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  1. Pyramid Maximum Performance (10-46) or Throbak Vintage choice Nickel Wound (10-46) on my Gibson and Gretsch solid bodies, Thomastik Flatwounds on my Gibson ES-125 and Gretsch hollows (12-50), and because of the longer scale length, Ernie Ball Super Slinkys (9-42) on my Strat, G&L Legacy, Telecasters, and Zemaitis solid bodies. I went through a lot of brands of strings to find what works, and I'm done looking, these all work great for my needs! And while we're at it, for acoustic guitars, Elixir Phosphor Nanoweb lights (12-52) for my performance guitars, and Martin SP Phosphor lights (12-54) for recording. For resonator guitars John Pearce Jazz Medium nickel wound 12-52 set #2700
  2. Although that sounds great, I imagine the cost would be alot more than the one selling on reverb, which let to my wallet opening statement:)
  3. I like the sound of the that H550, if it had a short scale I'd open the wallet for that one!
  4. the guitar in the first video is not the same as the one you posted here.
  5. sweet tone right there and great phrasing!
  6. just play it, the noise will go away
  7. I agree with pretty much everything you say here!
  8. Right after I did that recording I bought the handwired version and sold the first one. I liked the circuit board one better other than for playing really loud where the handwired one comes alive! They both have their strengths.
  9. I would like to play one of these Harmonys they look nice. And I love Mono gig bags. I have one of their bass bags that fits my Firebird perfectly, and a regular size one for taking most of my other electrics out when I need a bag instead of a case.
  10. That was a stock VoxAC15, the cheaper circuit board one, not the hardwired.
  11. My 2015 Heritage has a really nice finish and the Nitro is as hard as glass. It got busted out for a recording the other day!
  12. I've always said that Heritage fretwork and nut cutting sucked and that I looked forward to what the new guard would do to alleviate this. Looked like the new guys have stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park! Way to go guys! Some pretty good reviews!!!
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