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  1. Congratulations! She's a beauty. I'm pretty certain I owned that one at one point. Look at the mineral streaks below the knobs, to the left of the bridge, and above the switch. I couldn't find a picture of the serial number, but if there is a finish flaw on the bass side of the head stock then certainly it's the one. But I think the top nails it.
  2. I was just checking them out about 30 minutes ago at NAMM. Pete said they came to him and asked for 25 guitars so they could be reliced and to test the waters. Right now it's a no-cost option. It's not my thing, but they are very well done. Certainly does not look like someone took a belt sander to them. It's very tastefully done.
  3. There could be a mouse in the neck. I would definitely get it checked while it's still under warranty. Oh, and congrats on a sweet 150!
  4. I played a couple of the Heritage(?) Harmonys at the Summer NAMM Heritage booth last year. At the time the the street price was going to around $1800 if I remember correctly. They were nice.
  5. No one comes close to the magnificent guitars Richard commissions! And, no one executes like Pete Farmer.
  6. No. We did talk about a unique body build, but it amounted to nothing more than talk.
  7. I wish I had a Heritage V! Alas, my V is a Gibby.
  8. What is the official Heritage designation? And will it be a catalog item?
  9. As usual Richard: Stunning! Pete is the man!
  10. This one is missing the Terminator which was out on assignment at the time.
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