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  1. Is that the Peter Green flip going on with the pups?
  2. I thought you meant a song by the band “sleep”. That would be weird on a sweet 16 but might also be awesome!
  3. Yes I almost whole heartedly agree. However I prefer an ebony board!
  4. Sorry to hear that, Bill is a great guy and a kind soul!
  5. My bad, I had a 120 not a 142.
  6. It’s a Chicago rocker. I thought they only came in red.
  7. I had one for a while a long time ago. Mine had the Bill Lawrence pickups. If my memory serves me the 142’s were made using leftover marauder parts and had a solid maple body and 3pc maple neck. Mine was a boat anchor, but sounded good.
  8. Oh yeah, there was that tragic headstock break and a new neck from Marv Lamb.
  9. Same guitar, one photo recent the other my daughter at psp ii. She just graduated with her second music masters degree from Yale. Time sure flys fast!
  10. Nothing new just piling on the 575 train
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