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  1. Don't know what model it is, but loving that sweet cherry finish with the flamey maple.
  2. Well as long as it's working, GREAT!
  3. I don't think you're hearing the difference between an R8 and a H150, I think you're just hearing the difference between two different pieces of wood, and two different sets of pickups. I own an R4, R7, R0, and two H150s. And guess what, NONE of them sound alike, they are all individual sounding, and that's why I keep them. Maybe your R8 needs a new set of pickups and/or pots! I also think rough feel of the R8 is just the VOS finish which can buffed off very easily. I buffed that VOS crap off of all of my Gibsons, and blindfolded, I couldn't tell any difference between feel of the lacquer of the Gibsons and the Heritages. Although the R4 and R7 have bigger necks so I would feel that. This is the stuff I buffed my Gibsons with and it got all of the VOS stuff off... https://www.amazon.com/Players-Guitar-Scratch-Remover-Eternashine/dp/B008NRF8R2/ref=asc_df_B008NRF8R2/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312165945081&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=531106270630495922&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1026969&hvtargid=pla-571115065135&psc=1 I love all of my Heritages and Gibsons, but frankly, I had to do way more work on my Heritages than I did my Gibsons. My Heritages all had very badly cut nuts and sloppy fretwork. I also changed all of the hardware on them, all the pickups, and all of the electronics, on the Heritages. That said, I hope you get your Oxblood ordeal sorted out and you get a new guitar with NO defects!!!
  4. Looks like someone put a good bridge on that thing too! Congrats on your patience paying off! P90s ROCK! What's up with the ball ends sticking out of the tailpiece (did you double up on them?).
  5. I would return the guitar for the post alone, don't get caught up in the emotion, call it for what it is, TERRIBLE QC. You should get a new one with NO problems! And when you order the next one, make sure to tell them that you'll be looking the next one over with a microscope!
  6. My EXACT opinion! Today I am going to re-record with the following adjustments... A skosh more gain on the Marshall, less 'verb on the Boogie, and reposition the mic on the Webster. As you know I love doing this and I want to try to find the best tones from each amp.
  7. Clips are the three amps with the guitar pictured. Clips are in order of the picture: 50 Watt Marshall JMP/JCM Hybrid built by Hawthorn Electric Arts, Mesa Fillmore 50, 1952 Chicago Webster! They got progressively dirtier as I went Each amp made me play the lead part just a little bit different which I thought was cool.
  8. A bit heavy, but I like that weight for tone, my Darkburst H150 is exactly 9.4 lbs, and it sounds great. I like 'em close to 9 lbs, either way, low or high.
  9. Great looking top on that one Kitty Cat! What's it weigh?
  10. There are two different insert kits. The push-in iNsert bushings are a very easy replacement (they now come in bell brass and german steel), and I have done many of them for myself and never had a problem. The BSWkit is the one that requires tapping a slightly larger hole, and that job took a little more patience but that is my favorite insert. I love that the insert is screwed in to the body like real ABR posts. My favorite Faber ABR is the tone-lock, and this one is the one that works best for Heritage guitars (but you also need to order the inserts)... https://faberusa.com/product-category/faber-bridges/faber-tone-lock-bridge/gibson-heritage/nashville-heritage/
  11. Are you looking for a custom case??? For high-end cases, I have gone through Cedar Creek, which is the upper end of TKL. They aren't cheap, but they are really nice. I just ordered a case for my Teye guitar, and it was $850 so no chump change! But this is a $7000 - $8000 guitar so I wanted the best I could find and one of the reasons I got the guitar at reasonable price is because it had an after market case. The current build time is between 8 and 14 weeks as they build to order. https://cedarcreekcases.com/ I already own two of their cases and I love them both. One is western tooled, and the other is a coated tweed.
  12. Well it's good to be loved professor, back at ya As for the finish I would have loved to watch Marv spray that one.
  13. Nice classic looking H535!!!! I have those inserts in both of my H150s too they are great.
  14. That would please me. When I bought the H535 with P90s that Kuz sold me, he already took care of the bridge mount with the Faber screw in ABR inserts! He and I are both so OCD, I just knew when the guitar got here, that it would set up as good as it could be, and I was right, it was I waited a long time till I got a semi-hollow Heritage, and I'm glad I did. I seriously doubt a custom core would be any better than this one...
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