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  1. And no edits to #2000 post! Congratulations, sir.
  2. Congrats on the new Harmony amp, DB. Does it have a speaker out in back?
  3. Ha...rjsanders is the king of boutique amp knowledge and go-fast boats. That "wooden cabbed amp" you referred to is a lowly first edition '98 Fender Blues Jr., with BillM mods and a Tone Tubby speaker. Sounds great and doesn't weigh much more than a standard B.Jr. If I consider selling it, I'll post it on the HOC first. For now she's happy in Gitfiddler land.
  4. It may be gimmicky, but looks like a great feature for playing at home, rehearsal or other venue where the full 85 watts isn't needed. (My Mesa Mk IV is 85 watts...and weighs around 100 lbs!). I haven't tried one of these amps, so my perspective is derived by Fender marketing (see below) and the very positive user reviews on the net. https://shop.fender.com/en-US/guitar-amplifiers/contemporary-digital/tone-master-twin-reverb/2274200000.html 5-WAY POWER ATTENUATOR SWITCH Enjoy full, natural tone at almost any volume—from a full 85W of Fender power down to bedroom- and apartment-friendly 1W.
  5. Super Light...Super Elegant!! By the way, are there any Vol/Tone controls? Schatten hidden under the pickguard maybe?
  6. Back in the day, it appeared that only Roland's JC120 was the only solid state amp worthy of taking on stage. And that is one heavy a$$ amp! Now there are quite a few great sounding solid state amps and modelers to consider. From reading all of the positive reviews about Fender's new Tone Master Twin (35 lbs with built-in attenuation!?) amp, I'm ready to consider going tubeless...maybe.
  7. After playing several Collings I35's and SoCo's, the one thing I was left with was just how perfect they were. The fit and finish, nut slots, set up and the feel was spot on. Also, most of them I tried had Trobak p'ups, adding an even higher level to these guitars. None deviated from perfection. Amazing! That said, I do not see myself ever buying a Collings semi hollow. In my view paying $5k - $7k for any semi hollow is unnecessary. There are too many 'almost' perfect semi's out there...including H535's and H555's. I simply love mine. They're 2007 & 2008 respectively and came to me perfectly set up and Plek'd (by Wolfe). And yes, the Heritage's have very subtle imperfections here and there, but overall, they play and sound better than anything in their price range. And even adding Throbaks wouldn't increase the cost anywhere near $5k or $7k. In that price range, the guitar better be perfect in every way! I can't compare the Collings to the new Plaza Corp. Heritage 535's, but from what I've read, owners and dealers claim they are the best, most consistent Heritage guitars ever made. Collings gets their price due to their consistency, very high build standards and top shelf electronics for their entire guitar line. I wish them well. But my Heritage's ain't leaving me.
  8. Not my taste in 575's by a long shot. However, the seller (Bronco Bob) seems like a quirky guy who digs instruments with bizarre colors/finishes. In his ad for a checkered painted Gibson EB-0 bass he says he played with Chubby Checker in 1979 and got his autograph on the instrument. It is awful that he's selling stuff he obviously loves due to his illness. https://reverb.com/item/23144851-1974-gibson-eb-0-electric-bass-checker-finish-signed-by-chubby-checker
  9. http://www.delortoguitar.com/henry_johnson.asp
  10. Cute little hand wired amp...Better if it has a quarter inch 'speaker out' for connecting to an extension cab. Video doesn't say.
  11. Also, the 535 has 'solid' rims. No 335 has ever had that feature. And one of my favorite differences between the two is that the 535 has the input jack mounted on the rim. I'm not aware of any 335 with a rim mounted jack. My take on it is that the Heritage founders were making subtle changes (improvements?) to what they'd been building for Gibson.
  12. Excellent NGD story and perfect upgrade to an amazing 535. Play it in good health.
  13. Paul, that is my all time favorite Heritage Catalogue. Thanks for the memories.
  14. True, and I was really upset when McDonald's got all uppity and increased their prices! So I guess Heritage can raise their prices...as long as they let me 'super-size' my order.
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