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  1. Ron, I am truly sorry to here the passing on of your good friend. You have my prayers for you, as well as his family for; comfort, emotional healing, and peace. May you never forget all the great times you shared!
  2. Doyle Bramhall II, he is a MONSTER player and has played his 535 for 12-15 years with Clapton.
  3. About 5 years ago, we had an upscale "Play It Again" music store (basically a very high end pawn shop with vintage and used custom shop stuff). They had three MKIICs all for around $1,600-1,800. I was really interested in their higher gain sounds.... until I tried to lift one off the ground. HEAVY combo amps!!!!!!!!
  4. Like I said, I used Faber Hardware on my Artisian Custom Core, both the locking ABR-1 Bridge and the locking Stoptail posts. The first picture is the original Core hardware (where I couldn't lower the tailpiece that WAY above the body because the strings were hitting the Nashville bridge). The second & third pictures are with the Faber Hardware (HUGE improvement in my opinion).
  5. Amen!!! Faber is the way to go, forget the Tone Pro stuff. With Faber hardware no more losing or stripping those tiny allen screws like Tone Pros uses. Get the Faber locking Tailpiece posts and use the Aluminium Stoptail that came with your Custom Core. That's what I did.
  6. My nomination for post of the year.
  7. Yes they are. Thanks
  8. From owning 11 or so Heritages down to these 4 keepers...11
  9. In my humble opinion, I don't understand this logic. If a Custom Core was a master oil painting bought as an investment and I hated the frame it came with, then NO I wouldn't change the painting to a new frame to retain the overall value. But a Custom Core shouldn't be bought as an investment. It won't appreciate. It is a guitar, a sonic tool to be played. The Custom Core that I bought had 3 stripped tuners (I know of at least two other CC owners that have had stripped/poor functioning tuners and the dealer I bought mine from said they have had to replace many stripped tuners). I bought drop-in replacement Gotoh tuners that work perfectly. Should I had kept the stripped tuners in the CC to maintain the originality and keeping it unplayable? I also upgrade the volume & tone pots to RS Guitar works super pots. Now my volume & tone pots have a completely useable sweep from 10-1 on the dials. This is a major upgrade to me. I won't even get into the other issues with how the TOM bridge & Stoptail were dysfunctionally installed... but suffice to say I had to use Faber hardware to fix the issues. And yes, I installed Schaller strap locks too. I called Heritage to report the CC QC issues and asked if I could BUY a set of the 225 Parsons pickups before they were potted. Heritage did say that they do the potting in house but despite asking (begging) three times on the call, they refused to sell me unpotted 225 pups. They said in a year or so they may be available with different options. Bottom line is, now that I have fixed the unusable tuners and TOM & stoptail issues my CC became a very, very good guitar. Later after I added the RS Guitarworks upgraded pots it is now an astounding guitar. No one that would have played my CC before and then my CC after upgrades would say the changes I made by "fiddling with it" made the CC worse or devalued the guitar. By the way, amazingly the Schaller straplocks had no effect on the tone!
  10. This post is useless without sound clips!!!!! LOL Just kidding, but I really would like to hear those two together!
  11. Not all the new ones are better for quality control.... IMHO, still the best deals are the 2009-2018s, look for one with a good weight, and then mod them for the hardware, pickups, ect, that you want.
  12. Kuz

    The year ends....

    Mark, it is great when the chemistry of the band comes together and it looks like you are finally there! I love all my guitars and currently don't have any PRS guitars. But I can tell you that from my experience PRS guitars are the most versatile guitars out there. Get a PRS with a Trem and they can sound close to a LP & SG, and the coil tapping is surprisingly good for Strat & Tele tones. If I could only have one guitar for a gig, a Trem equipped PRS with coil tapping would be the one. I will eventually get another PRS DGT, but I have two kids with college expenses right around the corner. And don't let anyone tell you that Guitar -->input cord ---> amp is the only way to play. NO professional plays this way. Clubs don't allow you to play loud enough anymore for amp only distortion. Even Robben Ford uses a zen drive to goose his $50K Dumble. You aren't less of a guitarist if you use pedals. Your tone doesn't suck if you use pedals. Hello, David Gilmore forever has used a clean amp and pedals for his OD/Dist and no complains of his tone. EVERYONE use pedals. One question; How long are you banned from driving? That really stinks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
  13. New 100% Unconditional Plaza Corp/Bandlab Don't Any Questions Supporter 

