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  1. That's exactly what I do Rwinking! There's a place in the case just under the heel where the little dude fits just right.
  2. Actually, the signal is going into a Fender Champ so that's why I use the EQ. All your responses are helpful. Play on!
  3. You are all awesome and I appreciate your responses! Thank you, makes sense.
  4. I usually don't use too many effects pedals so I have a question about what to put where. I have a MXR 6 band equalizer, should this be one of my last effects in the chain? Also, where would my Ditto Looper go in relation to the MXR EQ? Probably a dumb question, but thanks in advance.
  5. Wait a minute, is it MINT Green? Haha... I crack myself up!
  6. That is a beautiful guitar! I hope you enjoy that for many years. I don't have a pick up recommendation but would instead recommend you visit the pick up manufacturers websites and read the forum postings. That might give you better direction. Again, great guitar!
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