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  1. What a cool piece of history! You are a fortunate man.
  2. D'Addario XL's standard 10-46. Vanilla I guess...😐 I think 9's would be fine with some adjustments to the set up.
  3. Sure, I remember that section. But how many of those originals are still around? I don't see a lot of international participation lately.
  4. I'm the guy you are describing. I'm losing the highs on my hearing test (took one about a month ago). I'm still in the normal range but the highs are dropping off. When I play with the presence knob I don't hear a big difference. I'm not happy about it either...
  5. Sounds like you are a pretty smart cookie. Welcome!
  6. Already been answered, but I agree, those are just router marks...
  7. Learn alternate tunings. Open E or open G and you can play with one finger. Or learn slide in open G. Just need to hold a pill bottle.
  8. I thought the Twin sported 6L6's? The amp I use that has EL34's is the PRS SE50. You can get them used for around $600. Nice British/Marshall tone but don't expect the chimey EL84 style.
  9. We're neighbors! I'm in Greensboro, NC There are a few others in NC as well. Yoslate is here in GSO too.
  10. Well done sir! I see it as a goal just to get to 78. Most of my family die in their 60's. I'm now 56. Still playing guitar will be a bonus.
  11. Not for me, thanks... If my 150's end up checking then fine, but I'm not going to age them prematurely. I prefer honest wear. Oh, and the price is...well...unmotivating...
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