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  1. I REALLY like my HRW in my Golden Eagle, but don't like them in Semis or Solid-bodies. But in Hollow-bodies there is some real magic!
  2. Well, it would have to be a Nashville TOM or an ABR conversion that sits on Nashville spaced posts. I think more people complain about the schaller tailpiece than the bridge. Personally, I wouldn't change the Schaller bridge on this guitar. If you play fingerstyle the Schaller bridge is great because you can adjust the string spacing very easy. As far as the pickups, many jazzers really like schaller pickups because they are darker sounding which is perfect for jazz. My advice.... play it for a couple months and then maybe consider a pickup swap based on what tone you are after
  3. If your Throbaks are SLE-101s they are A2s unless you special ordered other wise. The SLE-101 Plus are A5s.
  4. That's it. I knew there was two different voicings of some kind. Enjoy!
  5. I remember the hype when those came out. A slightly hotter version of the original and reviewers said they sounded great. Isn't there a pull knob on the volume to make it a "hotter" and then push in for a "normal" (not as in the "normal channel" input, but as in "regular" unaltered '68 Deluxe Reverb channel)?
  6. That's my point Paul, that Heritage guitars need an artificial aging agent to look anything like "finish checked". By natural forces, Heritage guitars don't do that.
  7. I do have a highend expensive CP Thornton Improv where the nitro finish has checked all over the top just by sitting in it's case downstairs. The guitar is probably 7-8 years old. This is a FINISHED downstairs and it is slightly colder (maybe 5-7 degrees or so) than the rest of the house, and this guitar has checking all across the top. The rest of my guitars downstairs in their cases look like new (except for the factory "reli'd" ones). So I feel it is the finish that matters. Not just nitro or lacquer, but what type of nitro or lacquer finish. But I agree with you Rich, fini
  8. People get so wrapped up over the price of other guitars when comparing to Heritages. I have two Collings City Limits. Both are Gold Tops. One has Lollar P90s and is (IMHO) a better guitar than a Heritage P90 150 GT that I had (The Collings is lighter, more resonate, clearer, with more sustain). So I sold the Heritage 150 GT P90. The other Collings City Limits GT came with Throbaks and is "aged" (not relic'd) with a finish showing finish checking. It was superior to a Terry McInturff Carolina Custon I had, so I sold the McInturff. Price is irrelevant to me (If I am able to affor
  9. Kuz

    The year ends....

    Mark, it is great when the chemistry of the band comes together and it looks like you are finally there! I love all my guitars and currently don't have any PRS guitars. But I can tell you that from my experience PRS guitars are the most versatile guitars out there. Get a PRS with a Trem and they can sound close to a LP & SG, and the coil tapping is surprisingly good for Strat & Tele tones. If I could only have one guitar for a gig, a Trem equipped PRS with coil tapping would be the one. I will eventually get another PRS DGT, but I have two kids with college expenses right around t
  10. New 100% Unconditional Plaza Corp/Bandlab Don't Any Questions Supporter 

  11. That's a shame Mark, but you showed a lot of patience. Time to move ahead with a new guitarist. Life is too short not to enjoy yourself playing out at gigs!
  12. Mark, it is always good to feel vindicated. And why is it that the truth always comes around after the fact? I am glad the band is still together and hope your drummer is up and running (or at least up and walking) soon! Yea, turning on the footswitch for the lights helps. Lately, I learned that plugging the input cord from my pedal board to my amp helps make my guitar sound louder!!!! Ha, ha
  13. Kuz

    Moving forward

    Mark, I am really glad you were able to solve this issue in a civilized manor. I know many here on the HOC were advising you to fire him, but maybe now the message came through loud in clear. It's my experience that she will go through cycles of good & bad behavior, so I would be prepared that the "bad" wife may come back. Hopefully, another quick talk to the husband will get her back on track if needed. Bottom line, it's like rebooting your iPad or computer....you don't have to reboot that often but it fixes the problem quickly until the next glitch & reboot. Again, I commend
  14. Yes, your patience is something I envy. I probably would have been more direct and made the situation worse. But the "playing" members of the band should all have an equal vote on band matters (not wives or girlfriends). It is really petty and selfish of the band member (with the wife) to back out of a gig when he agreed to do it. If the band says "yes" that should be the end of it. I can also speak from experience, that there are no amiable separations from a band. Leaving members will hold a grudge and say, "Let's keep in touch" but like when your girlfriend breaks up with you and sa
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