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  1. 530 with a 25.5 neck or if they still have the patterns for a prospect or academy. I would think CP Thornton would be more than capable.
  2. So you must have an XK150 too?
  3. And appendix and balloons and pipes and bubbles...
  4. 520 Is that a new model or were you posting this on 420?
  5. As far as H150's go, that is as good as it gets!
  6. Hello Slappy and welcome to the HOC. I have halve a dozen heritage guitars and have either replaced or sent to the factory (to install) linear taper CTS pots and paper in oil caps on all. Some might play on "10" and "5" but I like a smooth taper. The factory buys in bulk and uses what they stock as this is not an issue with lots of players. Your needs might be different.
  7. Kudos on a very early Heritage. I notice the frets are in excellent shape and the action looks nice and low. Both a player and a looker!
  8. That Sure is a beautiful guitar.
  9. What Rich said. I would be more interested in the neck carve than the year as these were hand rolled and each one is going to feel different in your hands. A cheep upgrade would be replacing the pots which might be scratchy after a couple of decades and their values could be 250 on older years rather than 500. Many change out the Schaller bridge and stop for locking Abr-1 Faber types.
  10. Green and Gold the color of the dream I had.... Not so long ago. Misty Blue and Lilac too....
  11. This would be a good time for Tim to weigh in with his sunset 525... saying
  12. I caught that performance too. Impressive talent. Reminded me of Sean Costello with a better voice. Mature and well beyond his years.
  13. Low E and the A string slots are cut deep and are far forward although the saddles are well in the middle of the bridge. Assume some work was done to match the radius of bridge and fingerboard. I replaced all my Nashville bridges to ABR (Faber) as the narrower width provides more clearance to the stoptails. IMO Nashville bridges allow more saddle travel needed when the bridge studs were drilled a bit off.
  14. Howard Roberts or old L4 would be my guess
  15. I have yet to see this 157 Goldtop of which you tease.
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