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  1. fantastic playing, and tone, in both of those clips!!
  2. WOW!!! spectacular, which finish is that? *edit* oh I see you posted it: Antique Sunburst really nice contrast, with the burst, and the binding etc
  3. congrats!! beauty! I had a 576 for a while, but kept getting my fretting hand jammed in the cutaway playing high notes. The body, being thicker than a 535, is more awkward to get around 575 with the Florentine & easier access is what I settled on
  4. I prefer the '50's wiring; it's been a while since I did the swap, but I seem to recall the taper was a more useable range for me
  5. awesome post skydog! thx for the update!
  6. great post!! ps I hope they put some high fencing up, to stop any stray flying bricks from the neighbourhood
  7. haha, I would have 100% bought a 5 string banjo from Heritage, if they'd built more!! huge fan of bluegrass. can't play it to save my life though I guess I'm only part-inbred
  8. Yes, I remember seeing 2 skids stacked with banjo bodies & parts too
  9. wow that is nice! congrats, Brent! "The early H157s and H150s were rumored to have been made with leftover Gibson bodies that were left behind when Gibson left Kalamazoo in 1984. " never heard of that before, source?
  10. wow, really nice looking H150! congratulations it may say what the pickups are, on the back of the control plate
  11. WOW!! that looks F'n amazing....somehow I missed this NGD thread congratulations, Pressure!! outstanding
  12. why are you so obsessed with this? you have been going on like a broken record for the past 2 months check out their website: all the available models are listed there, for all to see the new owner came onto the forum a while back & got insulted and chased away I do not blame them for not bothering to interact with the forum. Facebook is probably more practical for a business, anyway they are not a public company with stocks, as far as I know? they do not owe it to us, to explain their internal business process
  13. Davesnothere and Pressure must have drove the factory bonkers with all their custom builds....blame them!! :D
  14. that is a good point; for comparison, what does Gibson charge for custom options like that? and over $11,000 for a custom shop Les Paul in Pressure's link...mind you, it appears a lot of those have a Brazilian fretboard, but still, that is basically an H150 We were all lucky to buy new Heritage guitars back when they were including all those finish options. Maybe someday they will go back to that model
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