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  1. God Bless America that is a cool rig for that guitar. Very cool.
  2. Jeez I just enjoy the sound of both early G&L and old Heritage guitars. No matter what guitar I am playing, I am not thinking about the headstock design. What is the issue here?
  3. I use that speaker combo in a 2-12 bottom. It is awesome. Your amp is a killer for sure.
  4. Come on I have seen several guys do that including SRV and Jimmy. A parlor trick of sorts and you really have to like the guy.
  5. Nit Wit or not that looks like a sweet guitar. Hopefully it is a keeper. Enjoy, y2kc
  6. Here is the Prototype of the H-125. I still dig that blue guitar and wish they would make me one with P-90's.
  7. I do not know if this is a Hot Rod or not but I do find it Hot. This is my variation of a H-125, the Kenny Rambow Model. After seeing the prototype of this guitar I inquired about buying it. They declined. Months later while walking through the factory with Marv, he told me if Kenny would make the body they would make it a Heritage. They allowed me to re-design the body to my specs and they also gave me an ebony fret board, headstock and inlayed "The Heritage". Many thanks to Kenny and Marv. This is a killer. As I have said before, this may not be your cup of tea. This is
  8. "it has been rumored" and "some stories have surfaced" that both BGN and 2 simply indicate a that guitar is not up to standards. I have a BGN with stain flaws on the sides of the headstock. Mechanically and structurally sound in every way. Enjoy your H-140!
  9. Rosewood or Ebony, it looks like fun!
  10. I have a 357 and find it very comfortable to play. A real treat to play with a beautiful voice, even with Schaller's. Good luck with your search. They are far and few between.
  11. The whole guitar looks nice. The ebony board looks inviting.
  12. Last year I inquired about a specific build and was told that they would only deal with current models. I completely understand. Possibly things have changed but I would not bet on it.
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