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  1. Pete Farmer is THE MAN you will not be disappointed one of these days, if I can scrounge up some $$ I also have a special project I want him to build
  2. ah, thx for the link! Paul Gilbert is one of the best guitarists I have EVER seen play live. I saw him last year in Toronto I went in a bit jaded, and not expecting much, assuming it would just be a Racer-X nostalgia driven shred-fest WRONG Paul is witty, musical force of nature, with a fantastic sense of humour. and he can shred on slide just as effortlessly as he does normally! to top it all off, his live tones were amazing. he had some cool amp amp stuff going on ps I took a shot of his pedalboard, let me see if I can find it
  3. yeah that's what I thought too, thx for clarifying!
  4. looks great!! what is all the stuff underneath? aside from PS? I need to get my PS underside, too, make some room up top
  5. ooh look at those!! they look fantastic! unfortunately I just sold an H-137, and can't afford or justify buying a new one :( I keep buying lottery tickets occasionally though: when is the cutoff date for ordering one?
  6. the other advantage of repairing the headstock, is you don't have to worry about breaking it.....it's already been done :D and quite possibly won't break in the same place, next time
  7. I couldn't choose one. Every one is great. So I guess whichever one I have at hand, is my favorite guitar at that time
  8. agree with daytooker above, if you ever plan on selling it that is a shame though. it looks like the stand has posts, for a neck holder? does it have straps to hold the neck in place? also watch any rubber/foam that contacts the guitars: what are the pads at the bottom made from? I had issues with stands reacting with my Heritage nitro finish, which is different and more sensitive than G nitro finish. G's were fine but the H's would blemish so I always drape a cloth over any synthetic foam/rubber etc -->actually I don't use stands at all any more, if I can avoid it
  9. nice pair of H150's!!
  10. well, how cool is that!! congratulations....and lucky you! or should I say: lucky Uwe ? ( groan terrible joke )
  11. that is a nice H150, congratulations! I had a blue H150 once, I sold to DB. I wonder where it is now? it was a great guitar and very nice doors too!!
  12. that is a sweet guitar!! good to see you Mr Bob
  13. they sound pretty good through a pair of 100W Marshall stacks, with a strat, in Monterey California, summer of 1967
  14. allright here ya go: I think the grill cloth is different than standard Fender silverface era? but I will just use whatever I can find
  15. if you don't need potted pickups, I'd go with Seths or Antiquities
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