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  1. Well done! H530's are very versatile and unique tones. Yours is a beauty. Play it in good health.
  2. Hi ZumSteel, welcome to the HOC! It sounds like you picked a real winner. It's always gratifying when businesses deliver on their promises, and from your description, Heritage knocked it out of the park. Play it in good health.
  3. Wow, that one-piece top is drop dead gorgeous! And your factory tour-de-force is appropriately named "Mabil". Play it in good health, and welcome to the HOC.
  4. Hmmm...Looks like an H150P (Poplar). The control cavity label should help solve the mystery.
  5. Great! Will look forward to whatever you can share.
  6. OK...I gotta ask. Will this mega Z-Fest be video recorded for the unwashed infidels who cannot attend?
  7. What a great interview for us amp nerds. I've always admired Randall Smith.
  8. Yep...Sure looks like a 575MH to me also. If I were to put a guess-ti-mate value on it, I'd say between $2,500 - $2,900 'selling' price. 'Asking' prices can be around $3k+/- but tend to stay unsold for a very long time.
  9. Your 575 looks like a custom order with what appears to be a Spruce top, single pickup, Block Inlays, and Bound Headstock. There's no photo of the back or sides to determine if it is Plain Maple or the upgraded Figured/Flame Maple. Is that an Ebony fretboard or the standard Rosewood? These options all add to the potential value. Check the inside label for other clues. Also, no mention about the condition, but it looks great. The market for archtops is softer than in previous years, but if you check Ebay and Reverb (sold prices) for H-575's that should give you a pretty good idea. The good news is that Heritage 575's all were solid wood (not laminate) constructed and considered high quality, hand made archtops.
  10. Smoke works for improving jazz tone as well.
  11. Nice vintage snatch. It sure looks a LOT like the catalogue photo. It even has the non-typical 3 adjustment screws per pickup as in the catalogue. Never seen that before. Could they be the same guitar??
  12. Need more info before any estimation of market price can be given. Millies come in a variety of different body configurations and custom options (including single cutaway; dual cutaway; Standard H-158; Deluxe; Hollow; Semi-Hollow; F-Holes; etc., etc. You might check Ebay and Reverb 'SOLD' prices of similar guitars to get an educated guess. Good luck.
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