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  1. I had the champ sounding better than ever before last night. The secret was putting it on the dining room table. My tip for the day for better sound is a dining room table. You read it here first. y2kc
  2. Detroit, Turn that amp up today so we can hear you all the way to northern Illinois. Taking your guitar to an expert is a good thing. I am just very lazy and cheap. i have had guitars that I coudn't deal with and a good tech is worth their weight in gold. Playing my danelectro today through a full tone and vibro champ. Perfect at-home volume. Cat friendly. stay safe
  3. My brother fronts a band called "Skip Town and the Greyhounds" (25 years or so) and Haley's Dad (Harry) is the lead guitarist. Super talented family and nice people. y2kc
  4. Come on Josh that is a beautiful 535 and you need to learn how to do that work on your own. Waiting two weeks for 15 minutes worth of work? I know it plays better now but imagine if you were able to constantly maintain it on your own and tailor it to your preferences. It is easy. Pulled out a '82 G&L the other day with relief under the strings just as you described. The truss rod was adjusted in the blink of an eye and it was good to go. That guitar a killer and I am glad you are enjoying it once again. you can do it, y2kc
  5. I dig those little guitars. The views about what collectors will pay "extra" for are interesting. My experience has been that collectors will pay a little bit extra and use anything to justify adding that piece of whatever to their stash. Just the fact that this seller is marketing this guitar as uncirculated makes it more desirable in some folks eyes. just my 2 cents, y2kc
  6. In the blink of an eye our world has changed. Stay safe and vote in November. vbnmw, y2kc
  7. Well it is a very cool Stat. Black ,binding, set neck, zero neck markers and one pickup. How nice! y2kc
  8. Isn't a new Heritage a counterfeit of an old Heritage? I will wait off line for your answer. y2kc
  9. Beautiful guitar and awesome Case Candy.
  10. Brent Nice work. I remember the red one you had. Great picture of you on stage. y2kc
  11. Whats not to like? It looks like a good time and the singer nails it. More please. y2kc
  12. You don't see that everyday.
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