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  1. Once again, no mention whatsoever of Bill Paige. He must have really pissed somebody off.
  2. Yes, the 4-doors are often referred to as Luxuriant Sedans.
  3. Looking at your picture, did you, um, gain anything by putting things in that order? I guess you were in rearrange mode.
  4. Yeah, that's the one, Ron. I got the situation wrong but I remembered Katie's expression. Thanks for digging this out.
  5. I think this interpretation of past events is not quite correct. Those original employees didn't walk out. They were fired.
  6. There's a priceless photo somewhere of her in the factory at one of the PSPs.....Marv is watching her sand a rim and she's rolling her eyes.
  7. Unicorn. I'll bet it's the only Heritage guitar in existence with that serial number.
  8. Here's a 20th...........
  9. Geez, Mr. Admin, it's pretty obvious I've been out of the picture for too long, as I can only relate to two of the terms you used in your reply: cabernet and NAP.
  10. I had a TV yellow H137 for a while. Cryoman generously sent me one of the pickguards he made/makes for that model. (And no, he wouldn't take any money for it.) But I couldn't bring myself to drill holes in that lovely top, so it never got installed. I gave the pickguard to Schundog, who had a similar TV yellow H137. Alas, he couldn't bear to drill holes in his either. Don't know if he still has that pickguard. If anyone has a naked two-pickup H137 and is looking for a custom pickguard, I suggest messaging Mr. Schundog.
  11. Mr. Admin, sir, Any chance that mirroring would be a better way to protect the contents of the disk storage? (And yes, I realize the data isn't necessarily on disk drives any more.) Not long ago I searched for offsite storage with some sort of automated backup routine. The machine I currently use has 2TB of solid-state storage, and I wanted offsite backup for my (thousands of) photo files. One place I contacted offered 2TB of backup storage for the princely sum of $8 per month. When I look back on my decades of AS400 hardware management, on which mirroring was absurdly expensiv
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