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  1. Rockin' at the Fillmore! That's a nice looking amp
  2. Must have been a lot of work to print the other 25 of them, using just one letter. I'd be worn out, too! Might explain why so many J's look like I's and K's, M's & N's as well. I wonder which letter they had?
  3. Very sad news to hear: Condolences to Jim's friends & family RIP
  4. Heritage seems to be in the right, from what I can see. They had a prior agreement with Gibson for 20+ years with no problems.
  5. Outstanding! You are on a roll!
  6. Congratulations!! I have heard of those but never had a chance to try one out
  7. I've posted this pic before, but what the hey: an amp tech I have much respect for once told me about Heritage guitars, and that he regretting selling one he owned because it was such a great instrument. So when I eventually came across a used one in another shop, I made sure to check it out! Sure enough, it was a knockout! So it was & still is my #1. I put Wolfetone Legends in soon after I got it. Plus a set of Pigtail steel tailpiece studs/bolts, and an aluminium tailpiece. And an ABR-1 style bridge. At one point I put a hifalootin' LP wiring pots+harness in, but after a while I swapped back the original pots & wiring, as I preferred it. Somehow a couple saddles got flipped around! Next time I change strings I might fix them. But it works fine.
  8. This is a great thread! Lots of good stories & pics. I'm all out of "likes" until tommorrow!
  9. Whichever one doesn't ruffle my golden underwear!
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