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  1. While I do see a small resemblance in the style, I have to adamantly disagree about a better voice. Sean's voice was better. And the playing between the two are very different. In that tonight show clip, (just my opinion) was some fretboard gymnastics that didn't provide (for me) a melodic solo. Sean's vocals would have howled in pain & anguish and his solo would have had a less notes but would have still alternated in & out of pentatonic and modal scales, crafting a melodic soulful gem. PLEASE don't take this the wrong way. I am not dumping on you or Marcus. I am just seei
  2. It also looks like the saddles are cut a bit low (over-cut where the strings sit) as well. Maybe buying some new saddles (or even buying higher saddles than what normally comes with this bridge, would help) and re-cutting them less could help. FWIW, all the Heritages I have owned I changed to Faber bridges & stoptails. Everyone (including the many I have sold) had correct neck angles and the strings cleared bridges and the locking aluminum stoptails could be cranked down to the body. This guitar is a perfect example of why I (personally) won't buy a guitar that is top wrapped.
  3. I have been told by several Luthiers that 60 cycle hum can't really be shielded. It is not a ground hum, it is coming from the pickups. They really thought shielding for 60 cycle home was basically useless. Then again, I have bought boutique guitars from luthiers with foil shielding and shielding paint. Again, since the hum is not an issue for me, I don't know if the shielding made any difference.
  4. This, This, This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have played P-90s for years and years, never had an unmanageable issue. Turn the guitar's volume to zero between songs. When the band kicks in, nobody is going to hear the hum. Are you using overdrive?.... Nobody is going to hear the hum. I have used P-90s in Praise Bands (read; quiet & intimate setting) and never had a problem with hum. I have recorded countless times at home with a modest home recording studio, no noise gates, no hum issues. Mega, Mega, Successful artists have used single coil guitars to perform & record with
  5. Definitely! http://www.feelnumb.com/2009/10/22/pete-townshends-numbered-les-paul-guitars-1-9/#
  6. I am not sure he ever recorded with the LP Deluxes, but he performed on stage with them and they looked righteous around his neck!
  7. I don't want to start this debate again, but...... -I have owned over 14 Heritage guitars, all before 2010. -I have played many of the newer ownership Heritage guitars made since 2016. -I am not going to tell you which are better, because I certainly can't tell. Each guitar is unique to it's self. But I will give this advice... If you listen to many here that have NEVER played a newer ownership Heritage but claim the quality control is universally better than pre-2016 Heritages.... you are doing yourself a disservice. Judge each Heritage on it's own merit and let your
  8. That's why I kind of changed it to a more accurate name, "Bebroke".... It cost me a total upcharge of $75/guitar back in 2007 & 2008 to order my Custom Heritages.
  9. I know Pete TOWNSHEND recorded and performed more with Gretsch 6120 (all of Who's next), SGs, and over the last 30 years Strats. But I still associate him most playing those numbered LP Deluxe guitars. I thought he looked bad ass with those around his neck, and he beat the loving sh*t out of them!
  10. I am glad I got my Custom Shop Heritages before the "Bebroke Program" started. And they are light weight, resonate, and perfect!
  11. You should consult your "best friend" then.... just saying.....
  12. So your guitar doesn't exhibit neck-dive, but you don't know what neck-dive is??? Will, sometimes you make laugh at your "Will quotes/thoughts".
  13. I spoke with (Steve, maybe?) years ago when I had my Rambler and he confirmed it was based off a Blackface Deluxe Reverb, definitely American voicing, not Marshall voiced.
  14. Personally, I love Gold Tops because you can choose a guitar based on it's sonic tone. Like the Good Doctor said, Gold Tops say elegance & class. You can play 4 or 5 Gold Tops and they all look the same. You aren't second guessing which has a better flamed top, you are only listening for which one sounds best. Personally, my favorite opaque colors are Gold, Sea Foam Green, Surf Green, Lake Placid Blue and Shell Pink. No Red or Black for me, thank you.
  15. Nope. But times have changed.
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