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  1. 10-46. Whatever brand is on sale will do.
  2. Not yet. I've been tied up with planning my mom's estate sale. That's this weekend so I hope to get to this project next week. I'm planning on making this a build thread.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I need a few more things from StewMac for other projects. I'll order one.
  4. I've done that before on a cheaper guitar. It was messy. I suggest getting a professional to do the work if that's what you want to do.
  5. Hello and welcome! That's a beautiful guitar. The Seth Lover has an Alnico 2 magnet. Alnico 2 is generally darker sounding than the Alnico 5 magnet the '59 has. Rather than change the pickup, I would change the magnet. It's fairly easy to do, but you have to be careful. If in doubt, have a guitar repair person do it. There are several YouTube videos about how to do it. Be careful removing the covers and protect the finish if you attempt to do the work yourself. There are several dealers of replacement magnets in the USA. I suspect that it won't be too difficult to find a dealer in Europe. You might decide to replace the pickup. If so, I would put in a '59 to match the bridge.
  6. That's a beautiful 150. The wiring looks original. Barrel jacks are the bane of guitar repair. You will probably need to desolder it in order to tighten it. The pictures threw me off. Normally Schallers have two screws on each side of the pickup. These only have one. I thought they were Duncans until I looked at the color of the hookup wires. I suspect that the pickup rings were changed at some point.
  7. The kit arrived today. I cleaned my work space and did a parts inventory. All the parts are there. The instructions look clear. I think this will be okay as long as I go slow and triple check everything. I expected Heyboer transformers with the kit. They sent me Mojo transformers. The speaker is a Jensen C12N. I will be using a Weber Signature Alnico 12. I strongly suspect that this is a rebranded Mojotone kit.
  8. I cancelled the order for the SG that I had open this morning. I decided that I really need a decent amp instead. So I bought the '59 Tweed 15W Amp Kit from StewMac. It's basically a 5e3 kit. Has anyone built one? What should I expect?
  9. It turns out that I have a Gator semi rigid LP case that fits the Millie nicely. I'll use that.
  10. I have a Heritage Millennium SAE and a Millennium Ultra Pro. While I will probably use the hard case for the Ultra Pro, I would like a good quality gig bag for the SAE. Suggestions?
  11. Very nice! Congratulations!
  12. It's known that BandLab owns at least parts of all 3 companies. I don't know what the production timelines are. I'm guessing that it has something to do with the continuing renovations at 225 Parsons. Keep watching the web sites.
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