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  1. Priceless If you have questions my suggestion would be to open a new thread under the Heritage Guitars section. This is a place just to say hi and introduce yourself.
  2. You know that the "totti story" automatically promoted your status as half legend, right? Jokes apart, welcome to the community. Heritage ownership is a highly rewarding experience, albeit dangerously addictive. Gio
  3. Ciao Roberto, I am from Rome too (Dajeee) but I live very far now. There are some other Italians on the forum. Welcome and Forza Roma!
  4. you know Jeff? You should try the Heritage Little One. The neck is HPL and the individual maple laminates are dyed, not finished. There is no finish anywhere on the guitar for that matter.
  5. gpuma

    The first gig

    Thank you for sharing your experience, great blog!
  6. gpuma

    '88 H140

    I have the same Khaler floating tremolo on my 1988 Stat. This is the first time I see another heritage with that bridge
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