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  1. That really came out nice! Play it in good health.
  2. Your suggestion to mod the second channel on your Concert is a great idea. To me that amp is a Dumble wanna-be already. It has lots of potential to increase or decrease its drive. Also, some Concert II's have too strong a midrange in channel 2. That's great for single coil guitars, but not so much for humbucker gits. They get muddy with too much midrange. Having more control over that one frequency would benefit your amp. Finally, smoothing out the drive in channel two so you could gradually bring on the drive from very low to medium overdrive etc. I always found the overdrive came on
  3. Lyle, I was hoping you'd share this Audi RS5 holding up your red hot H-535 pic! One of my favorites.
  4. Amazing guitars in this thread!! Any more Heritage hot rods out there?
  5. Excellent, Brent! Nothing better than a hot rod that you personally rebuilt. OK HOC'ers...I'm sure there are more Heritage Hot Rods out there. Don't be shy. Show em!
  6. Cool little, full featured grab n go amp at a blow out price. In my view, the only thing its missing is an extension speaker out.
  7. Time for a little Heritage SHOW & TELL! I've always been into guitars and fast cars. However, being a working stiff most of my life, the only 'hot rods' I've been able to afford are made by Heritage. After playing darn near every type of guitar made by Heritage, a couple of them I would call 'hot rods'. Why? Because of their sleek design, custom features, high performance pickups, great sounds and light weight...the exact thing custom car builders look for when building sleek, fast automobiles. My favorite Heritage 'Hot Rod' is a light weight (8.1 lbs) H-150 with Korina body
  8. I'm looking forward to finding out what kind of mystery amp this is.
  9. I get static hum from P90's and single coil p'ups. My guitar tech dude recommended shielding the pickguard along with a ground wire. Maybe this is completely different from the above hum issues, but I thought I'd toss this into the conversation.
  10. No I have not. That's why I wrote that I would 'check them out' if in the market. There are a few posters over on The Jazz Guitar Forum who have purchased either the Tone Master DR or Twin and their comments were very favorable.
  11. If I were in the market fro a jazz amp I'd check out Fender's Tone Master Deluxe Reverb or Twin Reverb. They're lightweight, solid state and sound very close to their tube counterparts. I really like the new blonde/oxblood Twin!
  12. Great thread, Mark. Considering the relatively low volume of archtops made annually by Gib-son back in the day, it is amazing that Heritage made so many, especially during their initial production years.
  13. Not enough info to really help you, however, does the issue occur with any other guitars? Is it possibly the room or house wiring?
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