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  1. that hummingbird inlay is awesome, among many cool things about that guitar!
  2. I like those cloud inlays (and those p90s) and totally prefer a special inlay like that to any inlay with a number in it.
  3. sometimes it's the rectifier tube that you hear a rattle from, I know it sounds ridiculous, but it happens!
  4. Made by DeArmond for Guild!
  5. Hey professor, there is more than one thing in this post worth a good laugh!
  6. I don't think that was unique to Schaller pickups, I think DeArmond did it before them like on this 1970 Guild Starfire...
  7. I had Seths in an LP for quite a few years and found them to be an extremely balanced pickup, the only reason I swapped them out was because I wanted to try a Pure Handwound (wound by hand, not guided on a machine by hand) custom humbucker made by David Plummer of Zhangbucker. The newer humbuckers were marginally better than the Seths. As for Schallers, I've never heard a set that did it for me. But with pickups, like anything else, they need to line up with the guitar that they are in!
  8. Fashionable DB, what all the stylish pedal pushers will be wearing!
  9. Here's the proper attire for your new pedal usage... https://www.amazon.com/AERO-TECH-DESIGNS-Commuter-Knickers/dp/B005J5BD3O?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_5
  10. I prefer Overdrives too, but I think of them as a totally different thing. When I use I overdrives, I use it as part of my core sound, but when I add a Fuzzbox to the mix I'm going for a more aggressive sound. I'm not a Tube Screamer fan, but what the Soul Food does is pretty much what my Mythical Overdrive does, as they are both variations on a KLON. There are some techniques to get the best out of a fuzzbox, which frankly, have eluded me. Until recently, I had just about given up on them, until my friend Ryan let me try most of the classics, as he is a fuzz box afficionado; While doing this, I fell in love with the box that he built, as I finally found a fuzz that works for the way that I play.
  11. I truly think he is missing a lot of the great things that happen with fuzz boxes, about how they react to volume changes, and unlike where he's going with his discussion, I think I would talk more about how you should start with the volumes rolled back, and get the touch sensitivity with the box. Listen in my demo how you don't get overwhelmed with the "FUZZ" sound and how it can be used as a semi-transparent box, and then whack it open for full fuzz action.
  12. Waste of time. Wire it right with humbuckers, and you should have no problem at all,
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