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  1. I owned a blonde 1966 (I think) Ric 330 6 sting, dot inlays, back in the mid-90s. It had a thinner neck, yes, but it played gloriously. It was dead mint and sounded fantastic. Everyone that played it commented on how great the neck was and how well it played and sounded. Like an IDIOT, I traded it for a guitar I don't even remember because I thought I wanted to be a blues guitarist. That guitar still haunts me and is only one of maybe 2 or 3 guitars I regret letting go.
  2. Yes, 20% off all Faber Hardware.
  3. I have used Faber ABRNs and locking stoptail studs on 8-10 guitars in the past. TO ME, sustain is dramatically increased because everything is locked down with because of no energy loss through loose hardware. The biggest tonal difference I have noticed is when I replaced the stoptails on my other older Heritage guitars to aluminum stoptails with the Faber locking stoptail studs. It really opened up the guitars,,, a lot!!! The Custom Core guitars use aluminum stoptails already so I didn't have to replace it. I think the Custom Cores are voiced a little more open and clearer. Not necessarily brighter but more uncongested, more like that "a good Tele on steroids" tone. So the Faber ABRN and locking stoptail studs just added a little more sustain, looks better, and no strings hitting the back of the bridge with the stoptail close to the body. If the pinnacle bridge looked and had the dimensions of an ABR-1 (or the Faber ABRN) instead of the look and dimensions of a Nashiville bridge, I would have kept it on my CC. The pinnacle is nice and light, which I liked. But I hate the look of the large, wide, and clunky Nashvile bridges and then having to deal with the strings hitting the back of the Nashville bridge going to the stoptail. I have tried all the different types of hardware (Gotoh, Tonepros, Pinnacle, Callaham, and Faber) and Faber is unquestionably the best. IMHO, YMMV.
  4. You can use a faber drop in ABR-1, but you will have to use the original factory thumb screws because of the unusual post diameter traditional thumb wheels won't thread on. I used the orginal factory bridge posts, thumb wheels, and the bridge post top locking nuts along with the ABRN and it works great.
  5. The pinnacle bridge is fine and a step up from the regular Nashville bridge Heritage uses. Except it is just as wide as a Nashville bridge and if you like the stoptail piece studs low to the body, the strings will still hit the back of the bridge exiting to the stoptail. This is why I went with the Tone Lock Faber bridge because it looks like an ABR-1 and has the same dimensions so the strings don't hit the back of the bridge. Of course if you top-wrap the strings over the stoptail this is not an issue, I just don't like top-wrapping.
  6. I was referring to the Tone-Lock and the different diameter bridge post threads are unique and proprietary to only the Custom Core's Pinnacle bridge. The Custom Core has a proprietary unique bridge with a unique bridge post diameter. The Faber hardware will fit no problem on any other Heritage model. It is the only the CC that has different/unique diameter bridge posts. I converted ALL my Heritages from the Nashville bridges to Tone-Lock Faber bridges and locking stoptail studs. Here is the link: https://faberusa.com/product-category/faber-bridges/faber-tone-lock-bridge/gibson-heritage/nashville-heritage/ PM me is you have any questions.
  7. It will work, but it will change the tone. Kind of like switching from big and full A2 magnets in a humbucker to lower output, more focus and less harmonic A3 magnets.
  8. Actually that is only partly true. The ABRN will drop on the factory bridge posts, but the diameter of the posts are NOT 4mm. You can use the ABRN faber locking bridge but you can ONLY use the locking Pinnacle bridge screws that came with the original bridge. It will fit the Faber. My point, don't lose the locking screws that came from the factory on the pinnacle bridge posts because the bridge posts diameters are unique to only the pinnacle bridge, you can't use the Faber locking screws because they won't thread on the factory bridge posts. Either way, I used the factory posts and pinnacle locking post screws with the Faber ABRN bridge and it works just fine.
  9. I found it knocked the overall volume down a lot, so I had to turn it up considerably. So I guess turning up the volume offset the 30% less gain stack so what was the point? But it may work for you. I exclusively use pedals for my OD so maybe the At7 will work if you are using the amp's break up.
  10. I tried the 12Ax7 to 12At7 swap before and hated it. It total changed the tone of the amp from a 3D harmonic rich tone to an anemic flat tone. Yes, the gain structure will be lowered but your tone will be lowered too.... IMHO, YMMV.
  11. Brent, just curious if the aged tuners work on this CC? Yoslate and I, both had to replace our aged tuners because a couple of them were stripped. I am curious if this is an aging issue or just poor quality tuners.
  12. Nice job, Brent! Way to put yourself out there and go for it! I would have done the same thing you did on the solo of "My Sharona". Just do my own impromptu solo over the song and don't even attempt to play the recorded iconic solo note for note. It is one of the most melodic and among the greatest rock solos ever recorded. I think this is why more bands don't cover this song, because they don't even want to attempt that recorded solo.
