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  1. First of all, shame on you for being such a damn fine photographer! You, Totonka and the Bird each have the eye for a great shot. While it's impossible to control things once posted on the 'net, there's no reason not to contact people who use your work for commercial purposes. It they're making money off of it, then they can share. In a lot of cases, its probably impossible to know who the original work came from unless you leave the metadata attached. Then you can put contact info in there and hope they at least try to contact you.
  2. That's a stellar looking guitar. You made an excellent choice. And a +1 for Sweetwater. I've been buying from them for about 15 years, and never had an issue although I've never bought a guitar. I have bought a bunch of my recording gear from them as well as pedals, cases and other assorted accessories. I make it a point to stop in there when I'm in the area, lately its been on the trip back from PSP in August.
  3. When you get around to buying pots, this might be handy to have. Its the coding system that CTS uses on their pots. CTS 450G.pdf I went with 30% tapers with 10% tolerance, but I measured each one before I put them in and chose ones withing 1% of 500K. I can't say that it made it sound any better, but I like the smoothness of the taper better.
  4. There is a picture of a white one that was apparently listed on Reverb some time ago, and a photo of a red one in one of your threads from a few years ago. That would make 3 of the 5 accounted for. Interestingly, while browsing for those I found pictures of Leon holding a very similar guitar, white with black guard, made by G&L. Leon with G&L T400
  5. Definitely not a model you see everyday.
  6. It looks like an H127 body with a normal neck and a tele style control layout. I've never see a signature model like that though. I'm guessing its probably a one-off custom build, which wouldn't be uncommon with the Heritage crew.
  7. If there was a museum, I'm sure that the recently found Gibson employee list would certainly be there! It's been posted on the Save The Stack facebook page. I found a couple of familiar names in the list. Its interesting that Jim Deurloo was hired a month after Ted McCarty! I also saw Aaron Cowles, and Ren's names, but haven't seen Bill Paige's yet. Between 1919 and 1953, there are less than 120 total employees on the list. And talk about hiring spurts. In 1962 alone, they hired about 170 employees! I guess the guitar business was really booming.
  8. I like the idea of the H140, and you're on the right track. BUT..... Sorry, no dots. Open trapezoid markers, and the V1 cutaway, not V2. I would spec an ebony fretboard as well.
  9. I wish I could remember who said "when we started, we had a choice of about 6 pedals, now we have 6 rooms of pedals!"
  10. I guess the boys were feeling a bit verbose the day they filled out the label.
  11. "Back in the day" fuzz was all you really had. FuzzFace was the main one around here. It was the "Hendrix" sound, along with lots of other songs. My Fuzz Face walked off one night, as did my Vox wah. I got a Boss Tone, but most of my distortion came from the fact that my Guild Thunderbird amp was usually running flat out at that point. I also had a Fender Blender which was really strident and raspy. In the end, I prefer a simple tube screamer to most fuzz pedals. Add in a Soul Food, or other Klonish pedal and you've got a lot of room covered.
  12. Those are some impressive guitars! Its good to see the artistry is still alive in K'zoo.
  13. Good to see you posting Gio. Hope things are still intact after the quakes.
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