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  1. ^^^ The newer Gibson 61 pickups were renamed Burstbucker 61, and it's probably more accurate. They really aren't bad pickups.
  2. It compares very favorably. The neck profile is fairly chunky which I like. It's a really great sounding and feeling guitar.
  3. NGD! It's a 2021 Heritage H-535! Not a lot of flame on this one, but I really don't mind. I bought a set of Lollar Imperials for it, but honestly, the stock Duncan 59's sound really nice.
  4. 8.5 is the target weight. Some are higher and some are lower.
  5. It is. I can't come close to Brent's record.
  6. Nice. I bought an H150 earlier this year and then another last week. Also, just a *few* others.
  7. Good to see you back. Hope you are doing well.
  8. I like the feel of LP type guitars, but because of age and biomechanical issues, I prefer light weight instruments. I was very happy to find the 150 I did over the last week.
  9. Yes, they are 59's. I'm probably not going to keep them. I have a set of '89 Pearly Gates wound my MJ and a set of Mojotone PAF Clones. I'll probably put in one of those. Let me know if you are interested in buying the 59's.
  10. A CC would have been great, but this was over $1000 less. This will suit my purposes quite well.
  11. I just weighed it. He told me it was just under 9 pounds. It's 8.6 pounds, so it's right where I want it.
  12. I was searching for a H-150 in the 8.5-9 pound or less range. A friend from another forum tipped me off to a couple on sale at a local GC. Since I had to return something anyway, I took a look. They had this one and an OSB model. This one was just under 9 pounds. The OSB was just over 9 pounds. NOS 2019 floor models marked down significantly with 0% 24 month financing. Not a bad deal. I got them to throw in a setup which they reluctantly did. I was looking for a Dirty Lemon Burst since I already had a Cherry Burst, but the deal was right so I took it.
  13. I ended up sending a note to the factory about a custom build. I have some hand issues that make playing barre chords for long periods of time difficult. I'm tired of churning guitars. I just want something that works for me. If it takes a custom build, then it does. In a month or so, I'll be finally able to afford something like that, so, for once in my life, I'm getting exactly what I want built. I asked to work directly with Pete.
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