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  1. But band people beware… accidents do happen when you mix music and drinks and extra people at band practice… Rip 1967 double anniversary
  2. Yes, but… I play Billy and use a pedal board. I also swapped out the jazz pup and replaced it with a gold foil. Sounds just right!
  3. I’m using round wound 11’s on my sweet 16. Sound great, easy to bend and stretch. I do play rock-a-Billy but love them 11’s
  4. Great point! Another difference that should be addressed is value. Back in the day the Heritage guitars were a great value, cost vs quality. Heritage guitars were an affordable entry into craftsmanship. Now the cost is on par with small build boutique, or gibby custom. Apples and oranges
  5. Not a 530 but same Idea. Full hollow prospect.
  6. Looks just like my uncle W.C., he always told me there was one borrn every minute.
  7. can we change our user name?

  8. OMG That sucker is sweet...
  9. what is your address .. for cigars

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