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  1. Rob brought up some great points that I overlooked. The jack placement….I noticed it right away the first time I plugged in!!! The heel. Yes…much bigger!! A $3800 price tag on the CC seems robust, but IMO, compared to the $6K+ cost of an R9, IMO, the CC is a much better option.
  2. I hadn’t though about the truss rod!! I sure would like to know.
  3. I was fortunate to find this 2021 Custom Core H150 used....I'm so glad i did. I have gone through this guitar inside and out...played it plugged and unplugged, and I'm going to give you my honest and complete review of this new model from the Heritage Custom Shop. PRESENTATION... I was impressed with Heritage's attempt to make this a "special" model. The case is VERY nice and heavy duty. The bound certificate is a nice touch as well. I also found the CS keychain a nice touch. A lot of these pleasantries, somewhat mirror the Gibson CS...like the sticker on the pick guard....but considering that this model is going head to head with the Gibson CS R9, I can see the reasoning. FIT AND FINISH... I have to say this was the most surprising part of this guitar, to me. The finish on the guitar is like a lightly aged/overly polish swirled....I would call it a close comparison to the VOS finish on CS Les Pauls. Its gloss...but not completely gloss. It caught me off guard...I was expecting a super glossy, super shiny finish. Nicely aged binding...looks like smoky bar binding. All of the routes, holes, attached pieces and parts all fit right and look great. Neck joint and neck pitch are perfect. The bone nut is cut perfectly! PARTS AND ELECTRONICS.... From what I'm seeing, it look like Heritage used all premium parts on these CC 150s. CTS pots, Orange drop caps, Switchcraft toggle and jack, Tonepros bridge, lightweight aluminum tailpiece and all vintage style braided wiring. I'm not sure what band the HERITAGE stamped tuners are...they seem to be ok, although, the D and G tuner nuts are striped out on my guitar (wont tighten down to the headstock) I'll have to email Heritage and see if they will send me a couple replacements. THE WOODS... Typical LP construction. One piece mahogany body and neck. Highly figured maple top. Rosewood fretboard with mother of pearl traps. The headstock has an inlaid veneer with the Heritage logo. I cant believe how light this guitar is!!!! Just under 8 1/2 lbs! Its lighter than my 2020 H150 Standard. NECK CARVE.... Heritage really nailed the necks on these! Its a rounded C shape which measures .895 at the first fret and .982 at the 12th fret with a moderate amount of shoulder. Not baseball bat-ish. I find it very comfortable...its very similar to the neck on my 2017 Heritage 535 custom. SETUP AND PLAYABILITY... This H150 is PLEKed...all new Heritages are now. So, I was expecting a low action with minimal neck relief. Well, I got it!!! I use 10-46 gauge strings. The Custom Core 150 sets up with a super low action which makes it play like butter all the way up the neck!! Almost effortless chording and wonderful sustain. TONE.... Heritage is putting their own 225 Parson Street Pickups in these Custom Core models. I'm not sure who winds these...I'm guessing someone in the Kalamazoo local? The 225 pickups remind me of a cross between a CS Duncan 59 and Seth Lover. The Bridge pickup tone is crisp and articulate. Great note definition. Not ice-picky. The neck pickups tone is very warm and creamy. Also very articulate. Very fat when pushed with some moderate OD. Overall, I feel the tone of this guitar is right up there with some of the best Les Pauls I have owned. I'm probably gonna try some different pickups in it, just because, thats what i do...lol. But out of the box....The Custom Core H150 sounds fantastic! PUTTING A BOW ON IT.... I can honestly say I'm very impressed with what Heritage has done with the Custom Core H150. Heritage has shown, with this model that they can play with the big boys. I'm not out to start a HERITAGE VS GIBSON DEBATE....NO!!! Its all personal preference. You want a CS Gibby, buy a Gibby. You want a Kalamazoo made CS LP...buy the Heritage....its that simple!!! I honestly think the Custom Core H150 and the Gibby Custom Shop R9 are of equaly quality and playability. (i know im gonna catch a lot of flack for that statement) The street price on the Custom Core H150 (non artisan aged) is $3799. Artisan Aged $4299. If you are looking for a top shelf Les Paul, made in Kalamazoo, Michigan....the Heritage Custom Core H150 is your guitar!!!
  4. I don’t mean to be contrary, but some of the artisan aged heritages that I’ve seen, I think they go a little too far. What I mean is that I think they should’ve turned it back a couple clicks and not gone as deep into the aging process as some of them do. But that is just my opinion. And you know what they say about opinions…
  5. I took a little trek to Grand Rapids tonight to check out this beautiful H525. I got it from the original owner, who's son used to work at Heritage. It was #2ed for some minor finish flaws....actually, its pretty much in NOS condition.
  6. Easy repair to make playable Difficult repair to make look like new.
  7. Just some minor plastics swapped out…still fun though.
  8. I wet sanded and buffed on the back of the repair a little. I think it looks much better already. https://flic.kr/p/2mgvQbE https://flic.kr/p/2mgFjaV https://flic.kr/p/2mgBzY8
  9. So I walked into my local GC today....just looking to see if they had any new cool used guitars in. I see this beautiful Heritage H150, Tobacco Burst, monster top! I asked the guy behind the counter to check it out....he says, "ITS GOT A HEADSTOCK REPAIR!" I'm like, $1499 for a H150 with a headstock repair....NO WAY!!! Well, there's more to the story....the store had purchased it from the original owner. The kid that bought it for the store, set it on a guitar stand behind the counter....and then later accidently knocked it off the stand, cracking the headstock! That kid must have been beside himself!!! They had their in house tech do the repair. The guitar needed a lot of TLC...all the hardware was rusted and pitted, the frets were heavily tarnished, the fretboard was friggin nasty and everything else was nasty too...LOL. I talked to the manager and negotiated a deal and brought it home! I completely tore the guitar down...cleaned and polished. Installed a set of locking Grovers and a set of 57 Classics, along with a new tailpieces and ABR. Its a little over 9 lbs, 60s neck, one piece body, heavily figured top. It turned out pretty good....the repair isn't the greatest, but it plays great and has awesome tone!!!
  10. I'm really glad you like it! Welcome to the HOC!!!
  11. Thanks Randy!! We are having a lot of fun!! The Hatt amps are made by RJ HATT in Lansing Michigan. RJ is the repair tech for Elderly. His HATT line is all point to point hand wired. My amp is his Mean 15. 2-EL84s. Ton of clean headroom. Master volume. 1x12. Wonderful tone. Great grab n go amp. https://hattamps.com
  12. I played my third show with my new band JENUINE, last night!! We have worked so had in the last 3 months since I joined!!! It was awesome to play my Heritages in Kalamazoo!!!
  13. I can see you rockin that baby!!! What a great axe!!!
  14. A good friend of mine locally, who used to teach with my wife, had been on a gear buying binge lately. He has an absolutely stunning 1991 H150! He texted me the other day and said he was gonna sell his 2019 H137 (he bought it new from Sweetwater and hardly played it). So I drove over to his place yesterday and checked it out….he made me an incredible deal on it I could not walk away from. It came with the Heritage hard case and case candy. It’s mint. Not a mark on it. It sets up perfectly. The neck is a great beefy 50s carve. It’s really light. One piece body. Lollars!!! Another example of Heritages continuing improvements in quality!!!
  15. Evidently the same person filled out our labels.
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