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  1. Who knows what makes something "collectible". I think that first, it needs to be desirable. I didn't think the Circle H was very good looking. If it was a great playing guitar at a steal of a price, I would probably get one, but give a choice between two identicals, I would take the traditional or the custom core styles. I don't think that the size was different, however.
  2. Sorry, but that Olive L5 just looks .... drab! I don't think I would even play it unless it was in a dark room. The 555, on the other hand, is welcome to stay at my place anytime it wants. Its exactly what I said before, Green, gold accents, nice binding. Heck, its even in my high school colors... green and gold! It makes me feel 17 again. Maybe I can play it at the sock hop.
  3. You'd best be careful, lest the all powerful ADMIN fellow puts you on the naughty list!
  4. Green with gold accents and binding like on a 555 or 157 would be nice. Without some bling, it doesn't work for me.
  5. There was that one fellow that took a Heritage H150, then added wings to make it look like a Les Paul headstock. It was wasted money in my eyes, but if he was happy, and spent his own money, who am I to cry foul? Heck, I've even heard a rumor that companies are taking perfectly good new guitars and making them look old and worn out!
  6. Cobo, I don't consider that "pointy". That's a way to avoid the Fender trademark. Some of these are pointy.
  7. I have no issue with "The Heritage" as the moniker for the guitar. They were maintaining the heritage of guitar building in Kalamazoo, and that seemed to mean a lot to the owners. More power to them. As for the shape, that didn't bother me a bit. I'm not a slave to the Gibby open book design. It functions perfectly fine. Aesthetically, I prefer the bound headstock with the diamond in the center, which is partly why when ordering my first guitar, I went for the H157 over the H150 or even the H150 Deluxe. I like the inclusion of the inlay on the core guitar. I think it would b
  8. I don't tend to watch the Grammy/Emmy/Oscar/VMA/CMA/Peabody/AVN/GoldenGlobe/SAG stuff. Anything more intense than the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award is more than I can take. Spongebob Squarepants RULZ!
  9. Looks like Marcus is still generating some good press out there. I didn't realize he's been nominated for a Grammy! Music Radar Interview with Marcus King
  10. I guess since Randall Smith is 75, it's probably a good move to preserve the company. I don't know their company structure, but private companies often don't survive as well after the founder leaves. Now we'll see if Gibs0n starts doing the things that happened with CBS/Fender or Norlin/Gibbons. If they're smart, they'll leave it intact.
  11. Very impressive playing. So very glad to hear that you've recovered well enough to play again.
  12. I really think that the H-525 was underappreciated. The fact that it has the laminated top and back seems to somehow taint it vs the 575. For me, that's not an issue. I really like the acoustic sound of a 525. I'm glad I grabbed this honey when it became available.
  13. If that's the price you snagged it for, then you didn't get a deal, you got a STEAL!
  14. Sounds like he bought it from a shop, not from an online purchase. Regardless, it looks like a nitro crack to me, not anything structural.
  15. At the 2021 PSP, we'll have to ask Ren and Jim about Roy Clark. I'll bet they have some stories to tell. The Roy Clark was a really nice signature model, I think it was basically a single cut H555.
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