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  1. Like that color, speed knobs and crowbar. Very nice.
  2. ThroBak Vintage Choice Strings: 10% off 3 Pack / 20% off 6 Pack
  3. Very nice burst you got there. Enjoy for all the years to come.
  4. Good on you. Hope it makes you happy.
  5. This.. plus if the pots are 500k, 300k or 250k there will be more treble to roll off from the higher values.
  6. Can we have a tone and playability report please?
  7. I thought they made a hundred with the eagle on the back of the headstock alone. Humans have less than perfect memories.
  8. Many of us were spoiled/lucky to purchase customs and options prior to the ownership change. When I was 18 and had the coin to purchase my first Les Paul, there were two options. Black custom with humbuckers or goldtop with p90's, that was 1968 and we were lucky Gibson decided to make single cut solid bodies again. Unless the current colour options are dealbreakers for you, a 2019 535 is still a great deal. Time can change me but I can't change time.
  9. Someone just finished a bike ride and has yet to have lunch.
  10. This, If you are driving 500 k and they have a 137 and a 150, play both and decide. You might like a bound neck, lighter weight, or humbuckers over P90's.
  11. I have one also. Great tweed tones and verb. Loud for 5 watts. About 4 different options with the two imputes and feedback switch.
  12. Stopped into my local guitar superstore today and they had a 2019 H555, H157 and Millie on display. Was not aware they were building these deluxe ebony models again. They looked great and were setup perfect.
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