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  1. Hi, Watt?

    allright....we need some pics in here! here is one of my old amps, c/o Mark Huss' Hiwatt website. whoops I guess it was a DR505 lots of good info at Marks' site....a great resource! link: http://hiwatt.org/
  2. BLOG

  3. Hi, Watt?

    I've had a couple: '78 DR504, 2 input Canadian import model with the cascaded preamp '72 DR504 4 input model. matching purple Fane loaded 4x12 too. they both sounded fantastic. I preferred the 4 input model, as it stayed cleaner as the vol went up, and thus beefier. but it is easy to "undo" the mods to the 2 input model & make it like the 4 input the guys I sold them to raved about them as well. great amps. loud if you don't use pedals
  4. H-535 - New Pickups? How to make it sound BETTER

    yeah, we are spoiled with choice these days. But I am not complaining. something for everyone
  5. Short Clip of My Honey Lemon Millie

    yeah, allright! whip that thing..wring some honey, out of the lemon tree!
  6. H-535 - New Pickups? How to make it sound BETTER

    you may also consider Wolfetone PAF's....I have a set of Wolfetone Legends in my H535, and it sounds glorious I like them a lot better than the Schaller's that were in there I also prefer them to SD '59's I had in another 535 have had good experiences with Sheptones as well, they are in a firebird build Dimarzio airbuckers sound pretty good, too IMO lots of options!
  7. PickUps comparison on a H157

    that is a nice H157!!
  8. Alvin Lee On h535

    ha! doesn't seem like it slowed him down much either... looks like he has a Schaller or Floyd Rose trem on there?
  9. N G D

    look at that!! congrats!
  10. 2017 H150 vs 2005 H150

    if you order one you can get the neck carved however you want pre-2012 or so ( approximately? ) the necks were slimmer than they are now *edit* what part of Asia are you in? Heritage has a pretty good presence over there I think....shouldn't be too hard to find one, or a dealer?
  11. New H555

    great looking H555!!
  12. The search has ended! NGD!

    " my baby showed up in a brand new Cadillac..." Wil that is really nice!! bound F holes, gold hardware, inlaid headstock logo, block inlays....that axe had some upgrades!! *edit* bound headstock, too?
  13. Whats your favorite H model ?

  14. SAE Millenium- can any one tell me...

    here are a couple pics of the first production model Millennium SAE laminate top, like a 535/335: it has an arched top & back: upgraded pups from the stock schallers, and changed to a more traditional bridge & tailpiece. still have the piezo saddles though I had it listed for sale for a while, but may end up keeping it it is a killer guitar, and pretty neat to have the 1st production model