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  1. rockabilly69

    Open G / Keef Richards tuning.

    Have fun! And thanks!
  2. rockabilly69

    Open G / Keef Richards tuning.

    It wasn’t me who mitagated on the rug Lebowski.
  3. rockabilly69

    Open G / Keef Richards tuning.

    Sorry 'bout the middy/tin sound on the video guys, but all they had at that little venue was a Fishman stick SA220, so no low end, but I hope you got the idea!
  4. rockabilly69

    Open G / Keef Richards tuning.

    Tune the low e string 3 notes up to G so you have a G drone working for you, I've been playing like this for years no harm to the guitar no trussrod adjust needed it balances the tension from dropping the A and high E strings. go to 24:31 in this video and I'm playing in this G tuning...
  5. rockabilly69

    Mesa "Boogie" Fillmore series

    I like the DC2, but like the NOMAD, it's finicky. As TboneSullivan said above though, there are cheap voltage regulator out there. This is what I use for live performances where the power shifts from venue to venue, and before you ask, yes I tested the voltage regulator with a variac and a voltmeter, and the three voltage positions really help keep the voltage selected for the amp within safe limits for operation! https://www.amazon.com/APC-LE1200-Automatic-Voltage-Regulator/dp/B00009RA60/ref=asc_df_B00009RA60/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=194024095585&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=17199856012289011342&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1026969&hvtargid=pla-368535978127&psc=1
  6. rockabilly69

    DB II and a 535

    Yep I saw the Arc Angels twice, and both times they were GREAT. Great songs, great rhythm section, great guitarists, great singers!!! When my duet did a showcase at SXSW those guys were playing at Stubbs BBQ. I had free tickets to every show in town, and I didn't know they were there, I was totally bummed out!
  7. rockabilly69

    Heritage Website

    Discerning yes, and of course it would be nice to hang out and actually play guitars instead of talking about them:)
  8. rockabilly69

    Heritage Website

    Well my historics are all over the map R7 8.1 lbs, R6 9 lbs 10 oz, R0 8 lbs 14oz, and my Heritages are 9lbs even and 9lbs 6oz. My favorite one if the bunch is the the 8.1 lb R7 with a close secong going to the R0 and they are the lightest, but they all do something that keeps them worthy of hanging on to.
  9. rockabilly69

    Heritage Website

    BTW, from some of the pictures posted from the PSP, the new factory shop floor looks great and more like the kind of place that I would like to build a guitar. I get very confused when I'm working in an area that is not kept clean and orderly. I always clean as I go with each step when working on guitars, and that's how would like to work if I was to work in a guitar building position. I am very interested to hear the reviews of some of the newer built Heritages! Especially regarding the setups!
  10. rockabilly69

    Heritage Website

    I can understand having a personal connection to the builder of your guitar, I've had a few guitars built, and I loved talking through the details of the build and and thankfully getting what I wanted, while making friendships that lasts years! And I have talked to a few of the Heritage guys on the phone especially when I got my last H150. Unfortunately, the guitar had numerous problems I had to sort out (label on the inside backplate/cover said Seth Lovers, guitar shipped with Pearly Gates, chrome hardware instead nickel as ordered, missing set screw on Tonepros bridge, no truss-rod wrench or Tonepros allen wrench shipped, bad fretwork). But even then, it was nice to talk to Marv who straightened my problems as quick as possible. But the term "Golden Era", is pretty much known in guitar circles as the late 50's early 60's Gibson era, when the some of the finest vintage guitars on the planet were built (ie ES335, Burst, etc). And when using it in ads to sell guitars, where I first noticed the term being used, it's kind of comical! I think many a novice would perhaps think it was perhaps when a company was building the best guitars of their history, which as I said, that jury is still out on. That said, many times people have offered to buy my two Heritage guitars built in that era and I have turned those offers away as they are great, toneful guitars. Honestly both required more than a full set-up to get them there. One of them is just the body, neck, and tuners, that the guitar shipped with. And the other one I changed all the hardware, and pickups, but kept everything else. That is why I laugh at the term "Golden Era". I would hardly do those mods to a '59 ES335. I personally have read that Gibson used a few different woods on the Les Pauls, and the some of the best Les Paul tone I personally heard was a converted '52 that was thought to have used Spanish Cedar. And as for Kyaha (ie African Mahogany) I've had two guitars built with it, a Martin 00016S, and my brand new Zemaitis A24MF, and that guitar is ridiculously loud acoustically, and rings like a bell. The average historic these days is closer in weight to the typical 58 through 60 bursts as per most of the info I've been reading. Here's a good sample size of weights as culled from the Burst registry...
  11. rockabilly69

    10 Most Iconic Guitar Amps

    Nah, I loves Neves, but amps only get iconic status if you can turn them up loud enough to piss off all your neighbors! My neighbors know when I get a new amp hahahahahahah!
  12. rockabilly69

    Price check on Aisle 140

    yes that's the one I was talking about! I like the pickguard on the flat top!
  13. rockabilly69

    Price check on Aisle 140

    That Goldtop looks sweet!
  14. rockabilly69

    10 Most Iconic Guitar Amps

    My list... (and yes I know I'm missing a bunch of great amps, but hey, you only get 10 choices) Fender Tweed Deluxe Fender Bassman (If there was no Bassman there wouldn't be a Plexi) Marshall JTM 50 (bluesbreaker combo) Hiwatt Custom 100 DR103 Vox AC-30 Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb Marshall Superlead (66 through 69) Supro Model 24 Mesa Boogie Mark IIC (started the whole high gain thing) Dumble Overdrive Special
  15. rockabilly69

    Price check on Aisle 140

    My buddy had a Goldtop H140 that we put some great pickups in (Gibson classic and classic+) and it was a fantastic guitar. It was lightweight, but sounded huge! It was my first experience with Heritage guitars!