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  1. I like when you read the description of a used reliced guitar and it says mint condition.Really? Not my thing. I have several guitars including Heritage that have real world wear and I like them that way. Yes this is an excellent way to pass off guitars with defects. I would do it too. y2kc
  2. Thats it, I am selling my Heritage guitars and getting my head operated on. y2kc
  3. What a great looking guitar! You made a great choice. A great guitar period. y2kc
  4. Well I have been looking for that guitar with original hardware. Still a nice find. y2kc
  5. That is a guitar I have been looking for. Very cool, y2kc
  6. Mark, The 137 will do the job quite nicely. Turn that amp up and let us hear it all the way to Chicago. Enjoy, y2kc
  7. Sir, I am a fan of this amp. Your amp is in need of some basic servicing. With the correct care and an upgraded speaker these little amps can shine for anything. Find someone born before 1955 to fix your amp, ask questions and expect to pay some money. Well worth it. y2kc
  8. Leo Fender also chose Schaller pickups for G&L guitars with humbuckers. I have heard that Leo was very impressed with the Schaller factory and had a friendship with the owner. I imagine the German facility was light years ahead of any of his other options back then. Personally I have zero problems with the Schaller products on my vintage G&L and Heritage guitars. When buying old Heritage guitars, I prefer them to be just as they left the factory. y2kc
  9. I am glad that this has come to an end. Making music should not be this hard. Good luck with the search and thanks for the great story. Also watch your back, that girl sounds nuts. y2kc
  10. SRV used some big strings but also tuned down a tad. It is amazing how much tension is removed when tuning down a half step. My son grew up playing with 11's because of Stevie but at the age of 35 he has changed to 10's. His hands are very strong and he is enjoying the change. I hope to bring him along with me this year to psp. RIPSRV, Y2kc
  11. The Bluesboy is the only modern G&l I am interested in. What pick-up did your guitar come with in the neck position, a Seth Lover? I have heard the Bluesboy is a wonderful guitar. Tim Page at Buffalo Bros. designed that with G&L. Good to hear you are digging the Fralin, y2kc
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