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  1. HERITAGE has 100% foreign ownership! plaza corp. is a Canadian company.
  2. 2005 H150 Classic.

    Class of 59, ed roman
  3. Heritage H140 Custom Shop

    Is that a pink guitar (rose) or just the lighting?
  4. Patience please

    Pete Farmer gets the credit. He was asked for 2, 137's Chunky necks Korina P-90's He was told to build a guitar he would want to play.
  5. Patience please

    I picked up a stellar custom shop korina 137 from Pete Farmer at p.s.p. It is all that and a bag of potato chips. But... I have been traveling for over a month and my job just stared up again today, so..... Please be patient, tone report and pics coming soon.
  6. N G D

    Heritage STAT and 357
  7. HOC Board Software and the Path Forward

    Could we do a dial up bb?
  8. The king snake is like 70 lbs maybe more, not a giging amp!
  9. NGD - In praise of the underrated H140s

    Yeah baby, like that!
  10. NGD - In praise of the underrated H140s

    Pics, my god pics! Of all the 140's
  11. I feel sorry for your loss. Amp gas is the best kind of gas!
  12. Did heritage drop the 170? Or is it now a 150 with a double cut option?
  13. Best Amp For Blues?

    What kink of blues? Delta Chicago Kansas City
  14. Needa boost......

    Me Too.