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  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one who plays a G13 chord.
  2. Good luck with that. Didn't work for me. Just be happy you own such a fine instrument.
  3. "...as I lose altitude, descending into the thicker air of decrepitude." Welcome, 'Slate. Where's my inhaler?
  4. Excellent work, Brentley. Cool.
  5. Interesting string tree. Not needed, I presume. Cool guitar. Little pointy, though.
  6. You must be thinking of Brentwood, which is very close to Angus, Ontario. Been through it many times. Not much happens there, unlike Brentsville, MI.
  7. It would appear from the first photo that you've got the H127 plugged directly into the wall. Isn't that dangerous?
  8. You're going to really like those strings, Pressure. I put a set of those (but Nickle wound, not Pure nickle) on my H150, and those strings totally woke up the guitar. Amazing sound. By the way, nice pic with the package sitting on the guitar.
  9. Being a long, long way from expert in these matters, my experience with these two types of pedals is to place them first and last. Guitar---------->EQ--->other stuff-->Looper--------->amp If you have a tuner pedal, it would come first, then the EQ. Bear in mind, I don't think there are any hard and fast rules for this.
  10. Hmmm. I had a 'W' serial number Heritage once and under the 5-digit number it had: MADE IN KALAMAZOO, MI. USA Not the same. More pix of the guitar might be useful.
  11. While I don't recall seeing any green guitars that really caught my eye, I think it needs to be said that not all blue guitars are unattractive..............
  12. These are awfully good.............
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