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  1. Schaller magnets are a custom size. You can't use a standard magnet in them. He may have treated the magnet in some way or rewound the pickups. If I remember right, Schaller magnets are also glued into place. I could be wrong about that.
  2. I tried to get it out of Ren after he had a couple of beers at the barn one year. He got tight lipped and walked away. He'll take that secret to his grave.
  3. It says that Fender supplied the amps to the Grand Ole Opry in order to boost sales.
  4. Wow! Beautiful guitar! Congrats!
  5. I hadn't seen that one before. Beautiful!
  6. Glad to help. It only took a few minutes with Google Sheets. It just makes things easier for all of us.
  7. I got tired of having to figure out the year of manufacture from the old chart. Here's an updated version. Heritage Guitars Serial Number to Year of Manufacture Conversion Serial Number Prefix Year of Manufacture B 1985 C 1986 D 1987 E 1988 F 1989 G 1990 H 1991 I 1992 J 1993 K 1994 L 1995 M 1996 N 1997 O 1998 P 1999 Q 2000 R 2001 S 2002 T 2003 U 2004 V 2005 W 2006 X 2007 Y 2008 Z 2009 AA 2010 AB 2011 AC 2012 AD 2013 AE 2014 AF 2015 AG 2016 AH 2017 AI 2018 AJ 2019 AK 2020 AL 2021 AM 2022
  8. I also have a transparent red one. I think it's a 2020 in similar condition. I can post pics later or via PM. I'm only keeping one.
  9. https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/msg/d/berwyn-2022-mint-heritage-535-electric/7485475715.html If you are relatively close to Chicago, we can meet for delivery. Let's talk about pricing.
  10. That's some nice flame. A bit of stain and some poly and you have a really nice looking cabinet.
  11. Which makes me think that Gibson is throwing a lot of crap at the wall to see what sticks.
  12. Lawyer types here, help me out. Give me a quick synopsis. https://guitar.com/news/industry-news/gibson-antitrust-litigation-heritage-guitars/
  13. Note that if you are replacing the tuners, Hipshots will not work. Heritage headstocks are slightly thicker than Gibsons. It's just enough to make stringing the guitar difficult. Use Gotoh, Grover, or Kluson tuners. Some Sperzels will also work.
  14. Post a pic of the front and back of the headstock. That will help.
  15. Great guitar, Ellen. Good to see you back.
  16. Yes. Switching the ground and hot leads on a 4 wire pickup will solve this problem. I've done it many, many times. The alternative is to flip the magnet in one of the pickups. Schaller magnets are glued in place, so that's not an option. I've had to do this on Gibson pickups several times.
  17. Just an FYI... If pickups are out of phase, you can swap the hot lead with the ground lead on one of the pickups to make the set in phase.
  18. Keep them. Gibson makes really good pickups.
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