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  1. It’s about to go out for a gig next weekend. It’s been since March this stallion has run for actual money. I’m playing any outdoor gig I can right now.
  2. Well now, this is an interesting development.
  3. Wow, 7k is a huge price tag for that 550. For that price you could get into an original ES350 from the 40s or 50s. Well not a PAF version but the p90 ones for sure or a HB equipped on from the 60s. The late 40s were a special time for the ES and CES g brand guitars, that is where my $6,999 would go first.
  4. I looked at the schematic closer and read some stuff about the harmonic tremolo. It takes the signal and splits it with a high and low pass filter and sends it through the tremolo circuit. It basically makes a stereo signal which is why it needs so many tubes to run. One side is all the low end the other is the high end. Then it puts it back into the main circuit at the phase inverter and makes it mono again. The result is the low end increases with volume as the high end decreases and when it maxes out it reverses and goes the other way. So the tremolo gives an on off effect but at the same time the volume never leaves as the high/low modulation occurs. This give the swooshy phase shifter sound. It’s like a tremolo and phase shifter all at once. This all happens on top of the dry signal. Together it is the coolest, imo, tremolo out there.
  5. It takes 2 1/2 tubes to run the tremolo. It does the simple part of turning the power tubes on and off with the bias but then the other 4 side of the 12ax7s are used to modulate the high and low. It is very close to a phase shifter flangey sound.
  6. This Concert has the same tremolo as the Tremolux. I think the late Brownface tremolo (on the bigger amps) is the best Fender ever made. It was too complicated and costly to stay. It almost sounds like a Leslie when it is slow.
  7. I’m still in my P90 phase, I think it is here to stay. I have 3 P90 guitars now. I have a HB Collings CL that I was going to sell but I think I may find some HB sized P90s for it and keep it.
  8. Yes, 10s. They are Mojotone M10RR, older ones I think. Basic copies of Jensen 10s that came in amps of this era. They sound great at all volumes in this amp. Never too shrill. The amp has quite a bit of low end and mids so it really gets fat compared to a Blackface amp. It’s meaner and nastier than a 59 Bassman too, my harp player has a real one and I prefer this amp to it.
  9. I was home alone for a bit today so I thought I would Harass the neighborhood. Here is the GT straight into a ‘62 Fender concert on the “normal” channel with the volume on 7 and the treble and bass on 6. This combo shakes the house and it can be felt in your bones. I had the amp in another room with the door slightly open. I was about 10 feet from the door and 20 from the amp.
  10. It is Rosewood. It has darkened a bit over time.
  11. Yeah, next time I’ll try to get a guitar video, for now though here is a still shot of the front of the 150 GT.
  12. A 20 foot cable is also recommended. 😃
  13. Easy now! Don't be letting out all my tone secrets.
  14. I have a ‘62 Fender Concert with 9 tubes. Some of them are kinda big too. If I crank it up to 7 it gets nice and warm.
  15. We have 5 members now, we added a slide player and now he has a pedal steel too! This was a last second get together. I texted the boys and said this might be our only window to play outside for a while, an hour and a half later I had 3 of 5 in my driveway. I’ll get the entire band together at some point and harass the neighborhood. We are having lightning and thunder with our snow right now plus some strong north east winds. We are right at 32 degrees now at 1pm. The roads are staying clear since they had 4 days of warm and sun. We are supposed to stay nice and warm at 18 tonight. Sunny tomorrow though.
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