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  1. You've perhaps already done this, but after setup (new strings, relief, intonation, nut slot height, string height), check nut slots (width, smooth slots, lube). Then bridge slots and tailpiece break angle. Ensure tuners are tight. Apologies if stating the obvious, but it's lower odds that quality tuners such as grovers are causing tuning issues.
  2. Sticker reflects 'ALMSB' finish... which think is Always Lugubriously Melodic Sensational Band
  3. Like the looks of that rig, Tim! I went on a similar thought process and hunt and a bandmate liked the Vox ac10c1 limited edition he'd just bought (creamback spkr) so I got one of those. Light weight combo and it does that Vox thing really well in the home so hoping it works well on the gig, also. Built an od pedal kit to go with it as well.
  4. Vintage burst - yes, think that's what my 525 is. I really like how Heritage bursts look - great examples!
  5. Playing around the house w/o plugging in while working on chord voicings. These sound great unplugged, especially the hollow 525 w/the 'reverb adding' tailpiece. 535 I believe is 'sunset burst'. Can't recall the 525 burst flavor... natural burst? But anyway, 'bursts have the best tone...
  6. Nice! How fun for HOC'rs to get together. You're all looking great!
  7. Nice - sounds like it's coming together.
  8. Ha! Gotta watch those full wallets. Glad you had a fun gig - sad to see a long standing venue close.
  9. Thanks for the entry, Mark. Always enjoy reading on your band journey.
  10. Ouch. A bit of time put in and like you say close to gigging so that's a set back. Sounds like you're rolling with it well. Best of luck in finding the replacement.
  11. Nice read - enjoyed that. Especially the 'The room I have retreated to...' sentence. And that your prior destination is now your daughters. Circle of rooms it is. And Dooverlackies. Yes. That's gonna be my next band's name. Cool pic, too.
  12. Been nice following your band's progress, Mark. Like these blogs. Be nice to see some vid of your band one of these days, too.
  13. fxdx99

    In with both feet.

    Nice blog, Mark. Enjoy reading of the journey. Do you plan to record? Have been waiting for years for a follow on to Live at Leeds...
  14. Congrats on filling out the lineup. And targeting some twin lead WA tunes - look forward to hearing those! Good luck on the next step and upcoming gig.
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