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  1. gnappi

    New 535

    No pics? That's like having a baby and not showing off your wife and new family addition :-) Have fun with your new 535.
  2. In a hollow body Schaller goldens are sweet. I put one in a crummy Harmony 335 copy and it was perfect in a semi. When I can score another pair with rings I'm going to try them out in my Prospect. It now has SD SH1's in it now and they sound pretty good but I look forward to trying Goldens. This whole PAF thing (as well as any naming convention suggesting late 50's sound) is silly. I'll bet that 99% of the players out there never played a real late 50's git with PAF's and the fact that the genuine PAF's were not all good sounding just makes me wonder why all the hype. Names like the SD "Jazz" Gibson's BB's in particular are about as misleading as they can get because the "Jazz" and BB's I have owned are trebly and shrill nothing like a jazzer or someone who owned a real 50's Les Paul burst would use or recognize.
  3. Believe me, "I" know how to hunt down Heritage gits, no problem there at all :-) It's everyone else that needs to do it. I think they could rent some space in big box stores put a locked glass case with a primo git selection in it with a banner something like... "You KNOW Kalamazoo as the git capital of the World... well, that's STILL true and always will be. "Heritage guitars" Generate buzz... send reps to LGS and have a Heritage day... get players familiar with the brand, in short GET OFF THEIR ARSES !!!
  4. What Heritage needs is more brick and mortar outlets, I don't see how any executive can not see that. Online direct sales I don't see as competition to brick and mortar because I very seriously doubt a first time buyer is going to buy direct sight unseen a brand they never saw in person much less played. I could be wrong, but I know I N-E-V-E-R would have bought my first (or second for that matter) Heritage git without playing them first. After visiting Wolf in Florida (a L-O-N-G drive for me) it became even more clear that brick and mortar for first and maybe second time buyers is the ticket to recognition and acceptance they need. Players just will not drive hundreds of miles to tryout a git they never played.
  5. Nowadays with "G" having a multitude of factory installed pups what REALLY is a 335? MHS? BB's? 57's? Aged Lollartron? None of these sound anywhere near the same. So, how do you compare anything to a moving target like a 335? Add to that the trend in "demos" to saturate whatever native sound the git has with overdrive (or whatever the amp / pedal maker calls it) comparisons like this are useless. I couldn't sit past the first minute. For me, THE 335 sound is with 57's installed hands down. My fave in Heritage is Schallers. I don't want another "G", I have that covered, if I didn't I'd get a 535 and put 57's in it :-)
  6. I've been using the D'Addario elliptical strap buttons and it's very hard to remove the strap deliberately much less lose it accidentally with them.
  7. That is one BE-Utiful Prospect! I wasn't aware that Heritage would make a flat top model... then again I only have two Heritage gits and I'm not very familiar with their nuances.
  8. Ever since I first laid my eyes on a Gibson ES-355 (in the 60's) I've wanted one but alas, the buckazoids were never there and I always wound up with a 335. That's not a bad thing but it's kinda like dating the less pretty twin and the other is a beauty queen... high maintenance and waayyy out of reach :-) Anyway, I still have that 355 bug and with the disparity between prices on 355's and H555's being so wide I've begun to seriously consider a 555. I know that if needed the Heritage brand is a tough sell over a Gibson product just because the "G" brand has such wide recognition, maybe this is the main reason for the price differences because it clearly cannot be due to quality :-) For background, years ago I looked at Gibson reduced size semis and wound up with a Heritage Prospect and every time I play it I'm glad I shunned the Gibson. OTOH I was in the same position with the 175 and 575 and while they're not very similar and the 575 is a fine git the 175 in my hands works better for me. So, has anyone here gone through the same decision making process on (555 vs. 355) these models?
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