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  1. It works great. I auditioned many pedals before I put that grouping together, and only the good ones made the cut. I wasn't looking for pristine clean style repeats. I mostly use the delay for dirty style repeats with the Fab Suisse Overdrive. I control how hard I hit the delay with the compressor in front of it. And I smooth the tails with the JHS Spring Tank.
  2. I love the middle one, and that's a cool truss rod cover too!!!
  3. Yeah the Grace pres work with any pickup I plug into it! Including this one... https://www.dimarzio.com/artists/daniel-weldon
  4. Hey did you ever get the 576 set up with regular hardware. if so, I  would like to see some pics, I'm interested.



    1. MartyGrass


      Hi Daniel,

      I did.  I will post them.  The new hardware improves the appearance.

      Thanks for mentioning this.  It slipped my mind.

      BTW, I have always enjoyed your thoughtful comments.



    2. MartyGrass
    3. rockabilly69


      Thanks, I'll take a look:)


  5. I've been a big fan of Grace preamps, as I've been using my Grace Alix non-stop for the past two years, and frankly for single channel stuff I think it's the best acoustic preamp made. That's why I bought the Felix so I could have two channels of the preamp for my reso shows. I've got three National resonators with two pickups in them each. This is all I need for my day to day work, volume, tuner, Grace, reverb/delay...
  6. None invasive magnetic pickup mount, The Krivo is held on with adhesive putty, and I used the F hole for it's output jack... The pedalboard allows me to use the distortion for just the magnetic pickup, power the internal cone preamp, and use compression and timebased FX on both channels!
  7. I've decided that I want to play my National Western D Resophonic guitar at gigs. This was a very expensive guitar that my girlfriend gave me as a gift many years ago, so I babied it, but lately. I've been loving the sound so much, and hell I'm not getting any younger, so this week I gave it some love and prepped it for some serious gigging. I lowered the action by removing the 2 piece maple saddles and sanding the lower from the bottom, and after installing I radiused the saddles better. I adjusted the truss rod, to balanced out the playing height. I added a strap button, and installed a
  8. I didn't like the Circled H, the Core headstock I really like.
  9. I like both Heritage headstocks, but I prefer the Core. I also like the G&L headstock point and all.
  10. My favorite club for many years was Studio Caliber 22+ with a Black Shadow. I lived on the clean channel of the amp and I loved the Black Shadow in it.
  11. That looks like a proper noise maker:) I really like the Black Shadow speakers! Nice score.
  12. Yeah Gibbons almost ruined Cakewalk but Bandlab saved then at least. But if the latest offerings of the Gibbons/Epiphone company are any indication of how Gibbons is doing maybe their association with Mesa will be a good thing!
  13. fantastic, thanks for posting that!
  14. Yeah I doubt that's a wood crack, and nitro/lacquer cracks easy. I don't know if finish cracks are covered in the warranty, but me, personally, I would just enjoy it if it's a good sounding and playing guitar. I guess it just depends on how good of a deal you got on it on whether you want to keep it or not.
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