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  2. As I push 60 here and have learned a lot of hard lessons, they're changing all the questions anyway. It's funny though, in spite of all the technological progress, and I've worked in high tech for 15 years, progress is just an illusion. The 4g wireless network i help to build still can't deliver a telephone call at the same quality that we had 50 years ago on landlines...and as fast as my computers are now, they're just as buggy and prone to needing reboots. Move ever onward anyway!
  3. It's morning in CA. I just looked at the HOC member map and there's a good group here in CA. I've been here for 20 years as a resident. Have also resided in Japan, Florida, Massachusetts, New Orleans LA, New York, and my hometown is Charm City, Ballmer MD. As a 6 yr old kid I was the early riser in my house. I'd switch on WMAR at 6:55 am so I could gaze at the test pattern, followed by jets, ol glory and the anthem, and then "The Early Riser" himself, Mr. Stu Kerr. He presented as the station janitor and welcomed early arriving viewers to his show. I remember cartoons and give aways. You could
  4. Send in the clowns! Ladies and Gentlemen, please direct your attention to the center ring, and don't pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. PT Barnum and my ol' neighbor Izzy who was a car salesman and liked to say, "there's an ass for every seat"
  5. And your point about the other professions is very true and i'm old enough to know it from personal experience. The other day i was meditating on the fact that everybody cheats all the time, trying to rationalize all this rule bending. My work has me on the road for lots of 200 mile days on the freeway so on those days; what percentage of folks are speeding (myself included when i think it's safe to do so), texting on phones, driving distracted. I've even seen a definition of homo sapiens as "the lying ape". I am certainly not a holier than thou type. So, maybe, it's when we talk to each other
  6. well put Spectrum 13. And I made full use of the web while i was checking what i think i know, that is semi hollows use laminate to check feedback at high volumes. The guitars that are solid carved (archtops) pieces of wood charge a premium for it. i fault the kids boss at the store for blowing smoke up the kid's wazoo to sell him a guitar he didn't need or even understand. I sent the kid a citation from a book article about guitar construction that uses the scofield model specifically. Then the kid rejected my information in favor of his local prejudice, that's a little disturbing, but not u
  7. So, there's a scofield jsm100 up on ebay. seller says it has a solid wood top. i write to seller, ahem, you describe your guitar as a 335 type (laminate top) and your listing (jsm 100) as a solid maple top and bottom, but ahem, your guitar has a laminate top. seller responds saying his boss at the store where he teaches guitar says it's solid so it's solid. Here's the problem, young americans don't know the diff from a solid piece of carved wood and plywood. I am depressed. has it come to this??? come on kid, really?, you don't know... and, i'm not a solid wood fanatic, i like laminate. lamina
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