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  1. Very tasty! With all the LP types you have in your collection it might take a couple of centuries for them to show the worn is love many appreciate. Well done
  2. How are we suppose to tell how to select the bass or treble pickup? Not to mention the middle position where I guess zero pickups are elected
  3. There are different methods of locking down the bridge and tailpiece. Suggest you investigate. Does the tailpiece lock into the studs or does the system lock into the body.
  4. That was the inspiration for Jimi at Monteray
  5. Guess your mom was rocking the cradle two.
  6. I have crossed that line many a times. Having 6 Heritages built from 2006 through 2013, on all I have replace with RS pots and caps. Faber bridges and inserts on the Prospect, H150 and Millie. Stoptails were all upgraded as was the bridge on my 575. Factory bridges, pots and caps were purchased in bulk and neither Gibson or Heritage went for premium grade. Most players were OK or upgraded them. Are you "most players?" This is not like adding truck nuts under the rear license plates, if it plays and sounds better, it IS better.
  7. I have a hunch there might be a story to tell.
  8. Hope you used some sun block on your babies!
  9. Ok so is you new to you H150 (since purchased used) #1 artisan aged and aged, #2double artisan aged (are you an artisan?) #3 used artisan aged?
  10. I have a prospect with P90 same color and minus the crowbar is a mini copy of yours. To tame the brightness I suggest changing out the pots from 500 to 300 or 250. There are better controls aftermarket and more uniform taper will rolloff the highs smoother.
  11. Josh, Let nobody on this forum suggest you are anything but #1 dad.
  12. All's well that ends well! no relation to the last words of a three stooges episode.
  13. Looks a lot like his dad! When I was 18 my dream guitar was a 1968 goldtop with P90's too
  14. Feel it with your finger and nails. Use a couple of known examples. It should be obvious to the touch.
  15. Anyone out there with a current H150 who would be kind enough to feel the inlay and let us know if it is MOP of MOTS?
  16. Why? Would not make sense as a cost saving measure as this is a premium piece. OSHA? I understand cutting MOP creates some pretty nasty dust.
  17. If you have great knowledge of all the Fuzz boxes, what would Jimi Hendrix play today? Fuzz face?
  18. Or repro 1950's LP, 335, L5 or tube amps
  19. Is that a Gibson with auto tuners?
  20. Not funny but I get a kick out of how the English language is used in the current era. Can think of many other ways to explain what is going on, can you? Imagine if news papers in 1860 used these terms to describe the election of Abe Lincoln. There is real suffering in the world and if this and the cost of oil is the price we are paying, we should be thankful. Consider electric autos and solid state amps alternatives vs no food, no water, bombs, tanks, death and destruction. We are pretty lucky!
  21. Yes you have quite the collection started now!
  22. Stunning - really like the control cavity covers...
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