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  1. That is a beautiful guitar! I hope you enjoy that for many years. I don't have a pick up recommendation but would instead recommend you visit the pick up manufacturers websites and read the forum postings. That might give you better direction. Again, great guitar!
  2. Why would you want to when there are so many better pickups available? Gibson pickups are over priced and don't particularly sound very good. My 2 cents...
  3. Well, I picked up the little feller this week and it sounds wonderful! I have a new 40 year amp! I had a JBL speaker put in and the problem was an output tube cathode bias cap short, and needed a new tube. I wonder if that had always been the problem because it never sounded like this before. Looking forward to putting some more hours on the beast!
  4. Thank you all for your thoughts. There's a great local amp guy, Fat Willie, but he's always in great demand and tough to get things back timely. But, will get up to see him soon. And, yes - it's the original speaker! So I'll look into replacing that. Thanks again. Yank
  5. In the mid 70's I picked up a Fender Champ amp. I haven't played that rascal in decades because with the volume at 2 or 3 it breaks up quickly. I'm almost exclusively playing jazz now and need a cleaner tone. Can anything be done to tame this beast to get cleaner tone with more volume? It has never been altered or messed with, perhaps I should sell it as museum piece. Thanks for your thoughts.
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