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  1. I would be all over this if I did not already have more than my share of cool guitars.Plus I am now very, very poor. Good price for a custom Special from Heritage. They will fine little tone machines for sure. As Davie504 would say, "epic"!
  2. These are going to be interesting. Nice work Josh.
  3. I really like this prototype. Yes it is not everyone's tea but I like the color combo, shape and oddness.
  4. That chair is awesome! Sorry about the guitar, looks quite fixable.
  5. This topic is sensitive and seems to bring strong emotions from folks that experienced this tone sucking. I apologize for bringing this up and hopefully this story will go back to the dark place it had been hiding. Again I am sorry. This had to have been horrible. y2kc
  6. Live and learn. Now I understand. Thank you y2kc
  7. Yes I post a picture of these very rare birds once in a while to kindly urge Heritage to build me one with p-90's. I have three including a custom model built by Kenny Rambow and Marv. Apparently they are too much "custom" for the current custom shop to handle. I guy can hope.
  8. I still think it is a beautiful combo of color and simplicity. Unfortunately times are tough and I have plenty of guitars. Also why do folks discredit Bigsby trems so much? Tone suckers? I don't know , I have never had one . I have heard great players use them and had not thought they had inferior tone. Inquiring minds want to know. Stay safe, y2kc
  9. I agree with Brent on the price. Issues worked out. y2kc
  10. Yes I have seen that model before and it is stunning. It made me mad that I don't like the company anymore. I have issues to work out. y2kc
  11. Nice guitar and nice guy also.
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