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  1. And another thing, the finish is spectacular. Another guitar company (and they are beautiful guitars) aspires to a dipped in glass look, well this one also fits that description.
  2. Man I'm glad you went there instead of where I would have gone 😄
  3. Congratulations Will! Make some noise.
  4. OP that is a beautiful guitar! That was a spectacular run of Millies a few years ago.
  5. Trying to fit in some actual playing time between WebEx meetings hasn't been easy, but so far I love it. The frets are perfect, the intonation is spot on, the neck is nice and full like I like it. (Not Marv 357 big, but normal Heritage big) I like the Mojo Tones, they are ssssooo quiet, but I need to get them dialed in. Separated at birth by thirty four years?
  6. DavesNotHere


    Well, a little something arrived yesterday and as Josh has already stated, "It is all that and more". Just a few crappy cell phone shots.
  7. Wow. I wonder if that was due to sales volume or part of some sort of settlement?
  8. I've posted these shots years ago. While I was at the factory picking up my H-357 Marv and Jim walked us through the shop and somehow I wound up picking out a back, top and neck for another build. I'm still not certain how those sly old dogs pulled that off The top The back The neck
  9. As far as the thread title... I did mention the Cabo Wabo
  10. At first I was like and then I was like
  11. My oldest with Marv picking it up at the factory. Me and Marv Me and the boys
  12. I've had more than my fair share of a bottle of Cabo Wabo this evening so please indulge me. I've posted these photos before with commentary, but tonight I will probably just post the shots and add the commentary later. The (sort of) illustrated history of my H-357. The brain trust discussing the possibilities. Bits and pieces The first 357 wood pick guard My star inlays. They represent my three boys, my last name translates to star. The sample of korina orange that Marv FedEx'd to me to see if it was the right color. This shot was from a local Kalamazoo paper/magazine while Marv was making Bolero's and my 357. The one Marv is sanding is Chris' the one on the bench is mine. I could tell because mine didn't have the fret board installed. Marv was still "waiting on those boys from Kentucky" to finish the custom inlay.
  13. There are so many beauties here! I'll have to cheat and post two. My H-357 and my H-150. I worked closely with Marv on both of these. I was fortunate enough to be able to pick out the wood for the 150 at the factory with Jim and Marv when I picked up my 357. They both turned out wonderful.
  14. These Heritages are staving for attention. They keep photo bombing the Harmonys. 🤪
  15. is that a Harmony Silhouette in the background?
  16. This man speaks the truth! Speaking of the next one, how are the twins? I don't recall seeing a review. Now that you guys have had them for a while what are your thoughts? Share some of that Pete Farmer magic.
  17. That's pretty cool. It's nice to see some Heritage customs out in the wild. Have you seen this H-550 at Sweetwater? https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/H550WN20TB--heritage-custom-shop-h-550-trandparent-black-winter-namm-2020
  18. Sweet! Keep those photos coming
  19. Nice Josh. Treasure these father and son experiences. I think this is the last time I had all three at the 'zoo, spring of 2013?. I was picking up my H-357 from Marv. Tempus Fugit, the big one (national merit scholar in Latin) just finished his sophomore year at USA (full academic scholarship). He's studying criminal justice with a minor in Russian. The middle one will be a freshman in high school in the fall, he's the jock and plays sax, and the little one, well, he's still the squirt and quite the ladies man (and I think smarter than all of us). (apologies in advance for being braggadocious)
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