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  1. Haha! I love it! My Vibro Champ sits on top of a Fender Music Master amp...kinda like a table...and sounds great.
  2. Haha. Yea, I wore that big hat instead of the Army boonie hat (as worn by our bass player, Danny) and jungle fatigues we were issued when we arrived in Saigon. There's a ton of behind the scenes politics involved with those tours, but the always appreciative GI's never saw that crap.
  3. Very nice performance by a talented group. It took me Waaaay down memory lane when I did USO tours in Viet Nam. We didn't do that particular tune, but the vibe was very, um...'60's. We had a similar set up (pretty singer in a mini skirt, bass, drums and a skinny kid on guitar), but no keyboards.
  4. ...or a family pack of toilet paper!!
  5. Only $35 for a complete set up and strings??!! That's way below market in my part of the world.
  6. Gibbons must not have gotten the COVID-19 memo. https://paydayreport.com/Gibbons-guitar-forces-its-factory-workers-in-nashville-to-work-during-covid-19/
  7. 28 years old and never played?! Is it NOS? Where has it been all these years? Little One guitars are unique and not many made. So...it might be a good idea to do a Google search for previously sold models.
  8. I wish more guitar builders followed G&L's example, offering a variety of specified neck profiles. https://glguitars.com/guitar-options/
  9. That is a great idea. Big necks sell, but the up-charge needs to be minimal over a standard neck carve. I have a 2008 535 with a chunky neck, but that was from another era.
  10. OK, I get the rabid Gibbons fans of Japan. They've cultivated that market very successfully over the years. But what about China's Eastman Guitars? Why aren't Gibbons's IP/Trademark lawyers aiming at them? Have you seen their solid body models? Here's the SB59 (Solid Body 59) And how about their headstock design? Look familiar?
  11. Congrats on your beautiful new H150! The new folks at Heritage appear to be doing a fantastic job. I've yet to hear or read a negative review about their new guitars. Kudos to them!
  12. As TRich stated above, Heritage neck profiles varied widely over the years, but most of the early archtops had relatively thin or medium thin necks. Most of the early Golden Eagles were built to owner spec which makes it impossible to give a general answer about neck depth/measurements. I've handled many GE's over the years and each and every one had a different neck profile. If you are considering buying one, I'd recommend checking with the seller for specifics.
  13. Yep...NO sign of a for sale sign! That pairing of Amp and Guitar is perfect 🤩
  14. To me it looks like this Heritage 'lawsuit' is a declaratory relief action seeking a judicial ruling that they (Heritage) has not violated the 1991 Gibson vs. Heritage settlement agreement or infringed on Gibson’s trademarks. Based on the documented history of both parties, one would hope that the court rules on behalf of Heritage.
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