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  1. Just the right amount of green in that gold, and the best goldtop color I've seen on a Heritage. Congrats on your NGD.
  2. I don't know these great guys like most of you PSP guys do, but I'm sending some well wishes and good vibes to both of these Heritage icons whose names adorn my H150 labels!!! Get well guys!!!
  3. great tone here! You really are bonding with that guitar! Congrats!
  4. I think that colour is great. Congrats on your NOHGD
  5. That shape fits the era that the Les Paul Specials of the world were introduced! I think it looks great!
  6. Oh yes Señor Choad, just like Bolero alluded to above, you needed some P90s! Congrats!
  7. Great score Brent! I don't typically like relic guitars, but I have to say that one looks really cool! The wear, flame, and color are totally vintage looking in all the right ways! Congrats. IMO, I would have ripped all of the copper out of the control cavity, it wasn't done very well, and is totally unnecessary on a humbucker guitar that is wired properly.
  8. I'm with ya here Mav! When I saw the Roger Waters US and Them tour I heard some Hi Tones that sounded GREAT!!! As good as vintage to my ears. And yes, they were cranked in Nassau Coliseum!
  9. Sweet looking amps, my favorite would be that little brown deluxe!
  10. ...posted this in another thread but this room is in one of my best friend's house, and most of the amps of originals...
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