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  1. I played one of those in Utah. Funny thing I have never liked the look of those in pictures. But in person, I really liked it's looks, and the way it played. I found it to be well balanced on the strap and the tone was great!
  2. I find the same with A2s in the neck. I like A4s there.
  3. that's also what I like that you can control the tone/dynamics with the guitar volume control because it cleans up nice!
  4. I couldn't crank the amp because I did that demo at 11:00 and people were sleeping:)
  5. Fred I'm wondering if anybody that participated in building your guitar worked on either one my L5s guitars as they were built by the better craftsman at Gibson in 1975 and 1978 while they were still in Kalamazoo...
  6. I think what happened was the JTM 45s and the VOX AC30/AC15s would get a bit dark when overdriven so the treble boost just restored the high end. In the case of my fuzz box the fuzz circuit is pretty dark so the Rangemaster side is just giving it back the bite. What I like is the harmonic content that it gives to what I'm doing. In that lick you where I play the C chord (then add sus4) to the D chord (then add sus 4), and then back to the descending G to E, it gives it a cool overtone to those chords. And when I'm picking the single notes back close to the bridge pickup it's almost like it's doubling the notes, very early Zeppelin like.
  7. Recently a good friend of mine, Ryan Hawthorn (Hawthorn Electric Arts), called me to tell he that he had a cool Analogman Sunface Fuzz that he wanted to sell me for a REALLY good price. Well I went over to his house to check it out, and sure enough it sounded great. But while I was there, he let me try out a combo pedal that he built which is based on a Dallas Rangemaster (NOC OC44 transistor) and a vintage fuzz circuit. Well I fell in love with this pedal, so I passed on the Analogman, and convinced him to sell me the pedal that he built. One of the things that I love is the way the Rangemaster side pushes the fuzz circuit and adds treble. I also love the fact that it has a bias knob which controls the voltage to the transistors on the fuzz, which really makes it easy to dial anything from gentle hair to snarling/spitting fuzz. This is what it looks like (check out the turret board construction and attention to lead dress)... Well last night I finally got a chance to do a good demo for it. There are four tracks. 1) Acoustic rhythm Gibson J45 2) clean electric rhythm Zemaitis with MR200SB pickups straight into Clark Beauford 3) fuzz electric Zemaitis into Hawthorn fuzz into the Clark 4) electric slide Zemaitis into Hawthorn fuzz into the Clark. Reverb was added to the mix later. The fuzz stuff is always panned slightly to the right, and at the end I really wack it into gear for the outro side guitar...
  8. Klein Doug Kauer wind Firebird pickups. Or Mojotone Johnny winter set. For the Kleins you have to ask for that set, they don’t list them on the website. The Mojotone set is new but a lot of people like them. https://www.kleinpickups.com/p-226-firebird-pickup.aspx https://www.google.com/search?q=Mojo+tone+Johnny+Winter+pick+ups&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari
  9. If there ever was a guitar that could leave a person speechless, that's one of them.
  10. nice lookin' rig and welcome aboard!
  11. pretty much the reason I came up with the capo trick:)
  12. Since my gigging guitars are alway out working it's really hard to keep them humidified with case humidifiers so they quite frequently need truss-rod tweaks. And it's usually around the 5th to 7th fret areas that signal me when I need a bit of relief as I play with a low action and with even the slightest bit of neck movement I can either hear a buzz, or conversely, I can feel the action creeping up. With my gigging guitars I have truss rod wrenches in the case so I can do it at the gig if need be.
  13. might just need a trussrod adjustment
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