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  1. rockabilly69

    Another 535 track...because it's a 535....

    I've said it before, this CD is my favorite and Wezo sing his best on this one too! Also great warble on the guitar! Great complimentary guitar tones.
  2. rockabilly69

    Heritage? You make the call...

    Well it's a beauty, I like the fixed ABR bridge on that, and I love P90s!!! That's the kind of guitar that I would play around my house. I love fully hollows. My house guitar is player's edition Gretsch Anniversary, which is nowhere as sweet looking as your rig, although it is great sounding. Here it is with a vintage Ampeg (which is my house amp along with a '69 Vibrochamp)...
  3. rockabilly69

    Heritage? You make the call...

    maybe not a Heritage, no binding nibs, and there's a Gibson-like rhythm/treble washer on the switch!
  4. rockabilly69

    Heritage? You make the call...

    That is one sweet rig right there. Still got it?
  5. rockabilly69

    DB II and a 535

    Before I ever really got into Doyle Brahamall II, who I've been following since he broke, I was into his dad and this record of his is GREAT.... https://www.amazon.com/Bird-Nest-Ground-Doyle-Bramhall/dp/B000003MU9
  6. rockabilly69

    Heritage Stat Project

    Throw a nice fretboard of brazilian rosewood on there and a new Kahler and get rocking!
  7. rockabilly69


    I love the tear shaped Melody Maker - Les Paul Jr style of sunburst on it too!
  8. rockabilly69


    no nonsense rock machine
  9. rockabilly69

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    if you wanted the case it was more than that...
  10. rockabilly69

    H150 Stop Bar

    For the life of me, I can't figure how what goes on behind the bridge messes with your picking hand??? But I'm glad you're happy with your outcome! You should love everything about your new guitar.
  11. rockabilly69

    H575 replacement pickups

    I bought a set of Humbuckers that have literally blown me away after trying almost every PAF style set on the market. They were made by Bobby Tyson, and they are called the Precious and Grace set. The tone through a wound up amp is amazing, and the way they clean up when you roll back the volume is great! These are a low DC resistance set, but yet, they light up my vintage style amps wonderfully, Here is a link to the set.... https://www.tysontone.com/product/precious-and-grace-pafs/ and here they are in a ES335...
  12. rockabilly69

    NGD, sorta

    It's a fine looking rig!
  13. rockabilly69

    Finally got the 535 on a record!

    That's the way to kick it into 4th! Wezo's voice seems to have taken on a Billy G tone (which I like), and you pummelled that speaker on the left Roberto!
  14. rockabilly69

    Reunited and 'It Feels So Good' NGD

    That's a beauty, great that you got it back. In my entire musical career, I've only bought one guitar back. I remember the day it came back to me like it was yesterday. I so regretted selling that guitar, actually I traded it along with a ES335 to get this ridiculously high priced guitar. The guitar I got in the trade turned out to be something I couldn't wait to sell. When you have a great instrument, HOLD ON TO IT! Once again, congrats that you got it back!!!