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  1. I did a bit of checking and found about 3 other examples with different serial numbers but the same vintage orange and the same 3 screw pickups with smooth covers. It must have been something they tried on that model. This one was a "second" on Reverb. There was a thread years ago on HOC about an ebay listing (2015). Jay Wolfe talked about Paul Yandell owning one for a while.
  2. Glad to see that you nabbed it, Skydog! I thought about making them an offer, but decided I don't need another one. It did play pretty well, and yes, I think the pickups are "massaged" a bit compared to the standard Schallers. They had some really nice clarity, especially through a silverface twin. I really should have plugged it into the TwoRock Akoya they had out there! After the fret dressing, it should really play nicely. I wouldn't even bother changing the tarnished hardware. A little natural patina never hurts.
  3. https://web.archive.org/web/20050211195535/http://edroman.com/avail/guitar/heritage/bluesdlx.htm This is from the old Ed Roman web page (2005).
  4. If your guitar was old enough for Medicare, it probably would have gone through. Unfortunately, it's going to have to wait another 20 years or so!
  5. This was the "old group" of guys from the band from the early to mid 70s. What's the song say? "I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now." Dig the matching Guild guitars! We both still have them! ' '
  6. I think it was probably Aaron who built the mandolins for Heritage. He also built Jubal mandolins. His son, Steve, took over the business after Aaron passed in 2013. You might also check with Pete Moreno. He also worked with Heritage in the old days, and does repair work still. He's probably worked on a few over the years. Moreno's Guitar Clinic.
  7. I was searching back through old posts when I ran across one that I made in April of 2010. It was the first time I got to play the Mille LE with the band. Over NINE years ago! It doesn't seem that I've had it that long. Its made it to a few PSPs, including this year. Always sounds good, always plays good. That's one fine guitar.
  8. Welcome aboard, Paul. I left you a message on your post about the mandolin. I hope its helpful. There are a few guys here that play mandolins. I know nothing about them, except that my fat fingers have trouble with those skinny necks!
  9. You might try to get in touch with Aaron's Music Service. Aaron Cowles built mandolins for Gibson and although he has passed, Steve still runs the shop. I'm betting that Heritage built their mandolins the same way that Gibson did. Contact info is here. Aarons Music Service. Otherwise, you probably need to talk with either Jim Deurloo or Ren Wall at Heritage. They are the original guys, and still come in to the plant. They would have the historical info on how things were built then.
  10. That Kenny Burrell sounded pretty sweet with my H-525 on Thursday night.
  11. Mike, one of our gracious hosts at the Heritage plant, gave me one of the 1993 catalogs to add to my collection.
  12. Amps pop up occasionally on Reverb or GC but they are relatively rare. I wonder how many were actually made. I get the feeling that the number is not that high. Weren't they only in business for about 4 or 5 years?
  13. OK, here's my first three Heritage guitars. Still got 'em all, and bringing the Millie this weekend.
  14. Mine is also Chestnut Burst. You're probably seeing the difference in lighting, plus any differences in spraying.
  15. Yooper has the Mark 5:25 for sale and he's bringing it to PSP. You might want to check that one out to see if it's to your liking. If you like the Marshall sound, you can get the DLS40CR. Two EL34 tubes and 40 watts. I think DB had one of those. Or, as Hangar said, the PRS Sonzera 50. You should be able to find good used Peavey Classic 30s or Classic 50s for $500 or less. They (along with the Delta Blues) are really good solid amps. These are EL84 amps.
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