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  1. They are shipped direct from MONO located in So. Calif. Since I'm in No. Calif. it may explain my early receipt of the gigbag.
  2. The free MONO M80 soft case for the upcoming H-137 HOC arrived at my door today! Heritage has been keeping buyers up to date via email and photos during the build process. Classy!
  3. Thanks for that video. I've always admired Paul Gilbert's talent as a guitarist, but even more so as a guy who simply does not take himself too seriously. That said, I wonder what Paul would say about this guy...
  4. Haha! I'm done with anything 'Harmony'. My first, second and third electric guitars as a teen were poor quality 60's Stratotones and an H72. I'm sure the new stuff is far better but I am done with that brand. Fast forward to the present...I am very excited about these HOC H-137's.
  5. The H-575 has a solid carved maple top/back/sides. https://wolfeguitars.online/shop?olsPage=products%2F2019-heritage-h575-original-sunburst&page=3 They are incorrectly advertised by Sweetwater as having a laminate body. The H-525 does have a laminate top and back with solid rims.
  6. SWR's are fantastic amps, especially pre-Fender. I've got a Strawberry Blonde, the little sister of your California Blonde. They sound great with acoustic guitars, archtops and bass.
  7. H575's sound great through Fender or any other clean amps. Feedback can be an issue, but can be managed if you your volume isn't too high. Here's Alex Skolnick playing his signature H575 with his trio to give you an idea of what you can expect. Mimi Fox also plays her signature H575 via clean amps, but her volume is typically very low. Let us know when you find your 575.
  8. Well played by both of you. I even liked the hand claps.
  9. Solid Maple top/back/sides. No plywood on this toneful archtop. (Millenium Maestro has first dibs).
  10. Kuz, your Florentine Golden Eagle is one my favorites. What a beautiful archtop!
  11. Here's an H530 sold by Wolfe Guitars a while ago that had a pickguard. Maybe he can help you get one, or at least steer you in the right direction.
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