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  1. Congrats! I have a 2005 with 59's and I agree with your assessment. Mine's a keeper too.
  2. Ya'll know Korina is a type of Mahogany right?
  3. Welcome PMDDS, I found out about Heritage as I was looking for a good LP. Luckily I didn't have to try a Gibson first. Went straight to the H150 and got my LP fix without the name on the headstock. Interestingly enough, I got to experience the "real" LP through a series of trades later on and I wasn't impressed. The H150's stayed and the "real" LP is gone. The "real" LP is an H150 anyway...😉
  4. I think you can be assured they are going to ask for attorney's fees. They will probably get it too. I don't see Gibson winning this one. Everybody has made an explorer model. Dean can't be singled out.
  5. Haven't they already settled with Heritage? Would be hard to reopen the issue again IMO. Maybe that's why whey went with Dean. They don't have a case against Heritage or PRS since there is already history there.
  6. What a cool piece of history! You are a fortunate man.
  7. D'Addario XL's standard 10-46. Vanilla I guess...😐 I think 9's would be fine with some adjustments to the set up.
  8. Sure, I remember that section. But how many of those originals are still around? I don't see a lot of international participation lately.
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