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  1. It's a 2004 if my math is correct. Otherwise 2005. Ser# begins with V... Are you, or any of you, familiar with these H140 2nd Version? Or was this a special order? I'm not familiar with them as a standard release. Looks like what was once a H150 Special? FS locally.
  2. nice. i have same thing 2010. thought mine was korina too. mine has a swapped SD Antiquity in the bridge. Original Lollar in the neck. did yours have pups swapped at some point? then returned? solder looks shoddy/redone.
  3. wow ~ hadn't heard that. a buddy told me ray manzerak died yesterday too. too bad.
  4. That is SO COOL! Seeing the plant, the guitars, and best of all ~ all the faces! !WOW! Thanks for the fun! Maybe I'll make the next one ~
  5. Hello All! I am new here - registered tonight. I own a '91 H140 w/factory 3-pickups, a '97 H150 Dark Amber Flame and a '00 H150 Alpine White w/Gold Hardware. I really like Heritage guitars. I also own a bunch of Fenders & Gibbys.
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