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  1. Here are a couple examples of Heritage archtops in Green and Green Burst. (These are custom ordered Heritage Johnny Smiths) Green Burst (I think this one belongs to Marty Grass):
  2. Awesome H575 Custom! Congratulations, Paul. May you enjoy it for many years.
  3. Wow, that is one beautiful H575 Custom! Chestnut Burst?
  4. Didn't Heritage offer a limited edition "150 Deluxe" with these features?
  5. The photo of the top front of the headstock may be a distortion, but it appears that the binding is separating. I'd ask for another photo from the seller.
  6. This is the fraudulent version of AFLAC.
  7. @Millennium MaestroWow, now THAT's a flaming flamer for flame Friday!!
  8. H-157 with a P90 Soapbar in the neck? https://jimmywallaceguitars.com/collections/h150-h155-h157/products/heritage-h157-custom
  9. I think a Pelham blue H157 would look sweet. The Heritage Bespoke program could pull it off...if enough cash thrown at em. The 157 below isn't Pelham blue, but ya'll get the idea.
  10. My favorites are the original Dunlap Crybaby Wah Wah from the late 60's, the updated Q model, and their combination Volume Pedal Wah Wah.
  11. Great article. However, no mention of how competitive their pricing will be compared to imports, especially for the most commonly used guitar amp tubes (12ax7, 6V6, 6L6, etc.)
  12. Welcome to the HOC and Congratulations on your 'new-to-you' H-150. It's stunningly beautiful. Check the rear control panel and see it there is any additional info. Your 150 looks like one of Heritage's special runs of 'Ultra' models. They came with HRW's, gold hardware and 'ultra' high grade flame maple tops. Also, check in with your seller, MM. He might have more details. Play it in good health.
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