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  1. rockabilly69

    525, I’m obsessed, don’t have one though

    Oooh there's so many things I love about that guitar!
  2. Thanks GF! I still sing this song at my many of my solo gigs as many people identify with it.
  3. I actually did write a song about the day that I came to the realization that I needed to quit my day job... here comes the morning / weldon 2004 here comes the morning, bright sun on my window with it's gentle hand the warm sun nudges me from my bed yeah a cup of coffee and a cigarette, helps to ease my sleepy head today is the first day of a life that I'm taking back for myself, yeah the truth was there right in front of me like smoke that floats through the light of a window pane but day to day surviving, like darkness, hid the truth from my eyes (chorus) now it's time to take my life back from people that hurt hearts i was born to be a healer i'm gonna crack my chest wide open let them feel the beating pulse of a heart that sings the songs of the fearless let em look through the eyes of guy that never gave up on a dream no matter what the cost or the risk to be taken let em watch as my soul released from a cage bottled up too long, flies away let em feel my spirit reawaken as i live my dream yeah, everybody's got to live their dream i'm gonna live the life of a simple man not asking for things that I don't need or i don't have i'm gonna move with the gentle rhythm of a lover's heart, oh yeah i'm gonna take my show down to the corner bar and sing out loud the songs of my heart that soars i'm gonna live off the tips that people throw in the case of my old brown martin guitar (repeat chorus) so, here comes the morning here comes the morning today is the first day of a life that i'm taking back for myself yeah
  4. rockabilly69

    NGD SuperLight

    oh my that's a sweet ride!
  5. rockabilly69

    A Cool Little Amp 1949 Chicago Webster 166-1

    Alright, thanks for listening!!!
  6. rockabilly69

    Mid 70's Fender Champ

    Both good choices, and recently I put a Jupiter in my Vibro Champ, which sounds great, but took a few days to break in (I just played guitar clips of my own music through it all day). Here's the one I put in mine... https://jupitercondenser.com/product/8sc-8-25w-vintage-american-ceramic-guitar-speaker
  7. rockabilly69

    Mid 70's Fender Champ

    nice little history...
  8. rockabilly69

    Mid 70's Fender Champ

    I love champs, on this recording (and on my cover of rocket man below), my '69 vibrochamp is used for the clean tremolo musicmaster part, and the dirty Oahu lap steel
  9. rockabilly69

    137 Writeup in Premier Guitar

    Oh I'm right there with you, but no humbuckered ones, I say the most microphonic hot P90 they can find, a Throbak would keep the love in Michigan! And to go against the grain of purists, a pigtail adjustable wraptail, and some 18:1 kluson tuners. A smokin' single pickup Firebird that would both intonate properly and stay in tune! Oh yeah, that 137SC sounds great! Does need a pickguard though!!!
  10. rockabilly69

    Custom Heritages at NAMM

    oh yeah that's a beaut!
  11. rockabilly69

    Custom Heritages at NAMM

    I could get on board with this one
  12. rockabilly69

    A Cool Little Amp 1949 Chicago Webster 166-1

    haven't we all
  13. I just got my 1949 Chicago Webster 166-1 back from being serviced. For those that don't know, they were never designed to work with guitar, but with a ceramic microphone and a turntable. That said, they make great sounding little guitar amps, that record great. You just have to modify the mic jack to 1/4". I thought I would write a little song to demonstrate the nice clean tone, with the amp on 3, and the addition of a JHS Spring Tank pedal. Kind of a little throwaway song but fun to play my SG Special into the Webster! All Went Wrong / Weldon 2019 It's been so long since I've seen the lights fade down on the city but I've been drinking all day long, with no reason to go home so I stand up here high on this roof top wonderin' where it went all wrong wonderin' where it all went wrong I wonder why I ever thought you'd care for me 'cause I have seen the damage you've left, lain behind just to crash now I'm another one of your casualties, left wrecked on your path how'd it ever go so wrong how'd I let it go so wrong wonderin' where it all went wrong I've been drinking all night long wonderin' where it all went wrong I've been drinking all night long
  14. rockabilly69

    New Mesa Amp "California Tweed" sweet

    I'm thinking this... and this... and this...
  15. This is the amp I hoped Mesa would make as I only have ever used one channel on my Mesa. The slight break-up tone sounds great, and it sounds more 3D than any other Mesa amp that I've ever heard. It just sounds more organic, more vintage. I thought I was done buying amps:)