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  1. Gotta believe that THUMB had one heck of a tough surface shapping Wes's tone more than the type of bridge.
  2. Gregg,

      Just cleaned and restrung my 575 from flat wound Ti Swings to round Ti BeBops 12.

    Pickups are ThroBak SLE 101MXV 

    Now I get the ghost hum/buzz only through the amp (changed cables/changed amps/change guitars) so it is only from this guitar. It's not a grounding issue or mechanical issue. Could be the same issue you had so I ask..

    If you had to do this over...  assume it is a potting issue... how would you proceed.

    Have not gone to my tech guy.  


  3. Did you get to finish "this is your brain on music?

    1. MartyGrass


      I forgot about it.  I have it on audiobooks.  I'll have to hear it.

      Thanks for reminding me.

  4. On my 575 I replaced the rosewood bridge and pickup rings with a exotic matching woods to match the fretboard. It was called canery Canary wood is also known as the only canary is wood with distribution from Panama to southern Brazil. The canary tree is about 65-100 feet tall, 2-3 feet trunk diameter. It is a durable wood resistant to rot, attractive appearance in various colors, such as dark red, yellow, orange, and brown, and has a straight grain figured. It has a hardness, or denseness similar to ebony. My Korina 137 has a petrified masterdon nut, super hard a beautiful color. When it comes to guitar trim, call me ocd
  5. Wow nice set! Do tell, did you change out the bridge to farber and what pickups?
  6. Disagree.... Milly semi solids are a different animal. While I have a 155, I spotted a Milly two tone green at the 2013 PSP waiting for filtrons I should have snagged.
  7. That a vintage P150? Nice family, solid, semi and hollow.
  8. Never knew you were so ticklish and Gretsch makes bathtubs, but live and learn.
  9. First thing... Marv and Jim were building Les Paul's in/from 1956. If anyone would know how to improve the string-pull on an LP, these guys would. Gibson was locked into the "open book" and it thus became a trademark even if the guys building it knew it could be improved. Second thing... Reports of improved factory setups with the new owners might just be a factor. The "founders" were relying on the retailers to fine tune after shipping and humidity. Third thing... The real Aholes are non critical thinkers who flame the Heritage headstock failing to realize "First thing"
  10. You might be speechless but three photos are worth 3000 words. We are in the mist of a Custom Core epidemic me thinks. Nice G fiddle
  11. Why avoid temptation whey there is always more. Dude you have a serious gas problem
  12. You don't have nurses telling you it doesn't matter if you have on shoes pants or shirts?
  13. Kool, I was in Chicago this August visited my Niece Elizabeth who works at Old Town.  Did not know forum member knew about that place.

    1. PunkKitty


      Old Town is where Kip (Kidsmoke) and I met. He's the one who told me about Heritage Guitars. I've been taking classes there for years.

  14. Wow that is one spicy 150! Glade you posted photos and appear to be satisfied. Would appreciate a follow up after the honeymoon.
  15. Rich, I think you are missing the point here. My oldest is a Guild built in 1975 purchased new and aged by me. To be artisan aged, a skilled luthier needs to study wear patterns on vintage instruments for well over 20 years and reproduce these characteristic on new factory instruments. I lack these skills and thus my amateur aged Guild at 46 years would never meet this criteria.
  16. Not to mention its also beautiful. Poker chip and G style scratch guard.
  17. You grew up some. No reason to risk it on the downhills without being organized competition. As Bob Dylan said, your pride ain't poison.
  18. This would be a good time/place to post a photo of said Gemstone... if it indeed you are a team player.
  19. How is the bike riding going?

  20. Looks tweedy but speaks blackface... What's not to like!!!
  21. When Seth Lover "invented" the humbucker he also invented the height adjustable rings. P90 dogears needed the shims as the variations in neck angle and adjustable bridge height/playing action required them. Better to have shims you can remove or raise than a P90 decked to the body that prevents lowering the action due to strings hitting the plastic. I believe my custom Prospect P90 was their first and I needed to remove the shims to get the action to taste and clear the pickup.
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