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  1. Doing pickups in a 150 is an easy job. When you get to doing semi hollows, it's not for the faint of heart. If you have the 40 watt iron, it should do fine. You need to get the backof the pot hot enough so that things flow. Too weak of an iron and you can get cold solder joints. +1 on getting leaded solder. I've got two rolls, should last me forever.
  2. The back and neck on that thing is simply STUNNING! Way to do retirement right!
  3. Welcome Winkleygit. The 137 is a really great feeling guitar. I've played a few and they feel well balance on the shoulder. That one looks like a keeper. Well done.
  4. My 535 was 0.610 inches, my H157 is 0.675 and my H140 is .696. I didn't measure the H525 or Millennium The 140 is from 87, the 157 is from 2003 and the 535 is 2005. I think you'll find that the headstock thickness will vary slightly since they were all hand cut and trimmed. 0.6 to 0.7 is probably a good range.
  5. It looks like they still have one of the dark red ones in their custom shop, AH02303 https://heritageguitars.com/products/custom-shop-winter-namm-2018-h-155m-electric-guitar-dark-washed-red-ah02303 The headstock veneer looks more like the one in the Pete Farmer video.
  6. I think you're right on the money. There is a slight difference down by the TR cover. See the dark stripe just below the high E tuner.. its not there on your guitar. I would expect that if the veneers were sequential cuts. Its like when you have true book matched pieces. Sometimes there is a slight difference between sides.
  7. From looking at the headstock veneer, its probably the same guitar. Its a very distinctive pattern. Or maybe not.... the bottom by the truss rod cover looks a bit different.
  8. I remember seeing that guitar before.... then I remembered. 2018 PSP tour. It was over by the Plek machine. Here's Pete Farmer holding it.
  9. I don't know if one of those special pots would even fit through the f-hole. You probably would have to do all the work through the pickup cutout.
  10. Somebody really ought to talk that guy! One day it's words changing on their own, then it's demoting all users to Newbie status. I think he just likes to mess with people to piss 'em off!
  11. That thing has more flame inside the f-holes than a lot of guitars have on their tops! I'm glad I got my 525. They are great guitars.
  12. Will, I've got a couple of ideas to test. Can I perhaps use a few of your guitars to see if they work?
  13. I enjoyed watching that. It's nice to see "regular guitarists", rather than just the rock stars.
  14. Congrats on the PR. The tweed looks great. I was really surprised that my little 65 Princeton clone was plenty loud enough when we did the outside jams at PSP. I think it only got up to about 5 on volume.
  15. Yeah, that looks like it should be repairable. Is that where the original break was supposed to be? If so, what type of glue did that guy use? Conventional wisdom is that a properly repaired neck joint will be as strong or stronger than before. On another point, is there a good way to package a guitar so that the headstock won't snap if the box is dropped? Understanding that it's a weak point, would it be beneficial to add something inside the case to prevent movement and perhaps absorb some of the shock?
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