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  1. Great! One of my fave tunes She's walking fast today
  2. Rumour has it part of the agreement is Gibson now has the option to pay Heritage to build "True Super Duper Authentic Historic" Les Pauls at 225 Parsons St
  3. Tell Bill fishing season opens in a few months, that should perk him up. Better yet, cook him up some fresh trout. I bet he's sick of hospital food! I just had trout yesterday.
  4. Great footage!! Thx for posting that, I'll watch later
  5. Agree on being able to see wood in guitars! I usually go for transparent/translucent finishes. My black mahogany H157 is now at the point where the grain is visible, like an old guitar. I dig it & was hoping it would mature like that. That is a nice refin, congrats again!
  6. Wow!! Spectacular Although you cheated a bit with the B4 pics: couldn't you find anything better resolution? Lol
  7. Congratulations! That's nice!
  8. Thanks all! I doubt I'll order a kit: just get the parts & build it. Thx for the tip on Ceriatone docs, I forgot about them. I had a Ceriatone DC30 & it was a fantastic amp. Chris Merren hand builds his own transformers & is a longtime specialist on old Marshalls. He used to work for NASA & really knows his stuff. He also makes Neve, McIntosh, and Hiwatt replacement transformers: http://merrenaudio.com/marshall_output_transformers I have one of his OT's in my '66 JTM100 and it's amazing. So I bought a JTM45 OT with intent to build one, at some point.
  9. You know, someone probably sells a socket extender that would reach that far. Or you could just get one of these & reprogram it:
  10. Anyone here built a JTM45 clone before? If so, are there any preferred layouts/circuits to use? I have a Merren OT I ordered a while back, finally getting around to doing something with it. Thx!
  11. Exactly. " it would be difficult to install " Coathanger with adhesive to feed the washer & nut down thru the F hole. If you soldered the nut to the wire you could hold the nut while tightening, then twist it off afterwards. doable. But still not a great idea IMO OP have you ever played a Millenium? Smaller hollowbody.
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