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  1. hmm mcamaral did you mean "carved" as in the hole cut for the pickup cavity? maybe English is not your native language? that is what I assumed you meant by "carved" I think Spectrum is talking about a "carved top guitar"? which the 535 is not. But a 535 does have holes cut in it, for the pups --->at the risk of over analyzing this whole topic: for the record, I do prefer to use proper length springs/surgical tubing, once I nail the pickup height. but I often leave foam in there as well, just in case
  2. I suspect it is more the springs are too short, to put enough pressure upwards, to keep the pup in place take the springs off *any* pup and it will float around in there, rattling...so depending on how high the pup is already, raising it might help too? foam is a cheap & easy fix you could spend a bunch of time installing longer springs ( which might limit the height range of the pup ) or custom cutting rubber surgical tubing however that may not be as versatile, if you decide to change your prefs
  3. or stuff a piece of foam underneath, to keep it stationary
  4. Harmony guitars?

    haha...well my H357 is dear to my heart there may be others who have H357's to spare, however
  5. Harmony guitars?

    ah, thanks for the info Rich; I thought it was Plaza Corp
  6. Going overseas?

    no relation to Kuz....
  7. Harmony guitars?

    those are nice!!
  8. Harmony guitars?

    anyone here have an old Harmony guitar? I have always wanted an acoustic ( since Heritage has bought the Harmony name I guess we can post this here? or mods feel free to move this to off-topic ) JJ Cale's "Troubador" album cover has always seemed like a nice nod to Harmony, as well:
  9. Going overseas?

    Harmony acoustic guitars would be cool IMO after all, Jimmy Page used one!!
  10. thanks Great Mutah!! buzzy, seems like a very civil discussion to me....we are all concerned about Heritage and the future. Only natural to discuss it here ??
  11. Going overseas?

    well that is a relief to hear!! I was worried oveseas mf'ing was being considered, too
  12. Actually its worth noting that the two most adamant headstock haters in that thread approved of the Bolero H157 A while ago, when I posted a pic on the other LPF, I also had pm's offering to buy it Want to sell guitars to the conservative crowd, who currently aren't interested? If I owned a guitar shop I know what I'd be trying to order I also admire the original headstock though! Its great that we had the custom options at Heritage to build our own dream instruments. This H157 replaced a 57 RI LPC I once owned. And it "owns" the Gibson Hopefully we will be able to custom order again, soon Best of luck to Edwin, I hope they give him a nice welcome back to where it all started
  13. NGD, Please Help with Name (and Enjoy the PICS)

    that is a beauty, congrats!! can't help you with the name, sorry. maybe name one gtr after each son?
  14. thanks for the post, Meng! great to see you around here I'm excited for the future of Heritage