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  1. Hey Dex, your excitement is obvious...and for obvious reasons! That is one gorgeous 535 you've scored. Congratulations and Welcome to the HOC.
  2. Exactly like my Dunlop...even down to the simple innards.
  3. Ha! My Cry-Baby is Model 95-910511; Serial Number 2033130 Thomas Organ Co Sepulveda, CA! Cry-Baby brothers from another mother?
  4. Nicely done, Slate! Not too much Wah...Just enough to get the message across.
  5. I bought my first Thomas Organ Dunlop Wah Wah shortly after they came out in 1969. I used that thing on so many gigs I thought I was Motown's Wah Wah Watson! It lasted all through tons of smokey clubs, college, some studio work and two USO tours before getting too scratchy to deal with. I tossed it...or gave it to my younger brother. I don't remember exactly. Fast forward to the 90's I got a Dunlop Wah/Volume pedal that I still have on my pedal board. No problems...ever. A few years ago a buddy of mine sold me a '69 or '70 Dunlop pedal in great overall condition. He knew I was weak...and sentimental. It was a little scratchy at first, and got worse and worse over time. I lucked out and found an Ebay'er who sold NOS Wah Wah pots! SOLD! Now this old battery eater sounds just like my old sweetheart Wah Wah! Good times. So DB, to answer your question about Wah Wah's being disposable. I say no. Just replace the tone potentiometer. After all, that's all a Wah Wah really is...a tone control.
  6. There are a few new Heritage listed on the GC website as well.
  7. That's a nice looking H150 with an upgraded bound headstock and pearl inlayed "The Heritage".
  8. Heritage did not make their own tailpiece/trapeze, etc. or any hardware. They had a variety of suppliers over the years.
  9. Heritage changed to the 6 finger tailpiece only in the last few years. Back in the very first years (1984-199X?) of the Golden Eagle had the above pictured bail tailpiece. A bit later they changed to one without "Golden Eagle" inlay. They changed to a more basic bail tailpiece, some had the glued on "H" bail, and others had no "H". The reasons for the changes, I suspect, had to do with the suppliers, availability and cost. There were also some complaints about the "H" bail piece rattling due to poor solder/glue or whatever. Ultimately, the 6 finger tailpiece was used on more and more of their upscale archtops. It is readily available and some view it as a more upscale bail tailpiece.
  10. Not sure what a "STOOL" is in reference to a guitar part.
  11. Heritage guitars with the slightly enlarged and bound headstock look great to me.
  12. H530's are tone kings. Congratulations and welcome.
  13. No plans to change the old smoke stack to "The Heritage"?
  14. Hi 'znerken', and welcome to the HOC. Golden Eagles are amazing archtops. I love my '93 model. You are correct that the cost for a new one is pretty steep. However, they do come up on the used market often. Good hunting!
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