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  1. https://www.mlive.com/galleries/AZF2MFJS2RDRDPOOQJVK2RB7I4/ Katie Flamm rest the neck of a H535 Heritage guitar on her head as she applies wood filler before sanding on Oct. 29, 2007. Flamm has worked for Heritage Guitar for three years and follows a family tradition. Her father Claude Dean finished guitars for Gibbons and Heritage at 225 Parsons Street in Kalamazoo. At home in the evening, Flamm has also been teaching her 15-year-old daughter Kaleigh to sand wooden peg head veneers and pick guards. (Kalamazoo Gazette archive photo)
  2. Looks like it has HRW's. Mr. Burrell digs em'
  3. Did Katie build that unusual, yet beautiful H150 named "Beulah Burst" back in the day?
  4. Aha! Thanks, PK. Well that settles it. Jim is still making sawdust at Heritage. They should bring back a Heritage Bass to their lineup.
  5. Tad, I am so happy for you!  (And only a little jealous).  I've been looking at SKB's for years, but above my budget.

    You are going to love that big girl.

  6. Congratulations! And PERFECT guitar chair, by the way.
  7. Yay!! Welcome back, Katie aka "The Girl"!
  8. What an exciting and fantastic 60th birthday gift!! You deserve that SKB, Tad. Like you, I've been a huge fan of Kenny Burrell since a teenager. Looking forward to your NGD post.
  9. As Djaabs noted above, lacquer checking can occur on any guitar. However, I've never seen checking on a NEW Heritage. So maybe the shop will discount the H535 you are interested in, or you can simply pass on it until the right one becomes available or at other dealers. You can even order a new one direct from Heritage if you so choose.
  10. Once the drooling starts it's only a matter of time.
  11. Nice grooves on that big blue KB. Thanks for sharing.
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