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  1. Blue isn't always bad. Green, on the other hand, should be limited to peas and leprechaun hats.
  2. Wow. Fabulous work. Or, as Pressure would say, fab work.
  3. OK, I've gotta ask. Is he going to intimate it, intimidate it, intonate it, resonate it, defibrillate it, or intoxicate it? I need to know; my H535 is overdue for a setup. (Fine guitar, by the way. I too have a trans cherry one.)
  4. Well, then, here's the predecessor shot to that one......a little less heat in the automotive content, but a pretty classy Heritage nonetheless.
  5. This one's had a couple of things done.....bone nut, replaced the original roller bridge, Mark Atkinson 38 Special single-coil pickups. And this one, aside from a fresh set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires, is original.............
  6. What I used to do when I had an H137 was set the switch to use both pickups and then EQ to get the sound I wanted.
  7. Steiner, my CNC comment relates to the last PSP, which was in the summer of 2019, so their methods may well have changed since then. So maybe not BS, just outdated information.
  8. I won't speculate on what might be expected from particular years, as, no matter what you hear, you'll find exceptions to someone's opinion. But I can comment on the CNC thing.....at the last PSP factory tour, it was made pretty clear that only the Harmony guitars built there used CNC-made parts.
  9. Whenever I clear my browsing history, the next time I log into the HOC site, I immediately get this email too. So I suspect the site software leaves a cookie on your computer that serves to identify your device i.d. If that cookie gets deleted when you do a cleanup, you now look like a new device. That's my guess anyway.
  10. What? Some of the older guitars were spayed? No wonder I can't get mine to reproduce good music.
  11. Agree with Bolero about ArmorAll. I used to put it on my car tires at one time, until I heard from a paint guy that it wasn't wise. If any of that stuff gets on your paint ANYWHERE, he said, nothing will ever stick to that surface again (like a repaint situation) unless it's sanded down to bare metal. Weird stuff.
  12. Once again, no mention whatsoever of Bill Paige. He must have really pissed somebody off.
  13. Yes, the 4-doors are often referred to as Luxuriant Sedans.
  14. Looking at your picture, did you, um, gain anything by putting things in that order? I guess you were in rearrange mode.
  15. Yeah, that's the one, Ron. I got the situation wrong but I remembered Katie's expression. Thanks for digging this out.
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