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  1. Yes. The developer is a partial owner of Heritage. Heritage is not moving. The rest of the property is being revitalized. The original 225 Parsons building is in the process of being rehabbed.
  2. Hi Johnny. No, we haven't had a muster in several years. Kip moved out of state and no longer works at the bar.
  3. Nice. But this thread is worthless without pictures. 😉 Welcome to the forum.
  4. I guess that depends on the timetable and how the neighborhood will change around the hotel. As I understand it, Plaza Corp owns a lot of property in KZoo. It's possible that they are buying more for more development as a channel into the city.
  5. They are Schaller pickups that Ren modified. That's all we know about them. I asked Ren, and he wouldn't say. I know Schaller pickups are difficult to get.
  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Beautiful guitar.
  7. I don't know of any that are stock with those specs. I'm sure the Custom Shop would be happy to build one for you.
  8. I was just casually looking at the Guitar Center site and stumbled across a rainbow of new colors for the H-535. Well, maybe not a plethora or a rainbow, but four new colors. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Heritage/Standard-H-535-Semi-Hollow-Electric-Guitar.gc
  9. Many manufacturers have different headstocks for different models. I don't see it as an issue.
  10. Gibbons once owned Trace Elliot. They let the company wither until they got rid of it. TE is now owned by Peavey and making a comeback. I hope the same doesn't happen with Mesa.
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