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  1. Wolfe Guitars owner, Jay Wolfe, is a long standing HOC member. He posted a while ago that he has a few pickguards that should fit your Millie. Give him a call. https://www.wolfeguitars.com/
  2. I've never heard of ANY Mahogany top being tap tuned! That Eagle Custom is truly a one-off archtop hot rod Heritage. Also, that is an amazing back story about the possible previous owner, true or not.
  3. AWESOME! This is why we love our Heritage guitars so much. Any more out there?
  4. Sure looks like Korina to me. What's the weight? More importantly, how's the tone?
  5. @Steiner: I have lusted in my heart for that 575M Custom for many, many years. I thought it belonged to Dan (aka Spectrum). @Mr.G: 2 absolutely smokin' hot Hot Rod Heritages!!
  6. @Steiner: OK, don't tease us with a close-cropped photo. Let's see more of your gorgeous H575 Mahogany. It must be as close to an L4CES Mahogany (my favorite Gibson archtop) as Heritage could do.
  7. You are all correct. That middle gitfiddle is a 150. I got blinded by all the flames hanging on PK's wall of hot rods. 🤓
  8. Thanks, Steiner, but "Quilty 575" isn't a 'hot rod'. Guy's 'Money Pit' ticks all the hot rod Heritage boxes for me. Quilty 575 is more of a Cruiser...a low rider with tuck n roll interior. Smoothness and comfort are her forte.
  9. MM's "Money Pit" = Hot Rod Heritage WINNER!
  10. @Polo...Throbaks and Unicorns! Yep, that's how to hot rod your Heritage's. @ZGuitar71...Beautiful Goldtop made for speed and marks showing how much you love her. @PK...bad ass triple-threat Millies...Perfect set of hot rod Heritages. Anyone else?
  11. Show n Tell: Your Heritage 'Hot Rod' Over the years I've had the opportunity to play and own many Heritage guitars, from an Academy Custom, Sweet 16, Golden Eagle, H150, H157, Millennium, etc., etc. Each brings something unique to the tone table. However, one of them stands out for its tone, feel, sexiness and plain old mojo. I call it my 'Heritage Hot Rod'. Its an H150 that you've seen here before. I'm not sure if its the White Limba body and neck, or the SD Blackback pickups. But every time I pick this baby up and plug into ANY amp, she screams! And I can't help smiling from ear to ear. Here's my Hot Rod. Now, let's see yours.
  12. Very heavy-handed, almost threatening dialogue in that video.
  13. By posting a specific guitar that you are interested in, someone viewing this thread might swoop down and grab it.
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