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  1. I think the science behind it is not necessarily the thickness of the strings but how much tension is there, Freddie Green was said to have the action about an inch from the fretboard to get all the volume he could. However, the last time I saw Marty Grosz play he had light strings on a 1938 16" (obviously) L5, plus a really thin pick and he just blew me away. So there are obviously more factors to consider, but strings seem to be a necessarily element.
  2. pixs of my 1997 Sweet 16, 1996 Eagle and the Fingerrest project.
  3. randy2270

    Heritage Family

    those dog ear single coil pups look nice.
  4. I think that is the best thing Heritage ever made, ironic that to me that the best thing they made is without pups.
  5. randy2270

    Rhythm Eagle

    Yah, Thats nice.
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