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  1. I use Flex Seal and glue the guitar to my body. You know it drys even under water!
  2. Now that is a nice guitar! Screaming to be played.Great work Brent.
  3. I feel that the older Heritage guitars are terrible. If you own an older Heritage and are now ashamed to be seen with it, please call me. If you have suddenly realized that your H-140 or old fashioned looking H-357 is no longer the newest attraction, please contact me. Let me take those "old "guitars off your hands and help get you into a "Custom Core". I am here to help. y2kc
  4. y2kc


    Awesome guitars and I want one!
  5. How different do HRW's sound compared to stock Schallers? I think the buyer of those HRW's would want that switch as well. It is a beautiful guitar and I would give the Ren modded pickups a try before pulling them. Nice!
  6. Don't forget Parsons Street Guitars!
  7. Now this is what a "Custom Shop" is all about. The original owners were not intimidated by any project.
  8. Damn those Heritage guys were good!
  9. Really nice. The box had to have you worried.
  10. When I was a kid (1960's) the guy across the street had this model and I think he still has it. He played everything on it. Just my opinion but the Heritage version is stunning and that picture with Marv is priceless.
  11. Over at Heritage Auctions they are auctioning off a Heritage made Trini Lopez Model. One of a kind and very cool. I think the auction ends tomorrow so get over there asap and place your bid. Right now it is at about $2800 with buyers premium. Seriously if I had the cash I would be all over it.
  12. One of the coolest 147's I have seen. My deepest condolences to you and your family. Take care.
  13. f16102 resides here and is a sweet guitar to play.
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