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  1. There could be a mouse in the neck. I would definitely get it checked while it's still under warranty. Oh, and congrats on a sweet 150!
  2. I played a couple of the Heritage(?) Harmonys at the Summer NAMM Heritage booth last year. At the time the the street price was going to around $1800 if I remember correctly. They were nice.
  3. No one comes close to the magnificent guitars Richard commissions! And, no one executes like Pete Farmer.
  4. No. We did talk about a unique body build, but it amounted to nothing more than talk.
  5. I wish I had a Heritage V! Alas, my V is a Gibby.
  6. Nice! Marv told me he built around ten of these and he built them himself. I picked mine up several years ago (my avatar) and I love it. Rare does not always equal $. Having said that, it's often difficult to put a price on an item when there are few or no comps. Anyway, sweet guitar!
  7. That remains one of the most beautiful guitars to come out of 225 Parsons!
  8. My 357 label says Korena. I'm beginning to think Marv pulled a fast one on me. Oh, and it's orange.
  9. I thought the skinny was that these were going to made in the old factory....
  10. What is the official Heritage designation? And will it be a catalog item?
  11. As usual Richard: Stunning! Pete is the man!
  12. This one is missing the Terminator which was out on assignment at the time.
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