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  1. f16102 resides here and is a sweet guitar to play.
  2. It says that the 225 humbuckers have "near - supernatural PAF - style tone". Seriously what more is there to say? I have always thought if I could get more supernatural with my PAF tone then I would feel better about my playing.
  3. Seriously Reverb and Hard Rock? This doesn't look good. Where is the mention of Heritage at 225? So 225 will have a giant sign that says REVERB and you can get a coffee and go to the Gibbons "signing" room. Hilarious and cheesy.
  4. This reminds me of the South Park episode when they developed the area around Kenny's house. Just sayin. Yes there will be a slide coming down from the smokestack that takes you down to the gift shop.
  5. God Bless America that is a cool rig for that guitar. Very cool.
  6. Jeez I just enjoy the sound of both early G&L and old Heritage guitars. No matter what guitar I am playing, I am not thinking about the headstock design. What is the issue here?
  7. I use that speaker combo in a 2-12 bottom. It is awesome. Your amp is a killer for sure.
  8. Come on I have seen several guys do that including SRV and Jimmy. A parlor trick of sorts and you really have to like the guy.
  9. Nit Wit or not that looks like a sweet guitar. Hopefully it is a keeper. Enjoy, y2kc
  10. Here is the Prototype of the H-125. I still dig that blue guitar and wish they would make me one with P-90's.
  11. I do not know if this is a Hot Rod or not but I do find it Hot. This is my variation of a H-125, the Kenny Rambow Model. After seeing the prototype of this guitar I inquired about buying it. They declined. Months later while walking through the factory with Marv, he told me if Kenny would make the body they would make it a Heritage. They allowed me to re-design the body to my specs and they also gave me an ebony fret board, headstock and inlayed "The Heritage". Many thanks to Kenny and Marv. This is a killer. As I have said before, this may not be your cup of tea. This is
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