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  1. Wolfe makes great pickups, you will not be disappointed. Congrats!
  2. Oh yeah, that's the Shiznitt, right there!! Congratulations!! Beauty!
  3. Speaking of Star Wars. Heritage made a Millenium Eagle. I wonder how you could spec out a Millenium Falcon? 😝
  4. You poor moderators are missing out on likes!! Not possible to add reactions
  5. I bet this guy has one of the red & black versions
  6. Nice pic!! That Vox grillcloth, trim & tolex is iconic. I was playing my P90 SG through it at a gig, and a musician I respect ( who's dead now, RIP ) ran up afterwards and said " that combination is THE sound!! " whatever that means...I should have asked him, I guess.
  7. I bought one with wharfedales, then thought I should check out the version with alnico blues. Then somehow I ended up with a 1x12 version too. I have long since sold them, but they were good amps.
  8. LOL!! I had a Matchless DC30 clone for a while, it weighed a ton too! Had better cooling than AC30's, that's for sure. And it sounded good. I also went through 3x Vox AC30 reissues, the CC2 models. With Wharfedale & also Vox Blues. I liked them.
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