  14. That's a shame Mark, but you showed a lot of patience. Time to move ahead with a new guitarist. Life is too short not to enjoy yourself playing out at gigs!
  15. Mark, it is always good to feel vindicated. And why is it that the truth always comes around after the fact? I am glad the band is still together and hope your drummer is up and running (or at least up and walking) soon! Yea, turning on the footswitch for the lights helps. Lately, I learned that plugging the input cord from my pedal board to my amp helps make my guitar sound louder!!!! Ha, ha
  16. Kuz

    Moving forward

    Mark, I am really glad you were able to solve this issue in a civilized manor. I know many here on the HOC were advising you to fire him, but maybe now the message came through loud in clear. It's my experience that she will go through cycles of good & bad behavior, so I would be prepared that the "bad" wife may come back. Hopefully, another quick talk to the husband will get her back on track if needed. Bottom line, it's like rebooting your iPad or computer....you don't have to reboot that often but it fixes the problem quickly until the next glitch & reboot. Again, I commend you on your patience and civil behavior especially when you did nothing wrong.
  17. Yes, your patience is something I envy. I probably would have been more direct and made the situation worse. But the "playing" members of the band should all have an equal vote on band matters (not wives or girlfriends). It is really petty and selfish of the band member (with the wife) to back out of a gig when he agreed to do it. If the band says "yes" that should be the end of it. I can also speak from experience, that there are no amiable separations from a band. Leaving members will hold a grudge and say, "Let's keep in touch" but like when your girlfriend breaks up with you and says, "Let's still be friends" both parties know you will never speak again. I guess the moral of the story is; at all costs try to work it out before leaving because it will be hard (if not impossible) to restore what you once had. FWIW, I LOVE my Gretsch Penguin. I had a couple hollowbody Gretsch guitars, but the feedback was a real problem with stage volume so I sold/traded them. I would go with a solidbody or semi-hollow for more flexibility and an actual usable guitar on stage. That Duesenberg is HOT!!!
  18. Kuz

    It's not always fun

    Mark, I feel your pain. I basically quit a some would call successful acoustic duet because it seemed I was the only one trying to find new gigs and figuring out new cover songs. My buddy had plenty of "free exposure" gigs he found and discount gigs for friends (free food & drinks), but the kids were getting older and I needed at least something in my pocket to justify being away from the family. Then when due to a medical illness I was forced to quit drinking, I didn't mind that my buddy would drink, but he started to get hammered past the point of where he could perform. The first 12 years of the acoustic duet band was great, but I would rather play at Church every Sunday then go back to gigging every weekend and do all the work for practically no money. As far as flubbing a solo, we have all done it (myself numerous times). But it is my experience most people listen more to the chords, melody & lyrics then the solo. Honestly, I doubt most people noticed. Keep on playing because, trust me, you will miss gigging in front of an audience..... I know I did. Best, John
  19. Sounds like some real good progress with the band, Mark. Congrats!!! I am playing and singing (praise leader) tomorrow. Our praise band is having a few issues with dedication and direction. I am going to offer my services for another church that is starting a contemporary worship band. My hope is to stay in both for now. Keep plugging away and get that amp checked out. It is always easier to play when you aren't thinking about your tone when you play!! Best, John
  20. Kuz

    The first gig

    It is ALWAYS harder to concentrate on playing well when you have tone/mix/monitor issues. But I am glad to hear you trudged through it and know what to concentrate on moving forward. Good luck and keep on striving for better tone and a better dynamic mix!!!
  21. Kuz

    '99 Eagle Centurion

    I want this baby SO bad! Great guitar Fred!
  22. Kuz

    Kuz's Heritage Guitars

    Of all the guitars I have owned over the last 25+ years, only Heritage consistently has "THE TONE". Gibby's are overpriced copies of the "original" Heritage Guitars. Enjoy!
  23. Kuz

    150 "Greeny"

    From the album: Kuz's Heritage Guitars

    150 "Greeny" was inspired by Peter Green's '59 Les Paul. This beauty has Throbak Peter Green pickups with the neck pickup magnets flipped just like Peter Green's original.
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