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  1. Albert is a true genius. He knows math, and GAS.
  2. Great job PK, and a good looking 150! The aluminum tailpiece should give it a bit extra weight relief. Getting it down close to 8 lbs will be easier on the shoulder for sure!
  3. The Galesburg, Michigan String Collector music store? Didn't that guy play in a band with Ren?
  4. Class of 59 Ed Roman H-150? What a top, beautiful!!
  5. Congratulations and welcome to the HOC! From what others have said after getting their CC H-150 you are going to love it. Enjoy your new beauty!
  6. Welcome to the HOC and to the retiree club. That is an exceptional guitar!
  7. Not much more to say about that group of guitars except ... Wow! Enjoy those beauties!
  8. Nice job Brent! Your skills in the repair and finishing department improve with each job you complete. Hard to believe the tech at GC did such a (blank) job in the first place. Looking forward to more pictures! Superb looking guitar by the way, that top is fantastic!
  9. Keep having fun Brent!! That's what it's all about!!
  10. Great looking guitar! Get yourself a badass style bridge to solve your intonation problem. Stewmac sells many different brands of fully adjustable wrap around bridges. Congrats on your purchase!
  11. Magic Parsons Street mojo dust?
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