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  1. Hendrix did some top notch relic work on some of his strats... But otherwise I'd rather buy new, and let nature take it's course
  2. Thanks! It has some magic about it: absolutely fantastic guitar. Light, balanced, resonant, killer sound. As Rockabilly said, it screams rock and roll I don't normally nickname my guitars, but this one has earned the title "Excaliber"
  3. I thought Page used a Harmony acoustic ( sovereign? ) on the 1st album? And some of the 2nd Those croc skin Selmers are cool!!
  4. agree with Rich above! This could be very good for Kalamazoo & the people who live there. Good draw for tourists; walking distance to downtown & there are lots of other things to check out like the museum, breweries, etc
  5. I have a 112 RP combo, they are really good sounding amps! and the phaser is cool to have. good luck getting it running!
  6. killer top!! and thanks Steiner: I never thought of using a bathroom scale, holding the gtr, then doing the math!! hilarious I will just do that, as I have a bathroom scale here somewhere :D
  7. pretty interesting, thx for posting Martygrass! ps what is the scale? I don't think I have weighed any of my gtrs, might pick one up
  8. well that's a huge compliment, right there! Legend
  9. well, THAT is pretty damned cool!! congrats!
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