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  1. I've had good luck with cedar wood chips/shavings. Take a one gallon bag and scatter them throughout the case. Leave the case closed and laying flat for about a week and then flip it over. After another week open the case and vacuum. If the smell is really strong you may need to use two bags the first time. Repeat if needed. I buy them on ebay.
  2. Wow! Beautiful finish and wood grain on that one. Enjoy!
  3. Sorry about that Brent. Proof of shipping is usually as simple as a tracking number. If providing a tracking number is a problem for the seller then it sends up red flags.
  4. That one is in great shape! Enjoy!
  5. I can click on and see them .... Beautiful!
  6. Great score there Brent! I was wondering if you would end up with that one. I believe Mark has as many guitars in stock as you do. Enjoy it's beautiful tone!
  7. Great playing and tone! The BS&T version of that song was always in my 8 track player back in the day.
  8. Very nice H-150 P90 GT!
  9. Looks like it's been well loved and played! Great find Brent!
  10. That guitar is stunningly beautiful - Glad you got your custom build back!
  11. That's a beauty! Enjoy!
  12. golferwave

    Moving forward

    Ah, to have harmony again within the ranks makes for a pleasant mental state. Congrats on the lighting to upgrade the show, well done!
  13. A friend of mine has a Tokai Love Rock and it is a stellar guitar! - Good luck with Mrs Satan, folks like that are hard to deal with. One can only hope she will change her ways.
  14. Thanks for all of your insightful posts Josh. It's a shame when things happen that make one feel the need to step away. I'll be looking forward to your return to the forum. Scott
  15. A real cool cat with a real cool guitar. Hey that axe looks familiar!
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