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  1. That is really special - and look at that guitar....schwiinnnngggg!
  2. kayaman


    My favorite guitar hands down is the 530 - its perfect. The neck was made for me.
  3. kayaman


    Owner didn't know what he wanted to do - wanted to trade guitars but couldn't find any recent trades in these - he knows I have a bunch of Heritage guitars - but I hadn't a clue either. He backed away and I realized I had to change the pickups on mine (not a big deal) but the neck is still an issue for me given its girth. Move the chains....
  4. kayaman


    Change of plan - going to list my H-357...the one I was looking to buy has an owner who isnt serious. My H-530 just is a perfect guitar - I have moved most of my semi-hollow body guitars - and I am particularly attached to these as well.
  5. kayaman


    I heard $3500 is a good ballpark figure
  6. kayaman


    my neck is a bat
  7. kayaman


    sorry about the crappy shots - better ones at home - and a freebie for all you freaks....
  8. kayaman


    Sorry - at work - let me see what I can find...
  9. kayaman


    OK - well the one I have now might just be a Marvbird - I recall Jay Wolfe telling me it was when I bought it.
  10. kayaman


    HI All - I just got a lead on a Heritage H-357 but trying to price it. I have one but its been several years and this guy seems intent on getting rid of it and they are too cool. Any thoughts?
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