Hog back, and top of the case please.... now that you know how to post photos.... LOL Also, do you have any thoughts on a poker chip and the metal pointer markers under the knobs to round out the vintage vibe?
  11. I have minty new guitars that I have played/gigged for years and babied. And I have new relic'd guitars that I have played/giged for years. I now prefer relic'd guitars. Why? Because I am not afraid to take out relic'd guitars to gigs/jams with without fear of a ding happening. AND I feel relic'd guitars feel better, lighter, and have less finish so they sound better. The BEST argument I heard for relic'd guitars was this comment; "Everyone talks about true, honest, player-wear on vintage guitars. So people like the played-in wear on vintage guitars. BUT if they think about it, it wasn't THEIR played-in wear, it was someone else's. So what is the difference in buying a vintage guitar with someone else relic'ing it or a new guitar that someone else relic'd from the luthier/factory?" In the end, that wear wasn't YOUR honest wear on either accounts.
  12. Kuz

    The year ends....

    Mark, it is great when the chemistry of the band comes together and it looks like you are finally there! I love all my guitars and currently don't have any PRS guitars. But I can tell you that from my experience PRS guitars are the most versatile guitars out there. Get a PRS with a Trem and they can sound close to a LP & SG, and the coil tapping is surprisingly good for Strat & Tele tones. If I could only have one guitar for a gig, a Trem equipped PRS with coil tapping would be the one. I will eventually get another PRS DGT, but I have two kids with college expenses right around the corner. And don't let anyone tell you that Guitar -->input cord ---> amp is the only way to play. NO professional plays this way. Clubs don't allow you to play loud enough anymore for amp only distortion. Even Robben Ford uses a zen drive to goose his $50K Dumble. You aren't less of a guitarist if you use pedals. Your tone doesn't suck if you use pedals. Hello, David Gilmore forever has used a clean amp and pedals for his OD/Dist and no complains of his tone. EVERYONE use pedals. One question; How long are you banned from driving? That really stinks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
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