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  1. So if it's all that, why can't we see you smile? Tone report when you get home please.
  2. Rich, Looks like it was/is one piece of wood as each side is too much a perfect match to be book matched. If true, what is the center line about? Would it be a design highlight point like around the rims? BTW extraordinary design, one might say a magic ticket.
  3. Mine is but it's a 2013 with P90 and staple with stoptail. More like an original 54
  4. A Limited Edition Heritage H-137 Custom Shop. Here are the Specs: 137 Single Cut. Heritage Owners Club custom engraved truss-rod cover. (Unique CS Feature) Mojotone Quiet Coil soapbar true P90's with scatterwound A5 magnets. (Unique CS Feature) Kluson Prestige Nickel-Parchment Open Gear Tuners with 18:1 Ratio. (Unique CS Feature) API Locking Wrap-Around Tailpiece. Bound hand selected rosewood finger board with dot Inlays. (Unique CS Feature) .870 (1st fret) to .970 (12th) C-Shape Neck Profile (Unique CS Feature) Lightweight Body TV Yellow Sequenced Limited Edition with custom control cavity sticker (Unique CS Feature) Certificate of Authenticity signed in-person by Pete Farmer (if delivered by PSP) (Unique CS Feature) Thumb Bleeders (Unique CS Feature) Black Controls and Switch Tip. TKL Hardshell case and Mono Gig Bag Included (Unique CS Feature) I have a Korina 137 built in 2007 and it cost $1800 back then so this is a great price being some 11 year latter. - What I believe it and all Heritage guitars SHOULD have is MOP headstock inlays but that is purely cosmetic
  5. Back in 2009 I ordered a prospect P90 with pick guard. I believe this was their first. Due to a combination of factors like routing, neck angle but mostly P90's height adjustable system consists of using shims and adjustable pole screws, the scratch guard Heritage made was a thin piece of wood. Marv thought it would break and included a paper tracing in the case. I know this does not help the original poster, but I wanted to tell my story. More to the point, there might be a forum member with a 530 that has a scratch guard that they might unscrew and trace it for you.
  6. What would be the peril that caused the damage?
  7. Welcome EvenSteven! Can you show us your Korina 137? I have a 2007 with P90 by Lollar too. It did not come with adjustable saddles nor Sperzels.
  8. Tim, The custom shop 155 was more interesting to me.
  9. When it comes to pedals, I'm on Time.
  10. What a great story on that dreadnought! 140's are also underrated.
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