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  1. How handy are you with metal working tools? My girlfriend and I were actually talking about this the other day. She's quite an accomplished artist and I was thinking about having her draw me out me a custom nice looking design for a metal top, which I would cut out, and then etch. Of course I would practice on a bunch of scrap metal before I actually did the real thing. The hardest part I've seen on these tops is the edging work which looks pretty detailed. just imagine trying to do something this detailed...
  2. Funny thing Kuz, and some guys aren't going to like what I say, but I've installed shielding kits in some of my guitars where it took some of the magic away from the guitar, as in high end that I previously liked! From here on out, when I do wiring jobs on guitars, I pay very close attention to the solder joints, and keep the leads short on pickups, but other than that no shielding. I have three P90 guitars (1965 ES125, 2010 Historic SG Special, 2019 Historic 1953 reissue Les Paul), and they are fairly quiet, not humbucker quiet, but you know what I mean! The only guitars that I have with shie
  3. Turn off TVs and computers and any florescent lights, and then turn your body until you hear the least amount of hum. It shouldn't be louder than the signal! I've tried all the hum cancelling on P90s (dummy coils, shielding, etc) and IMNSHO, frankly anything that kills the hum, kills the cool edge of a P90. When in places where the interference is that bad, play a humbucker guitar, that's what they were designed for!
  4. You may find this odd but I have never used a fuzz live as I find them too hard to control, so for me, the only way that I've ever heard them is through headphones while recording.
  5. I have a JHS Spring tank Reverb on my big board, it gets the job done. As for visual uniformity, I think better when things look uniform. I not only like visual uniformity, I use the same preamps (two channel version on the big board), and volume pedals on both of my boards. I get confused easily. My acoustic board for my house gigs... For bigger blues festivals with resonator guitars with two pickups, magnetic and piezo
  6. Recently I saw a vintage ES335 with black reflectors with silver inserts and it looked good. The only guitars I like gold speedknobs on are '54 or older goldtops LPs, or the reissues. But I did put them on a cheap epi archtop olympic that I electrified for my solo gigs. I got ones the were vintage tinted...
  7. too dark for me, check out this vintage 59
  8. https://www.amazon.com/Vintage-Forge-Electric-Fine-Spline-BK52US-GLD4/dp/B07YZTTX7L
  9. It really is, and I haven't even used the alternate midrange EQ on the bottom edge yet (you can see the mid controls clearly by Doug's fingers here!)
  10. Thanks Paul, I wouldn't say dialed in, but the flavor's there. I don't talk about The Allman's Brothers much, but the tones on the Beginnings Album are embedded in my mind, especially the ones in the song "It's Not My Cross To Bear". When I'm jamming with friends those tones find there way into my guitar amp speakers:) If you really want to get those tones you should check out this pedal. You've really got to watch this series of videos and you'll hear the tones that you love..
  11. Hey Paul have you ever played through the Origin FX Revival Drive? https://origineffects.com/product/revivaldrive/ I know you love the Allman Brothers and the guy that designed the pedal does too. Although it's not an amp, you can plug it into any power amp and it's instant Plexi, Fender Deluxe, Vox AC15. It's just so easy to get a nice wound up amp sound. I did this clip in the time it takes to turn my recorder on, but listen to the lead tone that I was getting at whisper levels...
  12. I love the dwell on the reverb and that is a cool little stand!
  13. Drilled for a real ABR bridge! Fantastic color and flame on that, I LOVE the new headstock on these.
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