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  1. My Heritages are still ok. Seasonally I might need to tweak the truss rod a bit.
  2. My most played amp these days is a little solid state Marshall from the 80s that I upgraded the speaker on. Saves wear & tear on my tube amps if I'm just noodling around etc. Otherwise I'd have to say a '66 jtm45/100, loaded with real GEC KT66's & mullards all around. Running into a '68 4x12 with Scumbag speakers. Or the Vibro Pig, which is like a feral version of a princeton reverb.
  3. Agree Don! Hard to pick a fave, but always fun to chat about it. Yoslate, I almost bought a Tophat super deluxe once: still kind of regret it! Was using a club royale but it didn't have the lower end oomph & grunt of the super deluxe. Sold the CR & was still on the fence when someone else grabbed the SD. Oh well. It sure sounded good.
  4. The Ampire strikes back: Leo Fender to Jim Marshall "Jim, I am your father. Search your feelings, you know it to be true!"
  5. What's everyone's favorite amp these days? Solid state, tube, steam powered, VST, all valid.
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    Haha!! Sorry guys, apparently I used up my quota of likes for today.
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    Oh, does it send out alerts if I post stuff here? I had no idea people even read this!
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    Rhymes with FROG!!
  9. I don't worry too much about weight, but I also use wide 3" leather straps that are very comfortable. They actually feel better with heavier guitars! My 90's H150s are heavier than the post 2004s I have owned. Maybe it's the Brazilian rosewood??? Joking. But I kept them & sold the others. I did get to check out a real 1959 Les Paul for a bit: I was surprised that it felt exactly like my 90s H150 when I rolled the body around to examine it. Weight was approx the same too. I was expecting it to be lighter. But clearly with wood, there are variations.
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