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  1. Check out this new Heritage Model. WOW

    ooh yeah....that is NICE I always preferred the switch up there, too. Glad the Milleninum Pro has it
  2. well, I guess technically, it's an APE " ooh, hoo hoo....I wanna be like you, hoo hoo..."
  3. that's funny....this is a howling Gibbon monkey he kinda reminds me of Henry J, for some reason. Proof there is indeed some kind of Jung happenstance in the universe
  4. 100 Year Celebration

    ah! Fred & myself simul-posted
  5. 100 Year Celebration

    that is an interesting observation...surely they will continue building instruments on-site? I thought they were moving production back into the original building, once reno is done. It has 4 floors? maybe only 1 floor will be retail
  6. AC30 Heads

    I had a couple of the AC30 cc2 models, they are fantastic amps SG classic with P90's was my guitar of choice with it....I agree with Steiner!
  7. wow, exciting stuff happening for sure!! I am very optimistic IMO what Heritage needs is a higher profile with the general public, and more publicity about who they are, the history of the brand, and the location ( 225 Parsons ) This plan they have seems to hit that nail right on the head. Heritage needs a way to make the general public aware of things we Heritage owners, a relative minority in "guitardom", know and appreciate about them. renovating and pushing 225 Parson's & Kalamazoo as a major international tourist destination, as well as partnering with internationally known media ROLLING STONE, looks like a great idea to me
  8. Marv and his 30th Anniversary Guitar

    thanks Rich!! yep that worked great fantastic video
  9. 100 Year Celebration

    Skydog, thanks for the pics and info, that looks AMAZING, what they have planned!! truly deserving of the effort, and what that site should represent, in my opinion very exciting stuff
  10. well, 4x12 cabs were not designed to be used in a 1,100 sq foot house!
  11. Marv and his 30th Anniversary Guitar

    fuck facebook!! can't people use regular internet to post stuff? I have no access to see that video
  12. Getting rid of smoke odor

    I left one of those car air freshener things in a smelly case for a while, did the trick otherwise...
  13. I have a quad of Eminence private jacks in a '68 marshall 4x12, they sound fantastic they are rated for 50w and are their "greenback" clone, and are prolly the most reasonably priced greenback flavour out there ( the alnico version is the red fang....I have one of them in a 1x12 combo and it's great as well. but it's more $ as it's alnico ) the top of the heap IMO is SCUMBACK, who exhaustively researched vintage greenbacks before starting his speaker business. he has a lot of good info on his site, too http://www.scumbackspeakers.com/ I met up with Jim in LA once, he is a great guy and stands behind his products I have a quad of Scumbacks in a 4x12 as well, they sound fantastic I don't think I'd bother tracking down an original greenback, they are old and too much potential for issues...plus you can punish new speakers because parts are easy to come by
  14. 2005 H150 Classic.

    holy crap, that's a nice H150