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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Grover-Full-Size-Replacement-Imitation-Motehr-Of-Pearl-Button-Set-of-6-1360D/323856793906?hash=item4b675e8132:g:SRoAAOSwsqdcQNEN
  2. whoa, that's a beauty! A person could get seasick looking a those waves!
  3. This Heritage H150 I call The Mick Taylor guitar because I use it to get some of the lead tones I heard listening to the Mick Taylor era Rolling Stones.... It has been modified with a FABER Tone Loc ABR bridge and lightweight tailpiece, and a RS kit for caps and pots. I also put a poker chip on it and some reflector knobs. When I bought this guitar it didn't come with pickups as the seller wanted to keep what was in it. So I found some good ones The pickups are a custom set wound for me by David Plummer of Zhangbucker fame, they are part of his Pure Handwound series which he truly winds by hand (no machine). They are low output and more than a bit microphonic in a highly musical way! It's a very pretty sounding Les Paul style guitar. My H150 is featured in this song I wrote, the chorus fills are at 1:25 and 2:15, and a little solo at 3:00... https://soundcloud.com/daniel-weldon-1/blink-of-an-eye
  4. Of course I was just joking But I see where you are coming from. I just ignore their BS and stick with the models I love, and I haven't bought a brand new Gibson in a long time, other than a two Firebirds a few years back. I bought two to see which one was better (they were both lightweights), kept the better one, then gutted it and made it my own with electronics I know I like. It came out great, and I still record with it. That said, my two Historic Les Pauls (R0 and R7) are two of the finest guitars I've ever played and recorded with, and they are bone stock. Yes they were picked out of many, but still, they are killer in ever way. And I kept two Heritages for the same reason other than I gutted the Heritages and gave them electronics I like. They all have something unique about them. Currently Gibson's 2019 lineup looks good, especially their SG offerings, and their 50's style USA LP Special, but as I said I rarely buy new, so that if I don't like them, I can sell them and not lose my shorts. BTW I have a '65 ES125 that I love and it barks. Some guy brought his camera in and recorded me playing it in a bar and the sound quality wasn't that good, but you'll get the idea...
  5. He was having fun making that video!
  6. Well they are plek'ing the new guitars and they seem to be addressing the badly cut nuts from what I've seen. They've also gone to a Titanium saddle locking bridge, although I still wish they would use Faber bridges.
  7. Not really, just pointing out that this last Gibson blunder won’t keep anybody from buying that Les Paul, 335, Firebird, etc they’ve dreamt of buying.
  8. Like any of this makes a difference, those who want Gibsons will buy them, and 2019 is a good year for Gibson model wise. What a bunch of whining internet sh*t stirrers. It's just like the changing of the Heritage guard whiners, I cringed at that knowing the new guard fhas fixed most of what I was complaining about!
  9. Do you have a picture of the cavity photo to share, the guys on this forum could probably tell if it looks right!
  10. Fantastic! I was hoping you would get that model. Congrats!!! Speaking of Victoria's, I put an "New In the Box" NOS Altec 418b into my Victoria Regal II and I think my heart skipped a beat when I blasted the first chord through it... I own a ton of amps and this is my FAVORITE hands down, it would be the last one that I would ever sell!
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