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  1. thx for the pics! have never seen underneath the reso before, interesting!
  2. Fred beat me to it: in the 2000's the H150 headstock got wider not a big deal, as far as I'm concerned I like the CC headstock, but I won't be selling my '94 H150 any time soon
  3. busujiujitsu that was great!! glad you are getting better LOL I copied your name & pasted so I wouldn't spell it wrong, it looks like it grabbed the hyperlink & bold/underlined it as well :)
  4. I bet it ends up just like Oberheim. Mismanaged & eventually left out to pasture good for Randall though, he probably did well
  5. hey, both those clips were rad!!! thanks for posting them
  6. I sometimes try to do Steve Howe impressions with my H575 they are not very convincing though. and it's not due to any shortcomings of the guitar someday I would like to get an Eagle
  7. hey, Martygrass thx for posting those articles. very interesting! agree on the hollowbody situtation, I hope they start building more of them again. but again, it depends on what people are buying. maybe if Kurt Cobain had played a hollowbody jazz gtr they would be more popular :D
  8. good ideas! or use electrical contact cleaner
  9. wow those are nice!! thx for the pics. I don't do facebook so would never see them otherwise
  10. that Pete Thorn vid is bang on the money! Hendrix was usually always running into a fuzz pedal, riding his volume to control the signal I believe I have a Throbak fuzz around here somewhere, I quite like it. not sure if it's germanium or not?
  11. I especially like solid colors once the wood grain starts to show through, after some time has passed
  12. I agree, I have an old macbook and am in a similar situation I may end up dual booting it and installing linux on the other side
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