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  1. Problem solved. (operator error, as usual!) The pickup heights are fine and balanced. I messed around with the amp EQ and things sound great. A little mid-range adjustment was all it took.
  2. Welcome to the HOC, Joe. And congratulations on your incoming Super Eagle. You'll definitely get your KB "Midnight Blue" groove on with that sweet axe.
  3. See, I knew you would offer excellent counsel. Thank you, sir. Now crank up that Dumbell Amp and make a joyful noise.
  4. @Steiner: Seriously, during aggressive feedback, wouldn't the Golden Eagle's thin top vibrate so much as to possibly crack the lacquer...or worse? I know you are the 'wood whisperer', so you've likely considered this, but I had to ask.
  5. Louise is one fine lady! And Happy 4th Birthday to your daughter. Congratulations.
  6. Here's my digital scale. It's a great value for only $20 bucks. I weigh everything now. https://www.amazon.com/ACCUTECK-W-8250-50bs-Digital-Adapter-Silver/dp/B00SMHWZ42/ref=sr_1_25?dchild=1&keywords=digital+scale&qid=1613954299&sr=8-25
  7. Thanks, Marty. Interesting video. Can't wait to see 'Part II'. The lack of adjustment in my neck P90 may be due to the lack of body depth. H-137's are very skinny. Since Mojotone had no info I'll check with the factory before forcing it further.
  8. OK, I've been enjoying my H137 for a while now, but have a question for other owners. How does one raise/lower the Mojotone P-90 pickups? The two Philips head screws don't seem to move the pickups up or down very much. My neck pickup is much louder than the bridge p'up and I'd like to lower the neck a bit. So far the minimal available adjustment made little difference.
  9. H-525 might meet your criteria, except it is 24.75 scale. Otherwise you would need to contact the factory with your specific specs.
  10. You might check out the used market for a discontinued Sweet 16 archtop. They have a 16" body and 25.5 scale.
  11. Oh my!! http://www.vintageguitar.com/wp-content/uploads/ACE_FREHLEY_01.jpg
  12. I agree 100%. However, that same lack of market recognition or respect for some of Heritage's limited editions, has helped keep some of the prices of these gems down. As a result, savvy Heritage hunters are the winners.
  13. All of these beautiful bursts!! Great thread. @Yooper...I thought ASB was Almond Sun Burst.
  14. Thanks, Gianluca. The floating pickup on the Golden Eagle is a custom wound Kent Armstrong 12-pole PAF.
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