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  1. Beautiful 575 got a wood scratchguard. What year?
  2. We have all been down this road. It is a slippery slope. Guitar porn leads to bank account damage. You have been warned.
  3. Looks like a thumb tack to me.
  4. Back in the day one could order a custom wooden scratch guard. I thought this was going to be black/ebony but they did a burst. This might be what your 530 would look like if.....
  5. 147.html 1477.html Pulled these from my gallery have not taken a new photo for seven years... Looks the same
  6. They look great on those black and white TVs. My first six string electric was a 68 goldtop and first Heritage a 2006 H150 goldtop Iconic.
  7. 155 Maple back and sides. No F holes me thinks.
  8. era of design over form and function
  9. With all this talk about the the, I noticed the tuning keys only say "Heritage" without the the. In my opinion, tulip shaped tuner buttons would look better too
  10. Lot to like with the holly headstock with inlays and agree on the .89 - .9805. interested in how they can keep that profile if the neck is still hand rolled. Only thing I don't see is H no longer using real mother of pearl inlays. I have one guitar with the MOT and it feels like plastic.
  11. Beautiful 150! Perfect top and finish. Like the mods for sure but question replacing MOP with MOT.
  12. I thought Fredzep has a unique anniversary model he may wish to post now.
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