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  1. I never really thought any PAF type pickup was muddy. The mud is usually associated with higher impedance pickups not PAF types. My experience with Lollar, Tyson Tonelab and Throwbak pickups is about the same on the way they cleanup with a volume roll back. I have everything with 50s wiring and I use the same RS guitar works Pots in all my guitars. When I roll the volume down a little there is a small amount of high end loss but by the time I’m rolled off to 5 on the dial that is gone and it is very clear and clean. I have the same experience with p90s and Humbuckers.
  2. Hell yeah! That is one cool cab. Great work!
  3. It’s a cool amp with potential. Start watching Uncle Doug YouTube Videos and open that chassis up and make it a monster. https://m.youtube.com/user/Stratosaurus1 I have taken two amps in trade in the past. One I ended up selling the other became one of my main giging amps. I got the amp here at HOC as a partial trade with a guitar and some $$$. It was the best move I think I ever made. It opened my eyes to different stuff and then spurred me on to learn new stuff in life. I didn’t know anything about amp tech before the trade and the desire to modify the amp and a lack of money to get it done pushed me to figure it all about and get it done. Now I can do a little side work fixing amps and I’m in the process of making three amps. I cannot urge you enough to get that amp, you may not go the route I have but vintage and different amps are just so cool on there own it is worth it.
  4. I go here: https://www.kcanostubes.com or here: http://www.audiotubes.com/fender.htm I have never had a problem with either one. I buy NOS tubes mostly because of the durability. I had a set of JAN Phillips 6v6 tubes that went 10 years in a Carr amp. I replaced them with new Tungsol tubes and got just over a year. In the end they are cost effective. I use a class A amp a lot so I can buy single odd tubes and it save a bit of cash there. I also don’t think great tone only comes from big $$$ stuff like RCA tubes. There are alternatives that are half the cost and sound great or real RCA tubes that are relabeled. http://www.audiotubes.com/fender.htm has a section of “but ugly” tubes and they are cheap and perfect for good cost effective tone. I’ve bought a couple of 12ax7 tubes like this and they are great. knowing your amp can save money on nos tubes too. If you have a lower voltage 6l6 amp you can use the very old coke bottle 6l6g tubes that people avoid because they cannot be used in newer Super Reverbs and stuff. I have a set in a tweed type amp and they sound divine. The plate voltage needs to be 375 or less, pretty much a 30-35 watt amp. They also work in a lot of 6v6 amps too.
  5. Is there a spacer between the body and the p90 dogear cover. If yes it can be removed and the pickup will be lower and accommodate the action being lower. If there is not a spacer then something is incorrect. The cover that is intended for the rhythm (neck) pickup is lower and could used instead of the bridge cover. It would also lower the pickup and could possibly be what should be there.
  6. Crazy! I’ve never even seen one of those. Talk about obscure, and cool.
  7. I agree about the Lollar pickups. They are good but for the same price they just cannot hold their own against TTLs.
  8. Rockabilly69, those are great clips. The tone is perfect on the P90s, fat, vintage, and creamy. I love the edge of feed back too. I have an ES225 that does the same thing. The ability to run so many tubes really is killer in the Regal, especially EL34s for a loud Allman Brothers cover gig.
  9. RhoadsScholar, getting that guitar and amp from you changed entire outlook on what I want from my playing. I was already heading in the direction that I’m in now. After I started playing the guitar it fast tracked my abandonment of pedals. I still rock the duo regularly. The amp has metamorphosed but it’s soul is still there. The duo is my go to for all small club gigs.
  10. Rockabilly69, I’ve always wanted to play a Regal ll. It is right up my alley with the versatility and simplicity. I must admit that I have never tried TTL HB pickups. I was basing my experience on the TTL P90s against a set of Trobak SLE-101+. The P90s sustain and longer, bloom more and just push harder. It is a little apples and oranges I guess with different magnet types etc. maybe I need to try the TTL HB pickups now. Mostly I have always found that P90s drive harder, it could be the “skinnier” tone that cuts more leading me to feel that they are driving harder. I have always attributed the drive to the two magnets making more inductance. I could be getting a little out of my league with my theories though.
  11. The Pickup are a very important in the recipe. They are theTyson Tonelab 60s, P90s. I love these pickups. They are THE BEST imo. They will drive the amp harder than a HB pickup, never muddy with the volume rolled back, no silly wax potting. I have 4 brands of P90s, Lollar, original ‘57 Gibson, Throbak, and the TTLs. For the H150 the TTL are just magic. They have every thing the ‘57 Gibsons have with under and over tones and touch sensitivity but more balls for the rock and roll. If anyone is looking for some P90s I cannot recommend these enough plus they are about the same price as the Lollars.
  12. It is a Tungsten Creama-Wheat with an Eminence Legend 15” speaker (1518). I’m plugged straight in and have the channels jumped. I had 6l6 tunes in it for this gig so it is probably in the mid 20 watt range. The three knobs were on 7.
  13. DetroitBlues, it doesn’t take long. The finish is really thin on the Heritage guitars. Which is a good thing and a sign of quality imo. I started to wear through the top and neck in about 2 years. I have a ‘81 ES347 that took 10 years to get there, the finish is too plasticity on that guitar. I gigged that guitar for 20 years, that sucker is worn in now. The heritage just keeps getting better too, it has really opened up, its like Charlton Heston’s gun, one day you’ll have to pry my 150 from my cold dead hands.
  14. Nah, I’ll do it on my own. It only took about 3 years to get through to the wood on the top and the neck, it spread from there. Just play them all the time and it will look old. The finish is thin, as it should be, so it really doesn’t take long.
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