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  1. Wow does this mean that my '65 Harmony Rocket is a pre Heritage Harmony?
  2. My $.02 worth: my 150p (W serial no.) checks in at 8.03#, my 140 (V serial no.) at 8.02#, my 120 at 8.1#, my 535 at 8.05# and my Epi dot 335 at 8.1#. There seems to be a pattern here! Or all my measurements are off!
  3. If you need any help please let me know. Thanks for working on PSP.
  4. Nice tune. Great tones from the guitars.
  5. All I can say is WOW !!!!
  6. I had one also. If I remember correctly mine had a separate volume for the piezo and combined vol and tone for the hum buckers. A standard guitar cable will (at least on mine) get you the hum buckers only. I never liked the piezo sound so I never used it. I sold it to buy an H 575. My two cents worth.
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