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  1. "THE WOOD CUTTER"? What's that about? An insulator of some sort stuck to the back of the pots?
  2. I was always under the impression that turning a tuner knob, no matter where it happens to be located on the instrument, was changing the pitch of the string. Intonation, on the other hand, affects the length of the string from nut to saddle, and changing intonation of a string allows for getting its pitch correct at the octave point.
  3. Could be worse. Could be Motehr of Pealr.
  4. Nope. Had the H535 coming up on 9 years. The RS5, 9 months. And it's a 2013, so hardly new. Both are precision instruments, expertly crafted.
  5. The shape of that headstock isn't right, neither is the look of the neck wood. And I've never seen a 'Plek' indication on a Heritage guitar before. Suggest you request a photo showing the underside of the cavity cover.
  6. These are definitely worth a try....they totally woke up my H150.
  7. Looks like a really nice kit. Heyboer are quality transformers. If you don't already have them, you'll need a pair of long needle-nose pliers and a side-cutter that'll let you snip off soldered wires down close to the board. A digital multimeter will come in handy as well. Sorting out all the parts and identifying all the resistor values before you start will save you a lot of time. A 25w soldering pencil is likely all you'll need. Expect something less than stellar tubes to come with it. (I notice they don't specify what brand you're getting.) Upgrading the tubes is likely the easiest way to improve the sound, should it need improvement. Please try not to electrocute yourself. Document your build with pictures along the way, and keep us informed. Have fun building it.
  8. DB, a lot of us feel that way.
  9. Once had a 525 (it now lives with TalismanRich)with a W serial#.....it had the same thing.
  10. Interesting. They even managed to remove the railway tracks beside the old building.
  11. Richard, that's nothing short of AWESOME. Light is good.
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