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  1. @RicLeeCongratulations on your beautiful new-to-you Sweet 16. It looks a lot like my former '96 Sweetie, but mine had a set-in pickup. Like you, I had a Kent Armstrong 12-pole installed. It was perfect for that guitar. Enjoy and play it in good health for many years.
  2. Did Brent buy it? If so, I call dibbs! 🙂
  3. Sweet rig. It was nice of the former owner to put your initials on the faceplate for you. 🙂 Looking forward to your full review and obligatory gut shots.
  4. @51DecisionsWelcome to the HOC. You are correct that your H-150 is a 1996 model. https://heritageguitars.com/pages/date-your-heritage Also, the label indicates yours is "CM, ACB" Curly Maple top with Antique Cherry Burst color. Enjoy your 'new-to-you' H-150. Its beautiful.
  5. @rockabilly69Sounding great as usual, Daniel. You do such a great job layering your tracks and your timing is amazing. Question...Isn't that an H-535 P90 and not an H-525? 🙃
  6. Awesome photo! It looks like the blue wood grain has movement.
  7. Those catalogue prices appear to be very high for that time period. I'm guessing they are MAP? Also, some of the prices coincidentally are fairly close to what the similar models are selling for on the current used market. Hmmm.
  8. @tsp17Looks like you're having way too much fun with that big, beautiful H550. Thanks for posting.
  9. @brentrocksThat really came out great. How are your pickup controls laid out? I had to have Ren talk to my guitar tech to get my 3-p'up 157 worked out the way I wanted. That resulted in a push-pull pot so I could get the traditional 'neck + bridge' tone, in addition to the 'neck only', 'bridge only and 'neck-middle-bridge' connection.
  10. @PhilapeteCongratulations on scoring a beautiful H-575 Custom!
  11. @ScatterbrainBeautiful H-150 CC! Play it in good health.
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