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  1. gary, can you just slot the existing saddle? stew mac sells individual saddles, if you search their site
  2. hahaha....oh well, next time!!
  3. whew lots of options out there for "spirit in the sky" Norman Greenbaum actually used the built in fuzz circuit on his guitar. ( I asked him one time ) someone has probably built a pedal to emulate that I bet a standard fuzzface would get you there, I have one & it does the job!
  4. wow those old Heritage web pages bring back memories. I remember drooling over them!
  5. I always liked the Colonial head they made
  6. That is the Shiznit, right there!!! gorgeous H150
  7. I thought those TKL les paul cases ( which heritage used to use, as stock ) were substantially cheaper than that?
  8. Dan that clip was killer what amp were you using? couldn''t see
  9. wow, good to hear Ren is recovered & doing fine. that video was well shot, too
  10. Congratulations, ficecone! A Millennium is one of my fave Heritage models, you really can't go wrong with them
  11. pissing into the wind come back at you, twice as hard
  12. I have an Eastman acoustic, it is a superb guitar they'll get no crtiticism from me
  13. as for the original question: I would say new or old, would both be a great instrument chances of buying a new, old Heritage are getting slimmer as time goes by: so if you need *new* it's pretty clear used guitar = usually have to do some kind of work to it, even if it's adjusting the setup
  14. I'm not into it: but there are a lot of people that are worth a shot I guess
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