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  1. Because I assiduously avoid being in them. Otherwise, you'd be second shortest.
  2. That was tasty, @yoslate. Thanks for sharing!
  3. That's the other Black Beauty! Quite a beast, but I have a thing for the original. What is that amp? Love the jacket, btw; stylish!
  4. None of them resemble a 1954 LPC with staple P90, in black, multi-ply bound, with nickel hardware and a ToneSucker. Alas, no, I don't see my next one.
  5. I swear there's a Picasso-esque naked lady in that truss rod cover. Beautiful guitar and a great story. It's always good to get one back that got away before.
  6. Probably open it up and find a Raspberry Pi or Teensy board inside. lol
  7. 25% tolerable is better than none. That translucent black one looks like it's made out of a chunk of 1970s paneling reclaimed from someone's rumpus room.
  8. Vince is a great guy; met him at one or two of the PSPs back in the day. During the Barn Era, IIRC. I will give him a pass on playing a green guitar because, well, he's Vince Lewis.
  9. Green and blue. And clown puke. And that ugly maraschino red. Wait, we might also want to include black on archtops in the ban.
  10. I think it's fairly obvious the reason Heritage failed to gain any market penetration whatsoever between 1985 and the mid-2000s is because of the fugly headstock design. Nobody with any talent would willingly choose to show up on a big stage, under the bright lights, with a guitar of such poor build quality and lack of playability. The headstock announces it as soon as it comes out of the case. Also, the Circle H logo is far too reminiscent of Hondo. And not in a longing-for-bygone-days-of-my-impoverished-youth way. More of an, "international-conglomerate-with-no-understanding-or-apprecia
  11. I do not like green or blue guitars. Except the blue one I own, but that's different. Guitars should never be green or blue (except the one I own). There is no room for debate on this topic. I would be willing to discuss the inappropriatness of clown puke burst or that awful maraschino cherry red (not the good Luxardo ones, either, I mean the fluorescent grocery store ones). Blue and green, however...non-discussable.
  12. Just to clarify, "You can't make me, Rob!" did not refer to you but rather to the other Rob. Don't want you to take offense where none was intended.
  13. It makes more sense once you learn our esteemed @Administrator is nothing more than a jumped up monkey playing a guitar. Top secret footage for proof: edit: they're might be a comma missing up there, but I'm not going to fix it. And you can't make me, Rob!
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