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  1. that is interesting, never noticed that!!
  2. stupendous! what year is it? +1 on Throbak pups. those must be a new model, never heard of them?
  3. sounds great!! excellent tune
  4. gorgeous....looks similar specs to a Gibson 350?
  5. I use Ken Smith gtr strings he's one of the few that packages strings so if you pull one out of a fresh pack, to replace a broken string, you can still see what the guage's of the rest of them are! http://www.kensmithbasses.com/Strings/ I have a whole bunch of random strings from D'addario, Ernie Ball, etc that are leftovers from "broken string pulls" and since none of them are labelled I don't know WTF they are pain in the ass. one of these days I'll get some calipers & sort them out
  6. THAT IS VERY COOL!!! nice job!
  7. Beautiful guitar!! IMO the easiest way to make Schallers sound a little sweeter and warmer, is to swap them out I would try that Seth Lover in there ASAP. some of my fave pups much easier than messing with magnets etc
  8. may not affect VALUE, but may affect how long it takes to find someone who likes that particular colour
  9. Congratulations on the 575!! looks great!
  10. that is pretty gorgeous, congrats!!
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