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  1. that is nice, Bird!! I always liked the Vox's, with the chrome edges & the classy VOX logo you even have the original bag!
  2. WOW!!! that is a fantastic looking gtr....congrats!
  3. DB I was in a similar situation, I finally coughed up & got a Fulltone Clyde Deluxe it's quiet, reliable, runs off pedalboard power, and has switching options for wah response plus it has a light, so you can see when it's on!! handy
  4. that is a beauty! congratulations! does the 530 have a center block south of the bridge? if not, I would stick with a floater B3/B6 etc tension bar definitely helps keep the strings down on the bridge though, if it's a shallow angle
  5. +1 thanks for all the work you spend on this place!! I'll buy you a pint of Lowenbrau, sometime
  6. Buzzzzzzz.... "I hear a lotta buzzing Sound like my little honey bee I hear a lotta buzzing Sound like my little honey bee She been all around the world making honey But now she is coming back home to me Sail on Sail on my little honey bee, sail on" Muddy Waters
  7. OK I had time to use google & search the HOC....some results:
  8. I asked Chris Merren about this ( he makes top quality transformers for Neve consoles, Marshall amps, McIntosh audio gear, and is a huge vintage Marshall enthusiast ) surface rust isn't a big deal, since everything happens inside the windings & near the core. But you can use a treatment called "Mar Hide one step" that the navy used on their battleships vs rust: it actually reacts with rust to form a plastic & also seals I used this on a '65 JTM100 power transformer about 15 years ago, it is still going strong & there has been no rust, ever since
  9. nice: they really needed more general exposure in places like that, where the madding crowd hangs out
  10. there is a thread on here somewhere, discussing compatible ABR-1 bridges ( which are narrower than nashville ) & hardware that will fit the modern posts I think kidsmoke put it together? lots of discussion & info can't seem to find it with search function
  11. my favourite H150 has a busted/repaired headstock I also like the fact that I don't have to worry about it I call it "the bastard" :D
  12. that is interesting, never thought of it, thx!
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