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  1. Thats old school 137, more like old fools 137! Ha ha
  2. Looks just like my uncle W.C., he always told me there was one borrn every minute.
  3. can we change our user name?

  4. OMG That sucker is sweet...
  5. what is your address .. for cigars

  6. who was that masked man?

    1. Jared


      Hi Bob, I recently signed up on the forum but for some reason I am not allowed to post any comments or start and any threads. Is there a problem with my account?

      Thanks, Jared Purdy


  7. big bob

    '92 Mark Slaughter Rock

    the headstock was cool.. hope she works her way back to the HOC!
  8. big bob

    The Ladies

    said like Daffy Duck "you'r disssspickable"!
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