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  1. Nope. I said that if Heritage was forcing Custom Shop prices for a 137 that for that amount of money I (personally) would consider a similarly priced Collings 290. This was based on the increased price of a CS Heritage 137. I said it was a bad decision for Heritage to force Cust Shop prices for the 137 model. I never said one was better than the other, even though I have played both models (where I doubt most here have). -I never said a "Collings 290 is "hands down got to be a better guitar". Josh said; "You'd love it John. While I cannot compare it to a Collins, it is really well made and sounds fantastic." So I don't know why the daggers are getting thrown at Collings Guitars and me. I have done nothing but been excited about this build for those that bought one. I even mentioned that I wished I had $1800 to buy one but didn't have the money right now. So GREG please show me where I started a comparison of Collings Guitars & Heritage Guitars other than the CS-priced 137 & Collings 290 will be priced similarly now.
  2. I'm sure it sounds amazing Josh. But why all the comparisons to Collings or any other company? Why can't it just be great all on it's own without subjective comparisons? I certainly never said anything to insist that my Collings are better than any other Heritage guitar, but now the Collings haters are coming out. I am going to leave this thread, enjoy your amazing 137!
  3. Your BS meter just went off again, Will. When did you play my Collings City Limits P-90 or ANY Collings CL or 290 to compare it to a Heritage 137 you just got? I would never claim one guitar is better than another without comparing them side by side. My guess is you have spent maybe too much time isolated at the gate....
  4. A lot of us regret not having $1800. Sometimes it's not just a matter of choosing to get a guitar.... (especially since I got the J-45 earlier this year)...
  5. Congrats Josh!! I am so glad that it met your expectations!
  6. OK, so I did forget about the 575. So the only Heritage production models are; 150, 535, 575, and the Eagle Classic?
  7. This all speculation as to why. But again here are my final thoughts. -This is a mahogany slab guitar, Heritage doesn’t have an easier guitar to make. Get a hunk of mahogany, cut the body shape, fill the grain (like they do on all of their mahogany guitars), put on a neck, paint it, add hardware and done. -Why remove it from the core line at all? It has to be one of their best profit margin guitars based on less resources needed to build and less labor. -Why not just wait for an order from a dealer and then make the 137? That’s what they did for years before. Wait for an order and make the guitar. I realize they would like to produce a “run”’ of them vs one at a time, but considering profit margin, ease of build, quicker turnaround.... it’s not like I am saying build Heritage Eagles or Super Eagles Archtops as one offs. That would take forever. Bottom line, I still don’t get it unless they are trying to force the buyers’ hands to custom priced guitars with a model that is the easiest to produce. Sounds like an assembly line Business model of only producing a few core guitar models. What are Heritage production guitar models now? 150, 535, and the Eagle Classic..... is that it?
  8. The easiest guitar for Heritage (not Harmony) to produce and they discontinue it from their core line to Custom Shop only??!!! It's a slab body guitar? They are easy and fast to make. Excuse me, IMHO this is STUPID decision. What is Heritage's business plan for their core line? Seem's like their plan is to force people to shop for different brands. For that kind of Heritage CS money I would be buying a Collings 290.
  9. No way to get around that, it's a jigsaw puzzle to fit them all on your board.
  10. I had a couple previous amps that had effects loops. I know which pedals to send and all the supposed positives of using the effects loop. I always hated the volume drop and especially how they changed the tone of my amp. So when I had effects loop amps, I never used them.... everything straight in the front. If the Edge can run all his effects into the front of his Voxes, and Fender Tweed Deluxes, I am not why effects-loop-tone-suckers are necessary. Now my four vintage Fenders and my Headstrong Lil’ King don’t have effects loops.... and I love that. I doubt I will ever buy another amp again. If it can’t be done with this haul of amps and my pedals going in the front, then for me it should not be done. Oh, I forgot to answer your question... hell NO.
  11. If I were getting one, I would put on an aftermarket LP Special pickguard. Other than the pickguard (and maybe Throbak P-90s) that’s exactly how I would have spec’d one out. Congrats Josh, it looks amazing.
  12. And a great job you did designing it!
  13. I hope you didn't misunderstand my previous post Josh. If I was in the market for a 137/LP Special, then I think you nailed what I would have ordered with a few minor exceptions ( I would have ordered Throbak P90s, an ABR bridge and Aluminium tailpiece, and a LP Special Pickguard that I probably would have to install myself). I guess I just didn't understand why a custom ordered 137 guitar would be $3000. Heritage must really have changed there custom order policy. A custom order used to be a $75 charge plus what your custom appointments would cost (usually only a few hundred dollars more). I have two Custom order Heritages (my 555 Custom and my 535 Custom P90) and they were only about $300-350 over the standard prices at the time. The only custom change from this HOC 137 vs a production 137 that would require extra work would be; the soapbar routing vs the dogear standard routing and the bound fretboard. And don't get me wrong these are HUGE improvements that I would want on a 137/LP Special. In the old Heritage regime, they would credit you $150 if you supplied your own pickups, I am not sure if they would do that anymore. I have bought quality "Thumb Bleeders" on line for around $15 for four of them and installed them on all my Heritage/Gibby styled guitars. The truss rod cover can't be that expensive but they do have to order/program the engraving. Tuners are around $60. The mojo gigbag is a MAJOR buying point as they can run around $200. There is no doubt this HOC 137 is a great deal!! So I guess the question I had was; Heritage is charging approximate $3000 for a custom order 137(about $1100 more than the standard 137) just for soapbar routing and a bound fretboard? (also for what it's worth, I could get that CS Gibby LP Special that you posted the retail price of $3799 for a street value of at or below $3K including affirm financing ). I am jealous of those that are getting one of these Custom HOC 137s, I hope everyone plays them in good health! I want to see a lot of pics when they are finished!!!!
  14. Josh, I have seen you quote this "$3000 after PSP" before, and I am not trying to upset you but I am confused. Sweetwater has a Heritage 137 for $1899 and every other Heritage is below $3K except a few 575s. Other than the soapbar vs dog ear P-90s and bound headstock, what is causing the the price of this HOC spec'd 137 to be $3K after October? That's more expensive than a tricked out 150. Not trying to be decisive, just trying to understand.
  15. My homeowners claim covers if my expensive carbon fiber road bike falls and cracks. My policy covers if my bike fails off my trunk rack. I assume it fell off the guitar rack. Maybe everyone's policy is different.
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