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  1. I'm guessing that only a few people on here really know what goes into the Artisan Aging process. Its only been available for just over a year, and with last year's PSP being cancelled, we didn't have the opportunity to see the process. Looking at the Heritage website, it has the Artisan Aged line listed, but under each of the 4 colors available is Discontinued. I'm guessing they were testing the market, and any new aged guitars would be custom shop models, with the added price tag. It probably also means that means anyone wanting to get an aged model better grab one while t
  2. Its one thing to try to mimic the wear on a special guitar, like Rory's or Page or Hendrix. Fake relics mean nothing to me. If I am buying a new guitar, give it to me in pristine condition, and if it gets dinged and dented, well that's part of the process. When I was a kid, if my jeans got a rip in the knee, Mom put a patch on it. Any kid who came to school wearing something like this would be a candidate for clothes donations at Christmas. We would NEVER have bought a pair with rips already in them. They certainly wouldn't have paid $225.+ They sell new ones at Walmart f
  3. That one has the Schaller bridge, which is adjustable. The spacing on that one seems to be too wide. Standard humbucker spacing from outside pole to inside pole should be about 48-50mm. Set string spacing to 8mm, and your pole pieces should line up.
  4. The best fretwork on any of my guitars was on my Melancon ProArtist T. Gerard did marvelous work. The majority of his guitars also had stainless steel frets. I once had my Dean acoustic in for fret dressing. They came back looking like they were leveled with a wood rasp. I ended up pulling the strings and polishing them myself. I had my Taylor done by a different shop, and the guitar came back playing like a dream. I like the idea of the PLEK, but I'm not sure I would drive 200 miles to get it done. Closest places would be Nashville, Columbus OH, or Sweetwater in Ft
  5. I don't think the wooden guard was standard on the 140, but the boy's did so many customized items, anything is possible!
  6. For not knowing what you were doing, you sure did a good job!
  7. I'm with MartyGrass. The problem is that when there are 200 choices, it's hard to say know anything for certain. What's good for one is junk for another. As a wise man once said, "Just play the f*****g thing!"
  8. I really enjoyed the rough cut from 1995. Great post!
  9. Until the new custom core era, everything was basically the same. Each was built in the same shop by the same people. Any "custom" things would be from a customer requesting certain specs, like a fat neck, special pickups, a particular color, special wood. You could say that my H157 is a custom shop, since I ordered it with the color I wanted. I could have ordered it with different pickups, had I been more in tune with those things. In 2003, I was just getting back into playing and it was my first Heritage. Pressure has a bunch of custom builds, but they were all made in
  10. The headstock on the custom core models only say Heritage. Standard models still say The Heritage. There was a photo of a bunch of guitars in the staging area, and you could easily pick out the Custom Core models.
  11. Did anyone notice the amp in the SC400/DeArmond video? Its an early Heritage Kenny Burrell amp, you can see the H on the name plate. Maybe THAT'S why it sounds so good!
  12. That's happened a few times around here. One Saturday, I pulled into the White Castle parking lot and the place was completely shut down. I thought "is it Christmas Day?" since that's only time they close the doors. Turns out one of the staff tested positive, so they were shut for 5 days. This was back in November, when the C-19 numbers were shooting up.
  13. I would try stuffing a rag behind the bridge and doing the test again. Unless the pickup has loose parts inside, I don't see how it could have a millisecond delay, but having the trapeze tailpiece can introduce "ringing" of the strings behind the bridge. I find it to be a good part of the sound, like a 12 string effect. A normal electric won't have that effect since the distance between tailpiece and bridge is so short. When you have 2-3 inches, you can get a nice sympathetic vibration. I don't know for sure, but if I had to guess, I would think the pickup is probably already w
  14. The HopCat in Louisville closed down over a year ago. The Hotcat website still lists K'zoo. It say they were still doing carryout and delivery only.
  15. I never knew about West amps back in the day. Interesting read, especially the part about Sunn amps having a Dyanco power amp and modified preamp inside the cabinet. If you knew about electronics back then, I guess it was pretty common to start doing custom stuff.
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