  13. Here's how.... Grover Nickel Tuners = 9.9oz Grover locking tuners 10.4oz Kluson Deluxe = under 5oz So you save approximately 5oz. Put an extra 5oz on the headstock of a guitar with a light, hollow body and see what happens.
  14. Well, skim reading gets me again.... Sorry I missed the part about Marv being in the hospital. Thoughts and Prayers to Marv as well. Marv still remembers a crazy story that happened at Parsons St where he helped sneak me out the back door..... a story for another time best told live at the plant.
  15. https://www.amazon.com/Gotoh-Large-Schaller-Type-Knob-Tuners/dp/B00EB121KG/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=gotoh+sg381&qid=1672957044&sr=8-2 A direct drop in and problem solved. What I did.... https://faberusa.com/product/3000-0-faber-tone-lock-inch-gloss-nickel/ Don't use that tonepro crap. The Faber locking stoptail posts will work with your current alluminium stoptail piece on your CC. What I did....
  16. If neck dive does become an issue, switching the heavy grover tuners to Kluson deluxe tuners can save a lot of weight on the headstock/neck. I have done it before myself!
  17. Oh, my Bill is a Heritage icon. Thoughts and prayers coming his way!
  18. I know that the nitro finish that companies/luthiers us can widely vary in composition. Some companies/luthiers claim to have nitro finish that is more resistant to weather checking and color fading than others. Some companies/luthiers say they use a thinner nitro finish and it is less resistant to checking. Other companies/luthiers embrace the fact their guitars' finish will check because it is the "authentic nitro finish". I have owned quite a few guitars from many different companies/luthiers. Their nitro finishes all feel, and even look, a little different. While Heritages' nitro finish will check some over time and in extreme situations, my experience is that Heritages' nitro is more robust than others' nitro finishes. I have only had very small defined checking on my Heritages around the hardware if it happens at all. Many owners here have had their Heritages for 20-30yrs and not exhibited any checking.... maybe we just take better care of our Heritage guitars than our other guitars??!!! As far as Custom Cores, mine is artisian aged so obviously it is checked. I don't know if Heritage uses a different nitro for CC or for artisian aged models.
  19. The Golden Eagle I just sold, does indeed, have a 1 3/4" nut and is best archtop I have ever owned or played. I just don't (well, never really did too seriously) the jazz thing anymore. And Mark, I think you are correct on your initial assessment; you weren't expecting it to be bigger, so it didn't seem bigger. I also recently sold my Custom 555 with a 1 3/4" nut width. The new owner said 1 3/4" nut is an absolute for him. I could never really notice any appreciable difference compared to 1 11/16". What I can somewhat notice fairly quickly is string spacing on acoustic guitars when playing fingerstyle. I have two OM acoustics and when I play the one with larger string spacing, it does feel slightly easier & more comfortable to play fingerstyle on. I know which OM has the larger string spacing so I am predetermined to play more accurate on that one.....
  20. Vintage amps??? Come on, me, no never..... SO overrated.... So if you have any that you want to sell cheap, let me know.... because they are SO overrated....
  21. Yep. As I recall he played with 11 gauged strings and a thin pick. Goes to show that the tone really is in the fingers!
  22. That T-shirt is very plain... not creative or inspiring. Just my opinion....
  23. You can get production 150s with the artisan aged finished. Artisan aged finish is not exclusive to only the Custom Core model.
  24. I never top wrap my strings but here are a couple of good reasons to consider it, if top wrapping is your thing... 1) If, like Bonamassa, you want to use heavier strings (in his case 11-52s) the top wrapping decreases the break angle over the bridge and lengthens the string thus decreasing the overall string tension. So in JB's case, 11s feel like 10.5-10 ish gauge. If you use a lower gauges like 9s and top wrap, I have heard that because of the less break angle and less tension the strings can pop off the saddles when bending like the issue on Fender Jazzmasters & Jaguars which were intended for heavier strings back in the 50s. 2) If the neck angle of your guitar is way off and you can't get the strings to pass to the stoptail without hitting the back of the tuneamatic bridge and don't want to raise the stoptail WAY off the top of the guitar to compensate. Personally, I hate having the stoptail more than a millimeter or two off the top of the body so I just use Faber locking ABR-1 bridges and locking stoptails.... problem solved. Wildcard: I have heard very conflicting and subjective opinions on a tonal difference of top wrapping making guitars sound thicker and beefier... this is up for you to decide. So Duane playing a lot of slide guitar wouldn't have the strings popping off the saddles, and Billy G used heavier strings (before BB King set him straight) and probably liked the slinkier feel of top wrapping. YMMV
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