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  1. Pull the pickup out, take the spacer off and replace the pickup. See how the clearance is and the tone. If it is good then you are done. If there is plenty of clearance and it sounds weak then you can raise the screws and see how that does or get a thinner spacer and try that. When the pickups are low and the screws raised, IMO, some cool tones can be found. I think it sounds more old school or vintage like, a bit more treble but not weak and thin and more honkey, classic old P90s. It goes well with the fuller body sound of a full hollow guitar. There are two magnets on P90s so they can have more effect on the vibrations of the strings so with the pickups lower the strings are less effected.
  2. Finding an LP that is better than an H150 is easy to do just like finding an H150 that is better than an LP is easy to do. These guitars are just a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the guitars out there by each builder. They both can make great guitars that rival one another.
  3. I’ve read all that everyone has to say so far. I learned some things along the way. What I would like to see is Heritage maintain the same price structure but make a single piece body standard and keep the weight 9.5lbs or less without weight relief. Of course the really light stuff is going to be a custom order and over the top figure, etc. They should also give the choice of a slim or fat neck as well. That would be nice imo. Would the average Gibby buyer even know these differences? Probably not but it could have me buying one.
  4. Specifically, does Heritage need to worry about the 50s and 60s LP standards being $2499? The specs are about the same as an H150. So far some of the weights listed on CME are over 10lbs for the LPs, heavy. The H150s on their site are under 10lbs and one used solid 150 under 9 (2003, probably a nice whip). I think it will be hard for Heritage to pull peeps away from G when the prices are identical.
  5. Both Collings and PRS have a shallower pitch at 10 degrees and like Heritage have he strings run straighter toward the tuning key from the nut. Both companies use the shallower angle to help prevent the string from sticking in the nut which is prone to happening in the 17 degree head. The straight pull is also meant to help this situation. PRS claims that the 10 degree angle is the perfect marriage of strength, string tension over the nit, and lack of angle to prevent sticking. My experience is the Collings and PRS have it right with the 10 degrees and the Heritage is good with the straighter pull but the angle still causes sticking but not nearly as bad as my experience with Gibson. Rwinking, the PRS you got from me never had a tuning issue at all, I was amazed at the stability of the neck and how well it functioned. PRS can make a killer guitar.
  6. zguitar71

    New 535

    My 2011 Goldtop had some very poor final work that should not have made it out of the shop. In the end I did much of the same work you did and the guitar is my favorite. It is part of the reason Heritage has not ever been able to compete with the bigger companies, not that they have not had there own problems too. I’ve owned 3 Heritages over the years and all three needed the final touches redone. Heritage makes killer guitars they just have had a hard time with the setup for some reason.
  7. Well if the Gibson is a single piece body like the Heritage then a person would be crazy to spend twice the money. Even with a two piece body that is a great price. The electronics can be striped and changed for $300 to a set of boutique P90s of any flavor you would desire. Gibson isn’t making much on those.
  8. I think the 137 sits above the new Special and is in the territory between the new one and the reissue Special that is $3500. The problem is most people don’t see the difference between the 137 and entry level Gibson special It is hard for Heritage to get the sale in this situation. There are factors that make a difference beyond wood like electronics too.
  9. FedEx started in Memphis and its headquarters are in Memphis. Memphis has a long history of going bust all the way back to the late 1860s and 70s with Yellowfever outbreaks. Memphis has always been a high crime city since the 1820s with the biggest poverty issues the state. It is a gritty rough city and it is also the city I grew up in and learned to play the guitar in. My family lives there still as do many of my friends. The constant gritty ness is it’s charm and the secret to the great music that defines it as a city. I love Memphis and if you visit try doing so in May during the BBQ fest, it’s killer.
  10. So does anyone have a 525 with a 50s neck. The ones that I have seen advertised with neck measurements are all in the .8” at the first fret and .9-.95” at the 12th. The necks I like are more like .9” at the 1st- 1+” at the 12th.
  11. Hell yea, I’ll take you up on that offer if I’m in the area. Thanks!
  12. Nice pic of some 525s! I have also pondered the 530 but I like the pickup switch on the upper bought not by the controls and I prefer the extra bit of body there too. I don’t know it it actually makes much of a difference or not though tonally. I will probably go for a two pickup model for the diversity because in reality in gigs that will be something I need.
  13. I’ll probably buy a used one most likely but getting a custome made guitar would be fun.
  14. I’ve been obsessively checking out the vintage ‘55-‘59 ES225 for quite some time now but the pricing is probably too high for me and I just have reservations about giging with a vintage instrument. So even though the obsession will never wane for all the vintage stuff I have turned my attention to the modern vintage equivalent and like always that brings me to Heritage. So.....now I’m all about the 525. As usual the price/quality and vibe ratio is the best out there. I won’t be able to make a purchase for a while but I’m ready to dream a little more. If you want to post about 525s then please do it. If you own one or played one or just want one let’s hear about it. My favorite style is the plain top and it would be cool to have a single P90 situated in the middle between the neck and bridge. I’ve never seen a 525 like this but the simplicity is attractive. Eventually I’ll get one and I’ll take the pick gaurd off and my fingers will make a wear spot on the top like my other guitars and I’ll play it loud as f.*! and get feed back, it will be great!
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