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  1. I think the name "Hypothetical Heritage Museum" is perfect.
  2. Thinline is an old Gibson term typically referring to a hollow or semi-hollow body guitar that is 'thinner' than the typical (roughly) 3" body width. Gibson was one of the first to use the term, but Fender later used it to describe one of their Tele models. But ya'll get the point. The term thinline had little or nothing to do with the width of Heritage H-140's. Now if you want to start discussing my favorite Heritage 'thinline' H525's, I might jump in.
  3. Man, that well worn Stat needs to be framed (as is!) and hung in that bar as a tribute to your saving their A$$es.
  4. Haha! Great image mock up. All this time I never noticed that the name is actually "Eagle Centurion".
  5. Should have played through a Marshall stack...
  6. Hey, don't mock Mr. Welk! He had two badass gitfiddle players in his band back in '66. Um, my Dad told me about em. Yea, my Dad. Um...OK, truth is... I watched it with him every Saturday night. Check this out.
  7. Happy 20th birthday to your amazing Heritage Centurion, Fred. (Shouldn't this be in the birthday thread?) Have you ever considered putting a pickguard on her?
  8. Not sure if you checked the 'Sold' listings from Reverb... https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=Heritage sweet 16 prices&show_only_sold=true I also owned a '96 Sweet 16 and it was an incredible archtop. Good luck with your sale.
  9. Glad it was a simple TR adjustment. Not sure if you got the GC Pro Coverage with the purchase of your new H535, but here's the scoop: Guitar Center's Pro Coverage Pro Coverage gives you added warranty protection for your gear. Stepping in where the manufacturer's "normal wear and tear" coverage ends, our Pro Coverage program offers you upgraded coverage if your product ever fails Read Less. Pro Coverage includes Accidental damage protection Expedited repair or replacement Free shipping (for returns or repairs) 100% coverage for commercial use Extended price protection No lemon guarantee Free transfer of coverage to a new owner Repair costs covered for up to five years from date of purchase Repair authorization-toll-free by phone or via the web
  10. First off, I am not a fan of Guitar Center's 'techs'. However, since the OP bought the 535 new from GC, they need to hear about any issues first. Give them the first opportunity to provide service after sale. They've got the most to prove to their customer. Also, if the guitar has any serious issues and requires warranty service by Heritage, its best to keep it out of the hands of anyone until GC has taken a look at it.
  11. HOC'er Kuz has a custom P90 loaded H535. Maybe he'll chime in with his comments.
  12. Ah, the benefits of living in Kalamazoo! Cool find, Brent. Can't wait to see your forthcoming restoration thread.
  13. By the seller using the term "minty" in his description, he basically misrepresented the guitar's condition.
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