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  1. My favorite of them all, wraptail sound with perfect intonation (or as good as you can get anyway).
  2. hahahahahaha I would have just bought a shiny new guitar
  3. I totally agree with this, its funny how many people poo poo the idea that wood contributes to the tone of an electric guitar, but as you know, I am a SERIAL MODDER and I have swapped necks around on many instruments, and many times that was the key to a great sounding guitar. I'm also am convinced that great fretwork, and precision cut saddles and nuts, get the strings ringing the way a pickup wants to hear them! Bottom line...you have to start with a great guitar before you turn on the electricity.
  4. My PRS guitar used to have that distance as Rob put it, until I changed to pickups to Wolfetones. Now it is a worthy contender. I don't really play many electrics out live, but I record with them all the time, and now my PRS is a guitar I will grab to record. It really sounds great, and I never thought that I would say that about a Custom 22, because every one I picked up before sounded like a kazoo to me. It's just that I hated the Dragon pickups. I got my PRS considerably cheaper than buying a new one as I traded into it with a guitar that I got at a steal. But, I still try to take care of it and keep it looking minty, as it has a beautiful 10 top. I think that comes from growing up in a family with 9 children that just barely got by! We couldn't afford expensive musical instruments. And I think what Danny says is true. some people do have a shyness when playing a guitar that looks like it ought to be in a museum. But I don't that it's that type of shyness that stops Rob, in talking to him. I think it's the thick glossy finish. I think when it comes down to it, Rob is a relic fan, he likes the broken in feel. I mean look at that old custom shop Goldtop he was playing, or his Nash Strat. And these new custom cores look to have a considerably thinner finish, and not so much gloss! Besides that they have some low weight mahogany, cool new pickups, a cooler headstock, and more attention to detail than the standard line. It's no wonder he's bonding.
  5. I don't lend any weight to any pickup comparison tests where the pickups are in different guitars, ESPECIALLY, hollow bodies. That said, both pickups sounded fine to me for Jazz, but when he was playing licks in the middle position and bridge, I think the Seths won it hands down. And btw that guy's got some serious guitar skills, great player!
  6. Rock and roll machine! Welcome to the club!
  7. Edwin, when he was at G i b s o n, he was the anti-christ, not he's Michael the Archangel, 😄😄😁😅😂 I said it when he first came on board he was gonna steer the ship right! I'm glad you love your Custom Core Brent! It looks like a sweety pie!
  8. I prefer the suckers, but I use both, and because both are so cheap, I just pick the one that works better for the situation. I use the suckers quite a bit more though, and I solder a lot.
  9. You know what I like about it, is that it heats up super fast to whatever temp you need. and it keeps it there, plus you can save three heat settings. Plus the tip cleaner has a can of flux at the bottom! Every now and them they sell refurbs which are fully warrantied for $39. A good friend of mine called me when day when he saw one and that's when I bought mine. I looked for ElChoad but I didn't see any in their deal section
  10. that is a great idea. And you could buy a new soldering iron for the cost of having your tech install those pickups. https://www.circuitspecialists.com/csi-premier-75w-Soldering-Station.html Get yourself some leaded solder (unleaded is harder to work with) https://www.circuitspecialists.com/4890-18g.html and a solder sucker to clean up the messes people left behind like many Heritage solder joint I've seen! https://www.circuitspecialists.com/zd108k.html
  11. It's four solder joints, got any friends that are good at soldering? I call a job like this "the ol' in and out"
  12. What did I tell you! I can't wait to hear your review.
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