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  1. So I'm a little late to this thread as you chose the Seth's. Good choice. I believe, though I could be wrong, that Seth's and Antiquities are the same inside but the Antiquities are degaussed just a little to make them "old". I know the Antiquities are, I just don't know if the Seth's are. Either way, I run all 3 types in various guitars and I like them all. Each for the job I want them to do. The 59's are great for straight up rock and roll. They can be hot enough for almost anything but metal. However, they don't tame down as well as the others. Seth's tame beautifully, perhaps just
  2. AP515

    Dealing with trouble

    That word is not meant to be more than it is, but it seemed accurate enough. I've looked for another band in NC a couple times. Even practiced with one for a couple practices until the lead singer took the lead guitarist and they split off to form another band... (sound familiar?) I just had such a good fit in Phx. Being a Latter Day Saint, you'll probably appreciate this where others can't. Sorry to those of you who are not going to know our terminology. It's not meant to exclude anyone. If you have a desire to know what they mean, Mark or I will be glad to explain them.
  3. AP515

    Dealing with trouble

    I've not had the experience of having to excommunicate anyone. I've only had to excommunicate myself when I had to move to NC. I miss playing out...?
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