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  1. Spectrum13

    WTF is up with this?

    not Kzoo with that cutaway..
  2. Spectrum13

    Pot Shafts

  3. Spectrum13

    Looks like my H-170

    It does. Just multiply the cost of a 170 by three as it is a Gibson.
  4. Spectrum13

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Good start to cult membership. ATL Discount is a fine shop.
  5. Spectrum13

    Help with a member photo

    Factory installed Throbaks with custom pots and caps. After market wood knobs, wood rings and bridge. Rosewood 25.5 fingerboard. Worth the wait.
  6. Spectrum13

    Heritage? You make the call...

    With the small blocks, not.
  7. Spectrum13

    H150 Stop Bar

  8. Spectrum13

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    Will never knew you owned a Yugo.
  9. Suggest you do a search for 576.
  10. Spectrum13

    Help with a member photo

    check Steiner.
  11. Spectrum13

    Finally got the 535 on a record!

    Just Superb! great mix.
  12. Spectrum13

    H150 Stop Bar

    They had a two piece curly maple top and carved the arch with too steep an angle from the bridge to the tail piece. If the carve top was higher where the studs were drilled for the tail, the string angle would be fine. They should have made this a stoptail or destroyed it like the legend of the three hundred. As a reality check this is the only reported turd from the new owners.
  13. Spectrum13

    H150 Stop Bar

    ABR-1 bridge will allow greater string clearance so that the stop tail could be lowered some too. The bridge height looks ok. The top carve will absolutely affect that angle.
  14. Great to see they are still customs like that.