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  1. Cool! That's only the only other one I've seen in wild besides mine (and the lefty on reverb). I got the same vague answers as you. Every time I pick up an odd ball Heritage, Marv's answer to how many they built is " around ten" He told me the terminator was poplar, but 30 years is a long time ago. As an aside, at one of the PSPs I was talking (and drinking beer), with Jim and Marv about a Parsons Street that I had recently picked up (Fred Zepp has it now...I'm waiting....), and I asked them what wood they used. They argued back and forth for a few minutes with Marv certain it was poplar and Jim insisting it was bass wood. Finally, and with authority, Jim said "Bass wood, it's bass wood". As Jim is saying this, Marv is standing just behind him waving his hands and shaking his head no and silently mouthing "Poplar. It's poplar." . The good old days at the Farm. Anyway, mine is a "B" serial number what year is yours? Mine was in the same condition, the paint was a flat red that was touched up multiple times. It had definitely seen better days. Mine now has the fresh smell of nitro and and a fresh plek job. Me, Marv and the Terminator. Who's that handsome devil photo-bombing?
  2. One man's honest play wear is another man's beat up old guitar. It's an individual decision. I have guitars I would never refinish and have guitars that I would refinish in a heartbeat. And, a hard no on a factory relic!
  3. Sweet score Brent! You beat me to another one! Call me.
  4. ...it doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear...and it absolutely will not stop. Public unveiling of the new and improved Candy Apple Sparkle Terminator.
  5. Thanks guys. That 555 is special. It was the give away guitar at PSP IX(?) I'm still stunned that my name was called. I've told the story before. Arnie filled me in after the fact how he made a mistake in the specs on the neck, it was originally supposed to be for a custom Roy Clark for another customer. So, when the the subject of the give away came up it was decided to use that neck, since it was just laying around, on a 555/535 body. The funny thing, at least to me, is that just a few short weeks prior to PSP I was talking with Pete Farmer at Summer NAMM and I filled him in on my next custom build. We pretty much spec'd out this exact guitar, sans the black finish. So, the first words out of my mouth when I was handed the guitar were, "Well Pete, it looks like you just lost a sale!" And while we're on the subject, regarding the H127, as the Eagles sang she's "...already gone"
  6. Well, I should have known I couldn't sneak anything past this group. This is actually a project Elon and I have been working on for several years with funding from the US government and Hammacher Schlemmer. We have mathematically proven the existence of a R Dim7 chord. We believe this chord, if executed properly, on the right guitar, could power a small city for days. Unfortunately, the R Dim7 requires an appendage that does not exist in this dimension. I have been powering my neighborhood by playing early Steely Dan for several weeks. However, during peak power usage I have to switch to Crazy Horse.
  7. I made an impulsive offer on the H-127 listed on Reverb a few days ago. My offer was accepted an here she sits. The 127 is one of the lesser known Heritages that I have yet to own, so I was excited to finally try one. It's very comfortable, with a belly cut, drop top and nice low action. Tone wise it's no Tele, but I didn't expect it to be terribly similar. I haven't yet found it's sweet spot, but I'm certain its just me. Anyway, I genuinely don't like black guitars and somehow I've wound up with three of them. The H-127 with the H-555 and the X Terminator.
  8. So, is Heritage Dirty Lemon now what Heritage Vintage Sunburst (VSB) used to be?
  9. Congratulations! She's a beauty. I'm pretty certain I owned that one at one point. Look at the mineral streaks below the knobs, to the left of the bridge, and above the switch. I couldn't find a picture of the serial number, but if there is a finish flaw on the bass side of the head stock then certainly it's the one. But I think the top nails it.
  10. I was just checking them out about 30 minutes ago at NAMM. Pete said they came to him and asked for 25 guitars so they could be reliced and to test the waters. Right now it's a no-cost option. It's not my thing, but they are very well done. Certainly does not look like someone took a belt sander to them. It's very tastefully done.
  11. No. We did talk about a unique body build, but it amounted to nothing more than talk.
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