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  1. hey great post, thx for sharing! would be nice to see a couple pics :D
  2. actually, I'm not sure about this: does anyone know if the Korina 357 bodies are the same thickness as the Mahogany 357 bodies?
  3. I should revise one of those statements: " the body is thicker and therefore heavier IN RELATION TO THE HEADSTOCK" not necessarily heavier than a firebird's...obviously wood varies I think the body outline may even be a bit larger than a firebird? the older versions of the 357 might have had thinner necks, from the original production run 198x-199x ( not 100% sure on years they were made ) post 2004 or so, the "Marv Birds" all seem pretty chunky. Who knows why people cycle through guitars? they are expensive, so if you need $ it's an obvious choice I have played a
  4. "Ampeg: the story behind the sound" is a great book "Amps: the other half of Rock and Roll" is good too "Valve Amplifiers" by Morgan Jones is a good technical book, written back in the '60's or '70's I think? available online; if you google the PDF will probably show up
  5. Marv did a couple things to fix the Gibbons/Monkey Firebird neck dive: body is thicker & therefore heavier headstock is smaller & lighter grover mini tuning pegs are smaller and much lighter I have never had neck dive with any H-357 I played
  6. looks good, but I gotta agree with Wil; I prefer without but as Jimmy and Alister famously said: do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law
  7. support American manufacturing; buy a Bigsby!! I also got the Bigsby tour c/o Jim & Alicia. we interrupted them on their lunch break, but they were gracious enough to put up with us "Bigsby, Interrupted" was a really neat place to check out didn't see any spokes anywhere though
  8. interesting! and very nice gtr, congratulations!
  9. I didn't even notice that! good point "The Heritage" I think is a nicer script, especially as it harkens back to the original name by Orville in Kalamazoo also I agree with holyroller on Gibbon & Fender brand dilution by too many tiers: one reason I like Heritage is *every* guitar is as good as it gets I understand marketing depts get a hard on by inventing all kinds of upmarket schtick, but I gave up on Fender and Gibbons for this very reason
  10. glad they did this. Pete is looking good. couldn't watch it over the weekend, will have to watch the replays
  11. that is one of the ultra rare Heritage "H-516058" models
  12. nice!! and RIP to RhoadsScholar speaking of Kenny Burrell, today I found a sealed copy of Kenny Burrell with John Coltrane, I bought and forgot about. circa 1958. playing it now.... well, the RECORDING was done in 1958, I bought the LP a couple years ago ps I hope Kenny is doing ok these days: there was that medical issue a few years back, where we all chipped in what we could to help out
  13. well that is just too cool, for school! I got to talk to Edwin for a bit at the last PSP, really nice guy and seems humble considering how knowledgeable he is he put up with all my stupid questions; I'm sure he's sick of guitar geeks asking all kinds of inane crap
  14. hey!! Welcome back Martygrass! good to see your name up when I logged in today and that is a fine looking gtr!
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