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  1. Needs a diamond plate pickguard to complete the look. Do you know any Judas Priest?
  2. I have a hazy recollection of inspecting the production facilities of The Boathouse and The Green Door, as well, with you three. Hazy...
  3. Live Music! Tonight! At the Vibrato Bar! Phil Latio & The Cunning Linguists with special guests The Tone Suckers! If I could remember who I sold The ToneSucker(tm) to, I'd try to get it back, even thought it has (had?) HRWs. The cat...not so much. Edit to add: A couple PSPs ago, @Jim W and @LeftyAlicia were kind enough to take me along on what I termed, "The Cavalcade of Southeast Michigan Manufacturing Tour." One of the places they stopped was the casting company, just a couple blocks from Heritage, that makes Bigsby trems. It reminded me greatly of Heritage in the Golde
  4. Mein Bruder, it is THE Heritage. There is only one, true heritage. Coincidentally, there is also only one, true The Heritage and that is the elusive H-170 with ToneSucker(tm). No wait, there are two, true The Heritage(s)...the ToneSucker and that gaudy, overwrought Centurion that pops up here from time to time (I secretly--well, until now--wondered if it was like Beetlejuice...Say, "Centurion, Centurion, Centurion" three times and it appears!). Those two are the purest expression of The Heritage heritage ever to emerge from the heritage of The Heritage. Neither (none of which?), fortunately, h
  5. From 1985 through the time ownership changed, wasn't The Heritage (haha, see what I did there @yoslate?) always something of a custom shop? Has that heritage been separated from The Heritage?
  6. I don't think they should have dropped the "The" from "The Heritage." But that's probably just me. "Heritage" by itself brings to (my) mind those knockoff Prestige Heritage tools on feeBay.
  7. Interesting take on the song, I enjoyed it for what it is and appreciate the sharing. I hadn't noticed the skirt issue until Brent pointed it out. ? What I don't care for...<self-edit to remove grumpy rant>
  8. Telecasters truly are the Swiss Army knife of guitars. Used for everything from blues to jazz to reggae to rock 'n roll to pop to country to you name it. That Tokai is a real looker, too. Good luck with the band and gigs! I <3 gig reports, so I'm hoping you post a few.
  9. I laughed at the punch line. Sucked me in on that one! Glad you had a good time. It is amusing to hear my sons and their friends talk about songs that have been re-released as covers as if they're the original. I can't imagine playing in a band with that sort of disconnect.
  10. Welcome to the Club! Good luck with your search for a lefty 535/55; hope you score The One. Where in WV are you from? When we head down that way, we try to plan things so we can hit Tricky Fish in Charleston for a late lunch/early dinner; fun little joint.
  11. I've always told my boys, "Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see."
  12. Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats. -H. L. Mencken

  13. Wow, I've really been slacking in the "welcoming new members" department. So, to all of you...Welcome to The Club! And, the obligatory:
  14. Wow, looks like I've missed a fair few new members! Welcome to the Club, everyone! Some great looking guitars posted here (as always)...that H-357 is uber-cool. I'm excited to see another H-160V..you have the twin to mine Buzzel. Well, paternal twins, as your single coils look different than the stock Schallers in mine.
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