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  1. Hi Mark, welcome to the HOC That looks like Vintage Wineburst - beautiful finish! You may already know this but the kind of stand you have it resting on in the pic can damage the nitro finish on your guitar if you leave it sitting there for long periods. Wrap those ends in cotton (rags, socks, whatever) to avoid 'nitro burns'.
  2. Welcome to the HOC, Gonzo, and thanks for the pics
  3. Glad to hear things worked out with the 575 There are quite a few UK members here - stick around and get to know everybody
  4. Hi Guy, another UK member here. Whereabouts are you? I'm near Colchester. Welcome to the HOC
  5. Welcome Patrick, I'm just across the Channel from you in Essex, UK Let's see a pic of that guitar!
  6. Good morning from the UK, Ollie, and welcome to the HOC Love to see some pics of that guitar of yours
  7. And just to be clear: pics or it NEVER HAPPENED
  8. Welcome to the HOC You'll find this forum can be as addictive as the guitars
  9. Welcome to the HOC, Jeff That's a heavy 150!
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