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  1. Very nice. I love mine too.
  2. Looks like a fun party to me. Very nice.
  3. I think it's chestnut too. Here is an example of vintage wine burst.. similar on the outer part, but not as red in the center.
  4. As much as I'd like to go into debt ordering a stack of highly custom instruments if we were still back in the good old days...and believe me, I would. I'm still very happy that the brand is thriving and making consistently good guitars. Its way better than it just being gone all together. One of my main guitars is a recent 535 that kicks some serious ass.
  5. I'm always game to try new amps. Never have heard that model, but would like to.. I've been playing a VHT Deliverance for a while now. Very versatile and well built.
  6. Thats a really fun group shot. I placed an order with Wolfe for an HFT475 sometime around 1995. I waited two years and still nothing. Heritage was stopping acoustic instrument production. If I remember right I ordered a golden eagle after that.
  7. Hey bird, In that picture I spy a rare bird...the HFT475. Is that yours? If so, whats your assessment of it? Does it have a carved mahogany arched back? Thx.
  8. The recorded sound of that 16 is nice. Good job.
  9. What a nice array of instruments. I remember the two limba H137s specifically because that wood used to be in my private stash! They conned me out of it. At least Pete put it to great use.
  10. I like hearing when people use archtops for more than jazz. Rock on Kitty.
  11. I remember seeing Elvis Costello on Austin city limits playing a super 400 with a J.Smith pickup. It blew my mind because it seriously rocked...sounded killer.
  12. I love it. Mark has the best heritage stories. The deeper body is definitely a plus. I'll bet it is just grand. Congrats! One from the good old days.
  13. Yes! Black Limba back and neck. What a killer top. I love the natural top too.
  14. What a gorgeous quarter sawn flame top! Happy for you. They're building some consistently nice instruments. So happy that the brand is strong.
  15. I've always thought the Schallers were nice in hollowbodies. I tend to prefer Seth's in solid and semi hollow. I really don't care for 59s in the bridge position of a 535 vs a Seth.
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