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  1. Spectrum13

    525, I’m obsessed, don’t have one though

    Tim fails to mention just how loud that 525 plays unplugged. You would never believe it.
  2. Spectrum13

    525, I’m obsessed, don’t have one though

    Order one new with a single P90. Might take enough months that you could save up the coin.
  3. Spectrum13

    New Heritage Pricing vs. New Gibson Pricing

    GIbson dropped their prices to "reasonable"?
  4. Spectrum13


    I figure a few of us are in their 50's and 60's and might not be able to hear the full spectrum from 20hz to 20,000 hz. If you have a tube amp with a "cut" or presence control, how much of a roll off in the higher frequencies do you hear when you turn the nobs?
  5. Spectrum13

    Millennium Ultra and Millennium Eagle?

    Tim, Could you shed some light on the differences between the Eagle and Ultra/155 other than size?
  6. Marv started in 1956, JP in 1957 and Jim 1957. So they were 18-19 years old. When Marv was carving necks on the 58,59 60 bursts he was early 20's They guys in the photo with Pete showing off Pressure's Super light look older than their teens. Don't write off the workers because they have less than 30 years under their belt. If they produced Richies super light and Sky 52's Sweet 16 no body should question their skills.
  7. Spectrum13

    NGD SuperLight

    They have one just like that in OSB at Guitar Center in Alpharetta, GA. Seriously WOW what a build.
  8. Spectrum13

    New, first time, owner - expectations?

    Go for it. They are still building great guitars although current prices are higher than a few years ago. There are several threads on this topic if you do a search. Nobody got booted for posting their opinions.
  9. Spectrum13

    What do you think of buying a Reliced Heritage H150

    How does the math work? A new relic 150 costs $1,000 more than a brandy new. If the new owner keeps it for three years and then posts on reverb, will the asking price be more than a mint three year old 150? If the relic gets the crap played out of it will the value increase or decrease and how does the buyer tell?
  10. Spectrum13

    WTF is up with this?

    not Kzoo with that cutaway..
  11. Spectrum13

    Pot Shafts

  12. Spectrum13

    Looks like my H-170

    It does. Just multiply the cost of a 170 by three as it is a Gibson.
  13. Spectrum13

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Good start to cult membership. ATL Discount is a fine shop.
  14. Spectrum13

    Help with a member photo

    Factory installed Throbaks with custom pots and caps. After market wood knobs, wood rings and bridge. Rosewood 25.5 fingerboard. Worth the wait.
  15. Spectrum13

    Heritage? You make the call...

    With the small blocks, not.