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  1. B instruments were built in 1985.
  2. Chicago Music Exchange is another great option.
  3. As usual, I let this one go. I found it at a ridiculously low price and took a profit when I could. I have other amps
  4. I think Jim did. He and I were talking about them during PSP one year.
  5. I have a Vox MV50 Rock. Good little amp.
  6. It's a correction that happens on this forum.
  7. Well hey there, Bob! Glad you found us here. BSMAN and I know each other from Mark Wein's guitar forum. He's a good guy. I directed him here to learn more about the brand.
  8. You can easily check what kind of pickups they are. Loosen all of the strings. Take out the screws holding the pickup rings. Pull out the pickup and look at the bottom. Then just put it all back together. It's not going to change the pickup height. There should be a sticker or some type of marking on the bottom of the pickup. If you have questions, you can post the pictures and them maybe we can help identify them.
  9. Welcome to the forum. Nice 158. I don't know what kind of pickups yours is, but the single screw tells me that they might be Duncan 59's or Seth Lovers. But it's hard to say without unscrewing them and taking a look at the bottom of them. The 158 I had came with Schallers. I installed a set of Sheptone Tribute IV's in it. I sold that one a while ago. But I have a Millennium SAE which is basically the same as a 158 but with a piezo pickup added. That came stock with Schallers. I replaced them with a set of Mojotone 59 Clones. Great guitar.
  10. I have a set of custom Kalamazoo Guitar Company pickups that would sound awesome in that. They were used in some of earlier Heritage jazz boxes. Let me know if you are interested.
  11. I really like the Seth Lovers. Great pickups.
  12. This is the best way to check it. Just take the cover off the rear cavity and look at the sticker.
  13. Beautiful H-150! Congratulations and welcome!
  14. If you are looking for a slightly used set of Seths, I have some that I can sell you.
  15. The Prospect isn't one of their current production models, but the custom shop will be happy to build one for you.
  16. A Q serial number makes it a 2000. SSB stands for Sunsetburst, the color name of the finish. Welcome to the forum. Beautiful guitar.
  17. I've never had to shield a guitar with dual humbuckers. It really doesn't matter on dual humbucker guitars. Strats are another issue. Single coils pick up all kinds of extraneous noise.
  18. Follow up... This is a great amp. I'm loving the clean sounds I'm getting out of it.
  19. You can also experiment with changing magnets in the pickup itself. I like the 59 pickups with A2 magnets. I don't with stock A5 magnets. This takes a bit of skill, and you can permanently damage the pickup if you aren't careful. Look on Youtube for tutorials. I've done this many, many times.
  20. Thanks. I bought them used and didn't get a card with them. I'm partial to A2's. Either way, they sound great.
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