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  1. Might have been called a 150 cm deluxe.
  2. That was a special run, might have an extra number above the serial # nice!
  3. Mine says Pete Farmer Custom Shop!
  4. Very nice! 1 question and 1 comment. Comment, Lance and Big Bob are the same guy! You mean Lance and Bill Gelder. Question, who did the neck roll?
  5. Cold solder on the pup or the switch? Prospect has no control access execpt the f holes and the binding makes it real tight! thanks
  6. So I’m playing my super cool custom prospect, just jamming it out when the keyboard player says “hey can someone help me with bring in the pa”. I’m a good guy so I say sure. I put the amp on standby and lend a hand. When I come back I switch on the amp and get no volume? I check all the cords and long story short the bridge pickup has almost no volume at all. If I crank the amp up to 6 I get a real week signal. Everything else works fine. Neck pup, neck pup + bridge has no volume loss? Lollar dogear p-90s
  7. big bob


    Who is that hot babe!
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