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  1. I would want to see at least one of everything made. I would also include the last years of gibson. Same guys, hands and building.
  2. Only Brent could do this for us so quickly. One day it is parts and a plan and the next day it is done. From one guitar nut to another, well done Sir! y2kc
  3. With properly installed frets and a new nut this guitar will have a whole new life and personality. You will forget about these imperfections very quickly. This guitar will be one that plays great and one you don't have to worry about getting it's first scratch. It's kinda like the truck I drive. enjoy, y2kc
  4. y2kc

    NGD - H-140

    Scott, Being a big fan of the 140, I say you made a good purchase. I am not allowed to go to Wolfe guitars due to my addiction to all things with six strings. Turn it up so we can hear it here in Chicago, y2kc
  5. I agree. Brent and his family were so generous hosting those get togethers. Wonderful people and a beautiful setting. Merry Christmas Hendersons! y2kc
  6. Dale does beautiful work. I own a 1950's RCA intercom that I had built into a guitar amp. A new Hammond transformer and other tasty bits and next thing I know I have a kick ass amp. These amp gurus are brainiacs. y2kc
  7. There is an interesting H-575 on Reverb. It is red and white and just wrong in many respects. What is going on there? Seriously hard to look at. This is just my 2cents. Besides that the seller has some nice guitars for sale from personal collection. y2kc
  8. I know this may sound weird but when I find a Heritage H-140 with original Schaller parts I make it work for me. A 1986 140 is a beautiful thing in my book. my 2cents, y2kc
  9. Kenny & Gitfiddler, Very cool. y2kc
  10. I like when you read the description of a used reliced guitar and it says mint condition.Really? Not my thing. I have several guitars including Heritage that have real world wear and I like them that way. Yes this is an excellent way to pass off guitars with defects. I would do it too. y2kc
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