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  1. ...And don't forget about solid state rectification in most Boogies, all Rivera-era Fenders and many other amps. Bottom line, its the TONE that matters.
  2. That's a cool little grab-n-go rig. They also make a head version.
  3. Wow, that is one sexy 575 you've got there! Welcome to the HOC. Play it in good health.
  4. Great score. I really dig HRW's in archtops. Some folks like to lower them a bit, while other players set them 5-6mm from the strings. I call it 'seasoning to taste'. Play it in good health.
  5. Excellent!! Congratulations.
  6. At about 7:30 minutes into Lance Keltner's video (above), the sh*t gets real. I'd buy that amp solely on the killer tones he pulls out during his jam.
  7. H550!! (see other thread post)
  8. H575 or H550 will be a tough decision. But I have a feeling the H550 will win due to its unique qualities. Its a BIG laminate bodied beauty with a huge acoustic and electric voice. Since you already have a 575, there will likely be some overlap in sound. Either way, keep us posted.
  9. Back in the early days of the HOC site, there was a world map showing the locations of all members. That was a cool feature that does not appear to be on the current website. Any interest in reviving the map?
  10. The short answer to the OP's question is yes...and no. Both companies are fighting for customers who are seeking very similar products. Heritage has a LONG way to go to catch up to Gibson's long-established market 'ownership'. That was a given back in 1984 and remains the case in 2019. Even with the new owners at Heritage and a huge infusion of Bandlab cash, Heritage remains pretty much a little known guitar maker on the world stage. I still find myself telling their story to folks admiring my Heritage guitars. Yes, they've gotten some good...no GREAT press recently, but market share remains tiny for our favorite guitar maker. Gibson and Heritage are both going through a necessary and calculated brand reboot. They both decided to slim down their model lines and dramatically increase pricing for their respective Custom Shop models. Have you checked prices of Gibson archtops lately? They're in nosebleed territory. Even a laminate bodied Tal Farlow or ES175, prices are ridiculous. And don't even ask for the price of a new L5 Wes Mo. And wait times are between six months to a year to build one. Yes, Heritage archtops and other custom models are priced high, but nowhere near Gibson's. The modestly priced Heritage custom builds are a thing of the past. If you have one...or two, enjoy them. Otherwise, keep scouring the used market for a unique Heritage custom model. And don't delay. They too are going up in price. My point is to not worry so much about the pricing and models of each company. Each is doing their own thing and trying to make a few dollars along the way. Just the same as Collings, PRS, G&L, Reverend, etc., etc. are doing. Each company is trying to build the best product they can, pricing them to attract new and former customers, and trying to keep the factory lights on. The latest creations from Heritage appear to have addressed some of the former QC 'issues' that the original owners let slide by. Word is that Heritage is building some of the best guitars they've built across the board, even though there are fewer choices. But that is a good thing. And the discerning guitar buying public will get it...and hopefully come to Heritage for their next electric guitar. Hopefully they'll walk away knowing that they got a great value, no matter the price compared to other builders...including Gibson.
  11. Hfan, your new GE beauty is Antique Natural, and awe inspiring to see in person. And she's got a very big voice acoustically. Glad to help out (er, um, enable) a fellow HOC'er.
  12. Hfan, Golden Eagles are big, loud and beautiful archtops. Mine came with a Heritage jazz floating pickup, but I swapped it out for a handmade Kent Armstrong 12 pole PAF floater. They typically are 3" body depth making them slightly thinner than a comparable L5CES, and a lighter build than their Gibson counterpart. If you get one, be sure to check for tail rise at the end of the fretboard. I've read about a few of them with this issue, but not aware of it being a typical issue. My 1993 fretboard is arrow straight. Overall they are great values for a full size, full hollow archtop. I love my old girl! Here's a collage photo taken after I first bought #363 from HOC'er, DC Ron:
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