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  1. My Wife Thinks It's Crazy, What Do You Think?

    That was the best trade I have ever made. The GT became my main giging guitar. I've worn through the neck finish from the 4th to 12th fret on the bass side and my fingers have worn through the top finish between the pickups on the treble side. It has serious sentimental value to me. The amp is also my main giging amp. It has taught me to understand electronics. I've modified it little by little so now it can be up to 10 watts with 2 6v6s or one EL34, the tone stack is between a Marshall and Fender and I can run 4,8 or 16 ohm cabs. The guitar amp combo literally changed the way I play. I discovered the beauty of power tube distortion and got rid of all pedals and in the end my playing improved.
  2. My Wife Thinks It's Crazy, What Do You Think?

    I had a Super Eagle that I traded for an amp, an H150gt and some $. The opposite of your situation and possibly more of what your wife thinks is not crazy to do. Personally I would trade either way (or sell) to get what makes me feel good at the time. If you "need" an archtop you must do what is necessary to make that happen. There is no crazy just emotions at play when it comes to guitars.
  3. My H150 in action!

    Very nice! That's a great group your with. Love seeing the 150 in action!
  4. The GT150/P90 tone at last nights gig.

    Ha! Gitfiddler, I still primarily use the champ as the main rig. It has undergone major mods since that video. The rig last night is bulky, heavy and LOUD. It has serious Blackface tone though and low end that is just not available from the champ. I still have another 22 watts available and a bump to 8 ohms instead of the 1/2 power mismatched cab/head ohms. It is the perfect outdoor rig.
  5. Here is a video from my gig last night with the 150 through the Carr Slant6V into a Eminence 15" Legend. I'm really loving the tone of this combo. I was on the Cathode 18watt setting with the v about 10 o'clock and treble just under 12 o'clock the mid on full and the bass at high noon.
  6. H150CM - Burnt Amber

    Wow, I love the 150! Great color.
  7. Rockin' Hamilton

    Rockin' this summer in Hamilton for the brew fest wearing the "Datsun" shirt, giving a hint to the "Z" and "71" in zguitar71.
  8. 150 Goldtop Lollar P-90s

    Nice golt top!, my dream guitar right now, Love the lollar p-90's.
  9. Special Invitation To New Members

    I have a Super Eagle and I never play it any more because of the size. It is a real shame because the guitar is very nice. I use my semi-hollow guitar for jazz gigs all the time now. A semi-hollow with a mahogany body and neck and a maple top would be perfect.
  10. Special Invitation To New Members

    Which model Heritage are you interested in? That does suck about the Gibsons. I sold an early PRS about 15 years ago and wish I had not. In 1988 I could have bought a `59 Black triple pickup Les Paul for $1000 that I had in my pocket and turned it down, 20 years later they jump to $75,000 in value and I could just die. In `88 people only wanted the Burst Les Paul's from the late 50's and they were selling for 25K then, people bought the triple models for the PAF pickups and put them other guitars. Live and learn.
  11. Special Invitation To New Members

    The v2 was a purchase back in `89 when I was 19. I wanted a v guitar but could not afford one. I walked into my local guitar shop (Amro Music in Memphis TN at the time) and they had the V2 out with a tag that showed the invoice with the price they paid for it and next to that a price tag with the same number on it. It sold to me for $450, they had it in the back of the shop since 1980 and go sick of looking at it collect dust. The V2 was very pricey at the time, something like $1450 around $4300 today. The guitar really is not very good. The thing is very awkward and the pick-ups sound like poop. There have been article written about them in the past and some people think they could be the next `58 V but I'll believe it when I see it. If it does go sky high in value it will be for sale and I will look forward to an early retirement. I still have the Warranty card that the store filled out but my lazy ass never finished and never sent in along with the bill of sale and some other crap that came with it trying to sell me some Gibson brand shit. The Strat is a Warmoth DIY with SD 5-2 pickups and sounds great.
  12. Special Invitation To New Members

    Here are some pictures of my stuff. All 6 The back of the SE The well worn ES347 Some neck wear to go with some case wear.
  13. Special Invitation To New Members

    I joined a few days ago. I have owned a Heritage Super Eagle for 11 years. I hope the picture I am posting works but I have a tendency for failing at the computer stuff. I own 6 guitars and one Carr Slant 6v 2x12amp. My most played guitar is my 1981 Gibson es347, I bought it in `91 and it was in mint condition, now it is full of scratches, nicks and the finish is about 50% worn off the neck. Before Smoking was banned in our bars here in Missoula, I would open the case it smelled like an ashtray. The smell and playing wear make this guitar very dear to my heart. I also own a Santa Cruz D/PW, a Gibson V2, a Warmoth Strat and the other very dear to my heart guitar, a 1938 Kalamazoo KG-31. It is loud, full of tone, light weight, big necked (no truss rod) and I only paid $300 for it, what more could a person want? I play my Heritage mostly at home or at jazz gigs when I am in the mood but the size usually keeps it at the house and the 347 comes out instead. I love the guitar and HAD to have it, I have always been a big Kenny Burrell fan. I bought it new from Wolfe Guitars in January 2000. It has Seth Lover pickups, upgraded wood (something called the Ultra upgrade), gold hard wear, Imperial tuners and an antique natural finish. The tone is big and it breaks up the Carr 6v perfectly when set on 18 watts. Christopher Gray