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  1. Nice version of your old Kentucky home Rich!
  2. What, no Henderson? What about a Brently? That would be rich.
  3. They made a silver burst 147 anniversary about 15 years ago and they still had the templet when they built my 147 in 2013, I kind of pre-voted on the 140 thing. I would champion a reissue of the prospect as a slightly smaller 535 falls in line with their slimmed down current production.
  4. Someone sorry they lost their old 140 due to neck issues?
  5. players choice. I would swap the tailpiece. If it's reversable, what is the problem?
  6. You need to check your eyesight, that top is a crippler!
  7. As fine an example of a 157 as can be!
  8. I'm sure they know enough to keep their distance from the pointy ends.
  9. Guess they don't make a form fit case for that. How hot does it get in Kzoo these days?
  10. I would not buy it and don't buy it.
  11. In 1968 when I purchased my first Goldtop, two friends obtained 1968 Black Beauties. One removed the paint to reveal a three piece maple top. Go figure
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