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  1. These Heritages are staving for attention. They keep photo bombing the Harmonys. 🤪
  2. is that a Harmony Silhouette in the background?
  3. This man speaks the truth! Speaking of the next one, how are the twins? I don't recall seeing a review. Now that you guys have had them for a while what are your thoughts? Share some of that Pete Farmer magic.
  4. That's pretty cool. It's nice to see some Heritage customs out in the wild. Have you seen this H-550 at Sweetwater? https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/H550WN20TB--heritage-custom-shop-h-550-trandparent-black-winter-namm-2020
  5. Sweet! Keep those photos coming
  6. Nice Josh. Treasure these father and son experiences. I think this is the last time I had all three at the 'zoo, spring of 2013?. I was picking up my H-357 from Marv. Tempus Fugit, the big one (national merit scholar in Latin) just finished his sophomore year at USA (full academic scholarship). He's studying criminal justice with a minor in Russian. The middle one will be a freshman in high school in the fall, he's the jock and plays sax, and the little one, well, he's still the squirt and quite the ladies man (and I think smarter than all of us). (apologies in advance for being braggadocious)
  7. Not Pete and no nitrogen. I had a chance to check out a couple of these at The Heritage booth at Summer NAMM last year. At the time I thought the ones I got to try were tastefully done. I made a post about then that I can't find now. Anyway, Pete told me management asked him to pick 25 guitars to be reliced. They packed them up and sent to another team to be processed. He explained the process to me and it seemed quite painstakingly tedious to be a no charge option, at least it was for the first 25 guitars. I don't know if it's still a no charge option. I'm not a fan of relicing, but obviously some folks are and it would be foolish not to exploit that market segment. Oh, OP that is a lovely guitar. Congratulations!
  8. That's weird. The picture shows up for me even in your quote. How about this?
  9. Good on Heritage (and Gibson) https://www.google.com/amp/s/guitar.com/news/gibson-tennessee-tornado-relief/%3famp
  10. Take it to a natural body of water. Remove it from the case. Toss it in the water, if it floats then it's a witch and burn it 🕯️ before your turned into a newt.
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