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  1. Well it looks like it's a great grab and go board!!! The little board of mine is the board that I use for 90% of my gigs and I can't see adding a thing to it. Speaking of effects, I may slap the guts of a Mythical Overdrive Lil Mo* into one of my Zemaitis guitars, just for fun, to have the ability to slightly bump the knobs while I'm playing electric slide guitar as I hate bending down to tweak pedals in the middle of a song, plus the buffer will help with long cable runs! And I love P90s, and my two P90 guitars get a lot of use, as they have that extra expressive high end that's lost with humbuckers, but lately I've been on a DeArmond Dynasonic kick, you know, you've always got to stir the pot so to say:) * https://www.rimrockeffects.com/store/p6/Lil_MO_-_All_Versions_.html BTW the adapter you need was always optional they don't come with new pedals. so if you ever decide to try my idea, this is the absolute best price I've seen on the adapter that you would need for your tuner, and he only has one left... https://reverb.com/item/34409815-roland-pcs-20a-parallel-dc-cord-daisy-chain-power-cable?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=9713068685&merchant_id=117028058&utm_content=915888962102&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7cSxpe_G6gIVAr7ACh1I4AIXEAYYASABEgItpfD_BwE
  2. Clean enough for me Yoop! Hell I could go with just the tuner (Boss are my fav), the Kalamazoo, and the MXR! Have you tried powering the other pedals with just the tuner dc accessory outlet (200ma)? I do that with my live acoustic guitar gigging board (the tuner is powered by the Grace pre),... These are the current draws for all of your pedals, so doing this should be well within the your tuner's power outlet capability, but you would need the Roland PCS-20A daisy chain cable (they cost $15 on reverb) Carbon copy (26ma) Chorus (9ma) Kalamazoo (10ma) Euphoria (8ma) Auto Wah (15ma) total 68ma draw
  3. Agreed, I think this is one of the best deals I've seen on a new Heritage guitar. If I wasn't hurting from my loss of gigs (COVID19) I would have ordered one already. I'm picking up a bunch of outdoor gigs, but when the weather cools I think a-lot of these venues won't be able to move these shows indoors, so I have to be careful with my money. I have a guitar for sale right now, if it sells, I'm ordering one of these!
  4. Yep he's really good, but starting with the Robin Trower lick was GREAT:)
  5. I don't know how I missed this thread, but I'm glad I finally found it. You did some really nice work there, and soldered connections are so much better on a pedal board! One of mine is still solder-less (George L) and I need to remedy that! Thanks for reminding me!!!
  6. I got a close friend who uses his California Blond (pre-Fender) with a little external mixer, and has been using it like that for for years. He won't use anything else, and he's a legend around these parts! And he always sounds good.
  7. Lumpy, oh you were the guy hanging with Eddy and Wally...
  8. With your Covid mask on that should be easy enough to do.
  9. ...resume for what? All the gigs are blowin' in the Covid wind
  10. Well I like the fact you went with soapbars and it will be great if a Gibbo pickguard fits on it! And the TV yellow looks pretty good compared to other older attempts at it.
  11. after I posted I saw Josh's other post and it said $1799, what's up with that? But I would have to sell the guitar that I have in the classified before I could order.
  12. Are these still available, and what is the price?
  13. It's funny, P90 guitars immediately stir up raunchy in my mind (ie George Thorogood), and that guitar looks too beautiful to "raunch" it up, but I bet it can! Great looking guitar! And with a center block I'm sure you can turn it up!!!
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