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  1. [Reposted from elsewhere on the subject of Dumble tone and the current PRS effort to recreate a Dumble tone circuit into one of their upcoming amps which is still under development.] This whole Dumble thing.... I don't know what a Dumble tone sounds like but I can't help wonder if for me it would be like a tone chasing experience I had a while back, which goes like this... I've liked the band Dream Theater for a very long time, eventually got to listening to John Petrucci ramble on and on about tone which led me to buying one of his ridiculously expensive Mesa signature model amplifiers right after they were first released and then I because the first kid on my block who had one. Sure enough, the first time I plugged it in and explored the tone, my reaction was "WOW! This amp sounds AMAZING! Delivers the goods exactly as promised! It sounds JUST LIKE THAT DREAM THEATER TONE!" and then I instantly realized that I don't want Dream Theater tone for MY playing; I want MY own tone for MY playing! So, now I no longer own that amp (because of covid) but I also have no intention of ever trying to repurchase one of those amps. Sure they sound great and each channel has its own bank of EQ sliders, but I'm not trying to sound like Dream Theater. SO I can't help but wonder if this MT100 will be the same experience. Maybe Mark Tremonti will like the tone but will.... I.... like the tone for ME? We'll see. MEGADETH - METALLICA - JUDAS PRIEST - IRON MAIDEN - SLAYER - TED NUGENT - AC/DC - LED ZEPPELIN - TWISTED SISTER - KISS - ZZ TOP
  2. What was the model name of that Heritage combo amplifier which had a STUNNING clean tone and was equipped with those blue painted speakers?
  3. We invited some people over for Thanksgiving last night, which included a couple of buddies of mine. After supper we had a jam session (and a show & tell session) in my new jam room area of our new residence. I started off by bringing out my two best guitars and one of them was my new Heritage Custom Core. But of the two, THAT is the one I actually played when I wasn't playing drums. Eventually I would up lugging 4 guitars and two basses down there and had a chance to show off my recently acquired Blistertone amps which my buddies had never heard of before.
  4. HOLY COW Brent! That guitar is STUNNING!
  5. Cool! I do like the new necks on the Custom Core models. That is not my #1 preferred neck carve but I really like that neck on those guitars. H-157's are neat but I wouldn't be willing to pay more for additional binding and I personally have never been a big fan of the P90 pickups.
  6. Generally I think they are routinely less expensive than H150's, whatever they happen to be going for these days.
  7. Prices are crazy everywhere so that is difficult to say.
  8. You can buy that Dallas if you want. I had to sell it and many other amps during covid to buy food and stuff. https://mattsguitars.com/products/paul-reed-smith-dallas-4x10-combo
  9. Speaking of transformers... This is not a subject I currently know a whole lot about but here is where I am at the moment. I have a tube amplifier which is said to have a really huge transformer in order to reduce or virtually eliminate something "they" call "SWELL". I've never experienced this effect but "they" tell me that the faster you pick notes, the less time that the amp has to recover and that you will eventually experience a drop in the volume or a delay in the sounding of the note or something like that. They say that all tube amps have swell and that the swell of each amp differs from one to the other. So this SWELL seems to reduce the ability to hear each of the notes to their fullest because the amp can't keep up. That was the explanation I gathered from the Web. The amp I have is called a PRS Blistertone and it is rated as 50 watts. So I wonder if we can replace out transformers with different ones in order to affect the tone and amount of swell our amps have.
  10. I really learned a lot from all you guys at the barn (during the PSP's) who showed up with only a small combo amplifier. Until then I had never realized that a little 20-30 watt all tube combo amp could get so loud. I guess my brain had gotten programmed in the 80's that you had to have 100 watts and at least a 4x12 half stack as the bare minimum to get by. Clearly, that is not the case and now my very modest amp collection has exactly ZERO 4x12 cabinets in it, and no single amp is greater than 50 watts.
  11. I'm now living a short drive away from Marine Corps Base Quantico if anyone is ever in the area and wants to try my Custom Core.
  12. There is nothing plain about a Goldtop. (Anyone remember back when (two years prior to my 50th birthday) I was trying to figure out what kind of Goldtop I wanted to get myself for my 50th birthday? ) I have definitely noticed how Gibson Goldtops seem to have a much more appealing gold tone (no pun intended) that Heritage Goldtops. At this point I think I have given up the quest for a good Goldtop.
  13. I don't understand the appeal of a plain Maple top.
  14. I hope you are trying all these pickups that you swap out on multiple amps before moving on to the next pickup swap. I'm under the impression lately that amplifiers do a lot more to shape tone than pickups shape tone. Yes, pickups do shape tone a lot. All I'm saying is that I *think* that amplifiers *might* have a greater influence. Your mileage may vary.
  15. I'd be surprised. Yes, even for him. I can't imagine H-150's get any better than that.
  16. The mandolin that Katie got a hold of that her father helped build?
  17. Yep. I'm going with Chestnut too.
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