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  1. I disliked Gibbons under the ownership of Henry J these new owners appear to be just as pathetic
  2. YES!! that's great thanks! hosted on imgur, maybe my browser was blocking x-site access or something
  3. have mercy!!! killer sounds Rockabilly and +1 on the Mex tele's: I have one that came stock with Seymour Duncan's, it's really nice
  4. thx Dave, no picture showing up I only see text that says "image" and thx Spectrum, I can see that pic. would nice to get a higher resolution, maybe I will google images & see what comes up. figured someone here might have detailed pics, maybe from a pup swap or investigative string change
  5. oh I don't need the wiring, I just want to see what the pickup routes are like, in the top I need to rebuild some of it
  6. yeah I only wish the guy had done that, instead!
  7. wasn't Bach from Vienna? maybe "Thro-Baclava" would be more appropriate... or "Thro-Bishbarmak"
  8. looking for some reference pics. I have an H575 converted to P90's by a "Luthier" but it's a mess I don't know why he didn't just get HB sized P90's instead of f*cking with the top considering restoring it to humbuckers, if possible thanks!
  9. gorgeous guitar, and great playing! nice to see clean, polished gtr, in lieu of all the beatup relics you normally see these days purple finish too!
  10. yeah! P90's FTW congratulations, that is a nice guitar!
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