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  1. silverbeard

    Re Surf Us

    I happen to have a 150p in black with gold hardware and a "M" serial number. It has "Katie" art work under the control cover. I absolutely love it. Easy on my back as well.
  2. silverbeard

    Mr. Bill Paige Retires

    Happy retirement !
  3. silverbeard

    Help with noise, Vox AC30CC1

    I just ran across this post and thought I would put my two cents in. Have you checked to see if there are any lap top battery chargers plugged in to a laptop in your home. I had an incident where a cheap charger made the same type of noise in my amps. The noise would start and stop depending on the state of charge of the laptop battery. I finally found the trouble and replaced the charger. The other thought I had is to tighten all the tube socket mounting hardware and any terminal strip mounting hardware. There might be corrosion between the chassis and the parts. This might cause the buzz sound. For what it's worth!