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  1. Ever since I first laid my eyes on a Gibson ES-355 (in the 60's) I've wanted one but alas, the buckazoids were never there and I always wound up with a 335. That's not a bad thing but it's kinda like dating the less pretty twin and the other is a beauty queen... high maintenance and waayyy out of reach :-) Anyway, I still have that 355 bug and with the disparity between prices on 355's and H555's being so wide I've begun to seriously consider a 555. I know that if needed the Heritage brand is a tough sell over a Gibson product just because the "G" brand has such wide recognition, maybe this is the main reason for the price differences because it clearly cannot be due to quality :-) For background, years ago I looked at Gibson reduced size semis and wound up with a Heritage Prospect and every time I play it I'm glad I shunned the Gibson. OTOH I was in the same position with the 175 and 575 and while they're not very similar and the 575 is a fine git the 175 in my hands works better for me. So, has anyone here gone through the same decision making process on (555 vs. 355) these models?
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