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  1. Nice Josh. Treasure these father and son experiences. I think this is the last time I had all three at the 'zoo, spring of 2013?. I was picking up my H-357 from Marv. Tempus Fugit, the big one (national merit scholar in Latin) just finished his sophomore year at USA (full academic scholarship). He's studying criminal justice with a minor in Russian. The middle one will be a freshman in high school in the fall, he's the jock and plays sax, and the little one, well, he's still the squirt and quite the ladies man (and I think smarter than all of us). (apologies in advance for being braggadocious)
  2. Not Pete and no nitrogen. I had a chance to check out a couple of these at The Heritage booth at Summer NAMM last year. At the time I thought the ones I got to try were tastefully done. I made a post about then that I can't find now. Anyway, Pete told me management asked him to pick 25 guitars to be reliced. They packed them up and sent to another team to be processed. He explained the process to me and it seemed quite painstakingly tedious to be a no charge option, at least it was for the first 25 guitars. I don't know if it's still a no charge option. I'm not a fan of relicing, but obviously some folks are and it would be foolish not to exploit that market segment. Oh, OP that is a lovely guitar. Congratulations!
  3. That's weird. The picture shows up for me even in your quote. How about this?
  4. Along with Brian's 157, this one of the most beutiful Heritge necks I've ever seen.
  5. LV Welcome aboard from a fellow Stat owner. Dave
  6. Hi Kidsmoke. I'm in Huntsville Al. I agree, for about the last year now Two Hearted Ale is my...er...um...daily drinker as it were.(not really every day but I think you know what I mean). I really like it, and I'm kind of ashamed I didn't realize where it was brewed. My five year old calls it Daddy's fish beer. I'm really liking Sierra Nevada Torpedo Ale (IPA) and many other craft IPAs. Alabama just passed a law allowing high gravity beer sales, so the local stores are slowly stocking a wider varity of all kinds of craft beer. However, at least in my experience, beer and guitars don't mix. A nice brew lasts an evening, but a scratch is forever. I haven't seen Founders in Al. I'll keep my eyes open. Beer of the moment "Hop Ottin' IPA" Anderson Valley Brewing. Dave
  7. Oh yea.. I forgot. I like beer too. I'm into IPAs right now. Dave
  8. Hello to all. I'm new here and I don't yet have a Heritage I hope that won't last too long. I do have a couple of friends who do have a few Heritages each, so I do get to drool a bit. The guitars I currently have are a 2004 LP Supreme cherry sunburst I've had it about a month, a 1983 Fender Squire Strat (SQ serial # first year Japanese export)I've had it since 1988. I also have a 1984 Yamaha 335II acoustic that I bought in 1988. Anyway, I've been lurking for a couple of weeks and finally decided to join. It seems like a friendly place to hang out and learn a thing or two. Dave Huntsville Al.
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