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  1. They are a lot of fun to play. I think you will enjoy it. Nice find. y2kc
  2. None of those choices sound good. Is this with all of your guitars?
  3. Fantastic playing and tone from both. Thanks for posting.
  4. I liked that. The Zemaitis sounds very Ron and the vocals very Rod. All in all, pretty Rad.
  5. I agree it has become great color.
  6. Damn they made some cool guitars!
  7. Any pics of the rest of this guitar? y2kc
  8. Damn that Robben Ford is so good! Saw him last year from about five feet away at "Space' in Evanston Il. playing through his Dumble.
  9. The Seths sound very authentic in my Heritage.
  10. Mavguy, I was thinking those same things but then I put the amp on the dining room table and all was good. y2kc
  11. John is the guy other amp techs call. I know that because whenever I am there the phone is always ringing and he just tells them what to do. I also like when he explains what is wrong with my amp and I pretend to understand. The best thing is when I walk trough the door and he knows my name, asks me how business is and drops what he is doing to fixes my amps. Yes Punk Kitty, I agree he is a good guy and a smart cookie. This is a business that must survive!
  12. Yes the table is really the only mod this amp has had that I know of. John Sizos at Minstrel Music in Niles Il. has maintained it over the years and he keeps things very authentic. It does have a replaced speaker. In the Chicago area,Mr. Sizos is the man to see. He has taken care of my amps for 35 years or so. I like this amp.
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