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  1. As far as I know, only the prototype Harmony guitars have been made. At PSP last year, several HOC members that attended the tour said no Harmony guitars were made yet. The Gibson Custom Shop guy (his name is escaping me) was to only be in charge of getting the Harmony line up and running. Yea, I guess things change....
  2. I ordered my Custom 555 (Pre-Plaza) with a 1.75" nut width and it is exactly 1.75". If yours is not the width you ordered it, I would return it. But that is just me. My charge was maybe $100 for the wider nut in 2008. To charge you a $1500 upcharge for a wider nut is laughable and yet another reason I have for not buying another Heritage or any need to go back there. Bottom line is.... times have changed. Only my opinion, your opinion may vary. I am sure their new guitars are great but so are my Pre-Plaza honeys.
  3. Kuz

    The year ends....

    Mark, it is great when the chemistry of the band comes together and it looks like you are finally there! I love all my guitars and currently don't have any PRS guitars. But I can tell you that from my experience PRS guitars are the most versatile guitars out there. Get a PRS with a Trem and they can sound close to a LP & SG, and the coil tapping is surprisingly good for Strat & Tele tones. If I could only have one guitar for a gig, a Trem equipped PRS with coil tapping would be the one. I will eventually get another PRS DGT, but I have two kids with college expenses right around the corner. And don't let anyone tell you that Guitar -->input cord ---> amp is the only way to play. NO professional plays this way. Clubs don't allow you to play loud enough anymore for amp only distortion. Even Robben Ford uses a zen drive to goose his $50K Dumble. You aren't less of a guitarist if you use pedals. Your tone doesn't suck if you use pedals. Hello, David Gilmore forever has used a clean amp and pedals for his OD/Dist and no complains of his tone. EVERYONE use pedals. One question; How long are you banned from driving? That really stinks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
  4. I use a 6 switch pedal looper box I bought from Brent years ago. All of my OD pedal go to the looper box then out to my univibe pedal and then to delay pedal. The beauty of the looper pedal box is that the OD pedals are always on and they aren't activated until I select them on the looper box. Also I have them in order so I can stack them for increased gain/boost. The pedals are spread all over the board, but only thing I need to stomp on is the looper box. I love it and couldn't play with out it. I will eventually buy a Boss ES-8 which is an assignable looper pedal box for 8 pedals. You can make patches and banks for exactly which pedals you want on and in which ORDER you want them in the chain. So YES it is exactly like a multieffects unit but you can use your analog pedals (pedals that sound great and don't suck like multi-effects) and trade on & off the board which pedals you want to use (you aren't limited by the sounds that are inherited in the multi-effects box). check this out, brilliant!!!
  5. Kuz

    New terms

    To me it is just a way to define the time the guitar was built, the workers that built it, and the corporate ethos. They are three distinct times of Heritages' business, all with their own distinctions from guitar making to labor force to business models.
  6. Kenny Burrell might have something to say about that.... many regard him as one of the top jazz guitarist of all time ever. BUT Roy Clark is a monster multiple instrumentalist and guitarist that is good as anybody ever as well in his genre.
  7. Kuz

    H150 Stop Bar

    I don' think they do have a trem option on the McCarty 594. PRS has other guitars that do, but it would have to be a Private Stock option to get a trem on the 594.
  8. Kuz

    H150 Stop Bar

    I played a couple of these not too long ago and they are great guitars. In the end, I decide on a Collings City Limits GT because I think the Collings City Limits sound more like vintage-burst tone than the PRS 594s. The 594s have their own great tone and I am waiting on one to come out with a trem before I trade/sell some stiff to pull the trigger.
  9. Kuz

    H150 Stop Bar

    And I wouldn't buy that guitar either.... Strings hitting the back of the bridge even with the tail piece that high, no thanks. All my stoptails (6 guitars; 2 Heritages, 1 Gibson, 2 Collings, 1 McInturff) have Faber locking ABR-1 TOM & Stoptails. All guitars have the stoptail almost all the way down to the top and the strings don't the back of the TOM bridge. That's just my opinion, and I like my guitars set up that way. I have he flexibility to raise the stoptail or top wrap if I want to. But I am not FORCED to top wrap because of a bad neck angle.
  10. Potential scam alert. I visited the Luxuriant Sedans website today. I ordered a CD "Fourth Gear" and I spotted what I thought was a great deal.... NOPE.... total bait & switch. I found out that for $18 you get a super cool T-shirt BUT THE R4 CUSTOM IS NOT INCLUDED!!!! Buyer beware... again for $18 you don't get the R4 Custom guitar, just a super cool T-shirt.
  11. Order up guys & gals, the inventory is going fast!!!!
  12. Kuz

    H150 Stop Bar

    Could this top-wrapping be due to fact that a higher action is needed for slide? When you raise the ABR high enough the strings will hit the back of the ABR bridge. This leaves two options; raise the stoptail or top-wrap & you can keep the stoptail lower (almost decked as the photos show). If this is correct, I am not 100% sure this why he top-wrapped but I think many will think it is at least a plausible reason, then Skydog wanted his stoptail lower (almost decked) and not protruding out so high up above the body like the OP's guitar was shown to be.
  13. Not trying to argue semantics, but I would say that Harmony & Heritage are owned by the same company, Bandlab, but are different divisions within Bandlab. Epiphone was/is owned by Gibson, but a different division of Gibson. At least Epiphone was produced in a different factory from Gibson guitars (even a different country). Heritage & Harmony guitars will/are produced in the same factory. Again, just trying to clarify to those that don't know the whole situation.
  14. Richard, I don't understand this statement. Harmony & Heritage are owned by the same company Bandlab Corp (Meng) and at NAMM they were introduced together. The former head of Gibson Custom shop was hired to get Harmony off and running at 225 Parsons St. Where did you hear that Harmony is not made in the same building as Heritage guitars?
  15. Kuz

    H150 Stop Bar

    I would add Collings guitars (and their LP style model, the “City Limits”) to guitars produced with the highest tolerances and unparalleled customer service.
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