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  1. I have 3. They are all great. From left to right: 2013 Millennium Ultra Pro - I removed the stock '59s and put in a set of Seth Lovers 2011 H-150 - This currently has a set of Mojotone 59 Clones in it with Alnico 2 magnets 2000 Millennium SAE - This has a set of Mojotone 59 Clones with Throbak Alnico 4 magnets
  2. It's not us, it was Henry... https://myemail.constantcontact.com/Gibson-Pivots-From-Confrontation-To-Collaboration.html?soid=1129474305186&aid=e5n9UgqBZls&fbclid=IwAR26R41bBNpZuEzrNuZ8Hgqcjg-5zEW-aAxTPC763rofQng3SGzTMpq7haw
  3. GIBSON LOSES FLYING V TRADEMARK CASE IN EU COURT "In the judgement, the court declared that while the shape of the Flying V guitar “was very original when it was released on the market in 1958, it cannot however deny the evolution of the market during the following 50 years, which was henceforward characterised by a wide variety of available shapes.”"
  4. A 535 is more like a ES-335. The Millennium is smaller. It's more like a ES-339.
  5. PunkKitty


    That's really nice. Congratulations!
  6. PunkKitty


    We need pictures of the 530.
  7. My Millennium Ultra Pro, H-150, and Millennium SAE
  8. Prepping the circuit board: Installing the transformers: The next step is to install the tube sockets. I received one defective socket. I'll call Stew Mac about it on Monday. The project is on hold for a few days.
  9. I started building it last night, I started by prepping the cabinet: Installed power cord strain relief: Preparing the speaker jack: Wiring the speaker:
  10. 10-46. Whatever brand is on sale will do.
  11. Not yet. I've been tied up with planning my mom's estate sale. That's this weekend so I hope to get to this project next week. I'm planning on making this a build thread.
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