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  1. Nice version of your old Kentucky home Rich!
  2. What, no Henderson? What about a Brently? That would be rich.
  3. They made a silver burst 147 anniversary about 15 years ago and they still had the templet when they built my 147 in 2013, I kind of pre-voted on the 140 thing. I would champion a reissue of the prospect as a slightly smaller 535 falls in line with their slimmed down current production.
  4. Someone sorry they lost their old 140 due to neck issues?
  5. players choice. I would swap the tailpiece. If it's reversable, what is the problem?
  6. You need to check your eyesight, that top is a crippler!
  7. As fine an example of a 157 as can be!
  8. I'm sure they know enough to keep their distance from the pointy ends.
  9. Guess they don't make a form fit case for that. How hot does it get in Kzoo these days?
  10. I would not buy it and don't buy it.
  11. In 1968 when I purchased my first Goldtop, two friends obtained 1968 Black Beauties. One removed the paint to reveal a three piece maple top. Go figure
  12. Ding ding ding we have a winner!!!!! As a boomer and someone who has been to his share of loud, do you self a favor and have your hearing tested. If like me your high end drops after 2000hz or Will after 4000hz you are just not hearing a LOT. Buying speakers and audio amps going from 20 to 20,000 hz when in your sixties or seventies??? My amps and guitars sound much much better when the full spectrum opens up. I was clueless. Anyone else that will confirm?
  13. Rich and Tim.... you are cold how would a EQ pedal get the presence control to function. And why would my insurance pay for one?
  14. Listen to me now and thank me latter... Just fixed a problem that plague me for many a year. On a couple of my boutique amps the presence controls never worked. As luck would have, all is good after adding a single mid and treble boaster to the signal chain for a measly couple of grand. This was a game changer bringing overtones and volume to my H575 and countless additional tone enhancements. What did I get? Will, please do not spoil this quiz.
  15. For new HOC members getting the impression Brent has finally found "the one" or the "two" take heart, his quest is only beginning. P.S. Tim, I know what you're doing, you will not prevent this!
  16. Should have saved that photo for flame Friday so fine
  17. Maybe there is a reason Marv, Jim and JP insisted on the straighter pull of the Heritage headstock rather than an "open book" style on a real Gibson
  18. Very tasty! With all the LP types you have in your collection it might take a couple of centuries for them to show the worn is love many appreciate. Well done
  19. How are we suppose to tell how to select the bass or treble pickup? Not to mention the middle position where I guess zero pickups are elected
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