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  1. My H150 with Seth's. My first was a 535 but I didn't have it long enough to really get to know it. I had it about 4 months and I just wasn't in love. A trade came along that I really wanted. Then I had a GT H150. 10.5 Lbs. Just too heavy for me. Then My favorite and another H150 with 59's within about a month of each other. I like them both but the Seth's finish it for me.
  2. Glad you like the Seth's. I love them too.
  3. So I'm a little late to this thread as you chose the Seth's. Good choice. I believe, though I could be wrong, that Seth's and Antiquities are the same inside but the Antiquities are degaussed just a little to make them "old". I know the Antiquities are, I just don't know if the Seth's are. Either way, I run all 3 types in various guitars and I like them all. Each for the job I want them to do. The 59's are great for straight up rock and roll. They can be hot enough for almost anything but metal. However, they don't tame down as well as the others. Seth's tame beautifully, perhaps just a little more melodic than Antiquities. I have Antiquities in a singlecut and man do I love those pups. They are hard to control and that is why I like them. The Seth's and the Antiquities are both unpotted and they both go crazy under high gain. The fun is finding how to set the amp to just get them to start to run away and then control it with your fingers. I love what comes out of that. The Seth's I can treat just about like any other pickup. They aren't as unruly as the Antiquities. Not sure why. Might just be the difference in the guitars they are in.
  4. There will definitely be a reset. The new normal will not be normal. Music and guitars will be the least of our concerns. China isn't going to be happy with the political fallout when it is learned that they accidently and ineptly let the virus out of their lab in Wuhan, and we as a country aren't going to be happy when we find that out either. The economy is going to change since it was based on a cheap labor in China model. That model isn't going to work any more.
  5. I agree with all of you. Great amp for the sound I hear in my head. I play a Mesa Lone Star Classic when I'm not playing my PRS amps in the living room. Love that warm Mesa tone. I've been tempted to by this one more than once, but I spent all my disposable income on toilet paper…
  6. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. What Gibson was, and could have been - and what is now left...
  7. I didn't know what to think of it either when I first encountered it. I came from a Strat as my first electric gitfiddle. As PK says, it's normal on the LP 4 knob layout.
  8. So the consensus seems to be that we like the Bandit red strips...Check We hate the HRD gain channel...Check The line 6 sucks...Check I've never played the MG but I'll take your word for it.
  9. AP515

    Dealing with trouble

    That word is not meant to be more than it is, but it seemed accurate enough. I've looked for another band in NC a couple times. Even practiced with one for a couple practices until the lead singer took the lead guitarist and they split off to form another band... (sound familiar?) I just had such a good fit in Phx. Being a Latter Day Saint, you'll probably appreciate this where others can't. Sorry to those of you who are not going to know our terminology. It's not meant to exclude anyone. If you have a desire to know what they mean, Mark or I will be glad to explain them. I was the 1st counselor in a Bishopric in West Phoenix. The Bishop was the rhythm guitarist and played some keys and back up vocals. The second counselor was the lead singer. There were two other members with us who played lead guitar and drums and both of them were on the Stake High Council. I played bass, or rhythm guitar when Bishop played keys, and also some back up vocals. So 5 band members, 5 High Priests. We played mostly Stake dances and ward or Stake activity nights. Once in a while we did weddings and community events. It was so much fun. Good clean atmosphere and a bunch of guys that all got along. Out here I've only been finding groups that play in bars or weddings. It's just not the same. I did put together a "music night" where I invited people from the Stake to join me as a band and we did a couple sets of some great music and I invited members of the Stake to sing. It was a big success. We had about 200 people show up but that was probably because we had 20 people sing and they brought 10 people each to hear them! It's hard to get folks that aren't looking to do it long term to commit to the practices.
  10. AP515

    Dealing with trouble

    I've not had the experience of having to excommunicate anyone. I've only had to excommunicate myself when I had to move to NC. I miss playing out...😕
  11. I have a, now getting pretty old, Peavey "red stripe" SS amp. I like it. Sounds good but without that bloom you get with tubes. Still it is easy to haul around and gets a good tone without the volume requirement. At practice volumes or for lessons, it's a great way to go. If you are talking about gig's I'd still go with tubes.
  12. I don't see that guitar as "worn in" as you call it. I see it as damaged...needlessly. I don't mind honest wear, but even if a guitar has honest wear, if that wear begins to bring the functionally or playability into question, it gets repaired.
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