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  1. When it comes to pedals, I'm on Time.
  2. What a great story on that dreadnought! 140's are also underrated.
  3. Blimey limey, tell me what is a guitar "lead"? Some of us on the other side of the pond speak a different English.
  4. The romance begins! Many happy notes.
  5. Wow! Great player and singer... Really really great. Looks like a working guy that breaks lots of strings and wears down frets. Powerful.
  6. Some upscale models had it as standard equipment. Like Tim said. 555 would be upscale 535.
  7. Two very nice examples - not many 147 around, thanks for posting!
  8. We have different length fingers and hands. Shoes, gloves and guitar necks are sized to fit. Old guard Heritage with custom necks rolled by hand at no upcharge... good old days!
  9. New business model, if you can't hit your profit goal sue and extort legal fees and fines. One way to eliminate the competition without improving your products. There needs to be a new square on Monopoly along with cards in the community chest.
  10. H575 Custom - Natural - ready to buffH575 Custom - Natural - ready to buff.html
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