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  1. Nice job snagging that one. The 1st gen H140s are GREAT guitars. They feel great to play, and still have that nice solid body/dual humbucker sound. Its a shame it's not in the current lineup, but there are quite a few of them out there still.
  2. I just was looking at Facebook and a new post said: It is official. They gave me a badge. First day back was awesome.
  3. I think for the 25th they did both 150s and 535s, but they really weren't decked out with special inlays or anything. They had 25th Anniv truss rod covers and upgraded tops and used Seth Lovers Pickups.
  4. Some really nice playing there! Just the thing to get a glass of spirits, a few snacks, and pull it up for an evening on the big screen.
  5. I'm also partial to the 2000 Millies.
  6. I had the same issue in my Princeton type amp. It was preamp tubes that were rattling. I popped out V1 and replaced it, all was quiet again. Combo amps always seem to rattle the cages a lot.
  7. You weren't by any chance working for this guy, were you? Somehow the "do it right now, perfectly, and with no resources" sound very familiar.
  8. Gee, a "P" serial number would be from ... '99, right? You don't think that one is a fake one from China, do you? Maybe its the last one made in 1999? No, I've seen that guitar. It had a little bit of "fancy" stuff! I should have known that someone here would have the goods on that guitar. We've walked past it so many times over the years at PSP. Thanks!
  9. My H535 bridge says "Made In Germany" on the bottom. That would be a Schaller bridge, but not the normal roller bridge that was use more often.
  10. Vicky, I found that listing you posted, and that guitar is a 1987, like mine. Serial number is D23402. It was in the last picture on the page.
  11. Those aren't DeArmonds, Those are Guild HB1 humbuckers. I have a set on my 74 S100. And yes, they have 3 adjustment screws.
  12. I have a 1987 H140 ("D" serial), and it has the Schaller bridge and tailpiece like in the ad above, but its also a maple top. This is mine My H535 has the same style bridge as yours, and its original. Here's a really good picture of the H140 that hung on that wall for many years. Rendall Wall is holding it. Between him and Jim Deurloo, they could probably give you a good idea about the very early guitars. If the guitar is still onsite, they could probably tell you the serial number. I'm just saying that I wouldn't so quick to say that your bridge had been changed. I doubt that someone borrowing a guitar for a "few shows" would go through the expense to change the whole bridge and tailpiece. Besides, many people that change out parts will throw the originals in the case. Next time you restring the guitar, you might pull then off to see what, if any, branding is underneath.
  13. VickyFI, I saw your post about being concerned that someone might have swapped out parts on the guitar. One of the original H140s used to hang on the wall of the old plant just as you walked down the steps from the street. It has the same type of bridge and tailpiece as yours, without the inlays. I believe it was also all mahogany, based on the finish. If I can find a better close up pic of the guitar, I'll post it. I'm guessing that your friend just had a setup done, to get the playing action nice and low. I wouldn't fret that they had changed parts. For an "A" model, its entirely possible they were just using up parts that they had on hand (which would probably be old Gibby parts).
  14. Thanks for getting things up and running, Mr Admin! I guess its really true.... there are only two types of hard drives: Those that have crashed and those that are going to crash! Glad to see the HOC back up and running, and sorry to see that some of the "pearls of wisdom" were lost. Alas, we shall go on!!!!!
  15. If you can get a number off the transformer (you said it was a Mercury Mag unit) I would contact them to see if they have a spec sheet for it. That said, PaulC should know what he put in those amps. And, yes, I know how nicely they are put together. I"ve got a Patriot. The workmanship is fabulous. Its not out of the realm of possibility that they sourced 240v transformers for the overseas market. I think I would opt for the stepdown transformer. You can get them for under $100. Otherwise you are risking burning out the unit. It would be a shame for all that lovely work to go up in smoke!
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