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  1. Wile I find sativa is better for my tone than indica really any pot will do.
  2. Gitfiddler what’s the weight on your class of 59 ?
  3. Very much the Soldano sound. And while the unit pictured is not mine the settings are where I keep mine. Maybe just a tad less overdrive and a tad more gain.
  4. Nut is an easy replacement. I’ve really not had any tuning problems with any of mine. Maybe I’m just not that observant.
  5. I don’t have any problem with mine. 3 hr gig no issues. Mine are all USA, graphite nut, roller bridge. Maybe you could add locking tuners?
  6. Ernie ball super slinky 9’s
  7. Might have been called a 150 cm deluxe.
  8. That was a special run, might have an extra number above the serial # nice!
  9. Mine says Pete Farmer Custom Shop!
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