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  1. bolero

    Wow~Times A Changin' + 1988 H150 Content

    that is a gorgeous H150, congrats! and welcome back
  2. bolero

    Monster Top and Back H-575 Custom!!!!

    yep, pretty spectacular!! thx for the pics DB
  3. now THAT is a very cool, interesting guitar!! congratulations!!
  4. bolero

    New bridge & Stop Bar

    I hope they bring back the nice flame maple pickguards. that put them a step above Gibson IMO it definitely caught the eye of anyone who picked up one of my Heritages
  5. bolero

    Another 535 in Action

    yeah...that was pretty good, for a bunch of old farts!!
  6. bolero

    H157 neck thickness and profile

    as far as I can see, Jay is just defending his position & explaining stuff that happened, that most people probably are not even aware of can't say I blame him really: he's being slagged off, left right and center I had some issues with an order that Jay straightened out. he's done good by me
  7. bolero

    New bridge & Stop Bar

    yeah I've had good luck with Gotoh as well, I like the brass saddles on their ABR-1 I have never heard of Pinnacle, looks interesting for my #1 H150 I use Pigtail steel studs & bushings: http://www.pigtailmusic.com/Products.php thanks for the update, Jay!
  8. interesting thread! I hear you on the roots instruments....especially the banjo/mandolins ( when I was there a few years ago, they had a whole skid of old banjo bodies & necks sitting in the corner ) I would have set up an apprenticeship program, to *preserve and spread the knowledge* of the old timers, who probably want to retire at some point. Especially focusing on handbuilding archtops: tap tuning, wood selection....mandolins + acoustic guitars too a Heritage take on the slope shouldered J45 would be pretty neat, IMO solid body guitars are relatively easy to make, by comparison. skill set would transfer easily as you say, there is a good revival going on with traditional American folk music. And it would also tie into the whole "heritage" of those instruments at 225 Parson's I can see that being attractive to a lot of people. I don't have any numbers, but I would hope that regular solidbody/semi solid production could carry on & support the team, while they released a small amount of these more intricate instruments ( which I would treat as an investment in employee skill development ) A modern tech & social media savvy marketing group, and streamlined ordering/tracking system using a database to log & track orders, possibly with photos of each build at various stages, to pass on to the buyer it's always a thrill seeing a guitar transformed from raw materials into a musical instrument. I know I cherish the "in progress" pics I have of guitars but I am probably naive, and looking at the world of guitar production through rose coloured glasses. my forte is not business.
  9. bolero

    Guess What Amp you Play - Quiz on Reverb

    Marshall or Hiwatt close...
  10. bolero

    535 and Good Pal Content

    sounded great!! any ideas what amps they were using? ps I guess you are "sans-serif" for a while?
  11. bolero

    In Defense of Heritage 2.0

    yeah, but most people are still chasing 1959!!
  12. bolero


    Justified, and Ancient!!
  13. bolero

    Fun & Confusion

    HIDE glue...haha!! no such thing as a bad pun my Prospect was in a proper fitting Heritage hardshell case as well.
  14. bolero

    In Defense of Heritage 2.0

    Heritage switching from Schaller hardware and pickups to Seymour Duncan and tonepros was one of the the best things they did, to improve things IMO the Schaller stuff was holding them back, and turning off a lot of players those pups and hardware were the first things to go, when I would get a new gtr
  15. you just might need to change your underpants, after hauling this around