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  1. You have my total respect and admiration for what you endured and accomplished. Sounds Great! Wonderful!
  2. I play my 575 (with Duncan 59's and an A2 magnet in the neck put) through a 78-ish Fender Princeton Reverb or a 70-something Fender Champ and it sounds beautimous! Big fat warm tones, like a high-dollar Gibbons! I think you'll love it!
  3. Interesting thing about the SD 59s, Seth Lovers and Antiquities is that they're all wound on the original Leesona from the Kzoo Gibbons, now Heritage factory. So, nice historical connection I think. The stock neck A5 was too boomy for me so I swapped it out for an A2. - same as a Seth or Antiquity. The beast sounds great and for about $4, I really can't tell that there's that much of a difference. You may wish to try that before you buy a new pickup.
  4. I grew up in Battle Creek and I remember when I was 4 years old sitting in my little kiddie rocking chair watching "Green Valley Jamboree" on our old black and white TV! I've thought about that many times and wondered if that's what kindled my interest in the guitar. Great interview.
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