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  1. Looks like the edit feature has gone away. I meant to add to the above, H-555 (with Roy Clark head stock), H-150, and H-120
  2. The mistake is, they have all serial numbers B through roughly AA listed under hand written serial numbers. Heritage used stamped numbers from their inception until about ten years ago. They started the hand written serial numbers around 2010. It may be confusing to folks who are not familiar with Heritage if the official website indicates that stamped numbers were not used prior to 2021. Perhaps it's a nit, but I do like to pick them.
  3. I wanted to look up a Heritage serial number this morning and didn't want to do the mental gymnastics before I had my morning coffee. So, I went to the Heritage website to review the serial number table. It appears that the serial number scheme has changed. However, the legacy information presented is not entirely accurate. It shouldn't take any of the old timers here more than a few seconds to spot the error. https://heritageguitars.com/pages/date-your-heritage?gclid=CjwKCAiA_Kz-BRAJEiwAhJNY79LlX3nalYnQyQKfIgNEGHrKr7h_YBQYUUwTshh1A4w846bUVtE69RoCCBEQAvD_BwE
  4. I would be all over that except I'm not paying that outrageous shipping! Also, I will soon be listing this for sale with Sotheby's. I fully expect early retirement is now just around the corner.
  5. I feel like we should perform some sort of Klingon battle ritual.
  6. Sweet Brent! Nice snatch. I love the fret board.
  7. I've never put it on a scale, but it's much lighter than a 150. I also found that I like the way it hangs, and it's very comfortable to play sitting down.
  8. Not Pete and no nitrogen. I had a chance to check out a couple of these at The Heritage booth at Summer NAMM last year. At the time I thought the ones I got to try were tastefully done. I made a post about then that I can't find now. Anyway, Pete told me management asked him to pick 25 guitars to be reliced. They packed them up and sent to another team to be processed. He explained the process to me and it seemed quite painstakingly tedious to be a no charge option, at least it was for the first 25 guitars. I don't know if it's still a no charge option. I'm not a fan of relicing, but obvi
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